The Forest: How to Get and Use Rope

How to Get and Use Rope in The Forest

Learn how to obtain rope and what it can be used for

Rope serves as one of the building blocks in the foundation of peak survival when playing The Forest. Whether scavenged in a barren shack in the wild or foraged using the particular materials immediately available to you, you will likely have to depend on using rope from time to time. 

Early game rope will play a crucial role in helping you build toward a plentiful stock of critical gear that will be necessary to survive for more extended periods as the game progresses. 

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining, finding, and crafting this valuable resource. 

How to get rope in The Forest

Generally speaking, you can find a rope in various locations mapped out on the peninsula. It can often be found in caves, cannibal villages, or on the yacht, and is an item that can be picked up whenever other items respawn.

The Forest - Find Rope on the Yacht

Here are some quick locations where the rope can be found quickly:

  • The Yacht contains 3 spools of rope. The fastest way to find the yacht is to travel south on the peninsula until you find the beach shrouded in a sea of shark carcasses. From there, the yacht should come into view clear as day, just offshore.
  • The Main Village contains 3 spools of rope. You can find the main cannibal village just north of the southeastern coast. Upon entering the camo, you should see a large number of structures resembling teepees, which you can search for several caches of collectible rope.
  • The Lakeside Village has bits and bobs of rope lying around to collect, located on an overturned boat at the pond’s edge. To find the lakeside village, head to the northeast proximity of the beach containing the yacht and shark carcasses until you find the lake with sparse structures nearby. 

How to craft rope in The Forest

Rope can be easily crafted by gathering 7 cloth. Cloth is another one of the most useful—and bountiful!—resources found on the peninsula, as it is a constant source of rope and can further be utilized to craft molotov cocktails. 

The Forest - How to Craft Rope

Cloth is not limited to any one sector of the peninsula and can instead be found nearly all over the land. You can collect cloth from suitcases, cannibal villages, crates made of clothes that are found in caves, and effigies, to name a few. 

If you are in need of a massive trove of cloth and want a good spot to farm, it is recommended you head to the cave northeast of the anchor on the southeastern coast. Once you head into the forest northeast of the anchor, you may see a large pile of rocks indicative of or resembling a cave. To the left or northeast of that cave entrance, you should see an area where you can climb straight down into a little hole. This is the cave entrance that you are looking for, and the farming can begin. 

Climb down this rope, and it will lead you to an area full of multiple suitcases and supply boxes. The only resistance down here is 2 cannibals that will charge you on sight. After you look around, you should be able to see a select few brown suitcases bearing patterns on each of them. These suitcases will provide you with a large amount of cloth when you break into them. 

This area of the peninsula can be exploited if you craft a save point near the cave, save your progress, then load the game back up again from the menu. This will respawn all of the brown suitcases that contain cloth and will allow you to have a nearly infinite supply of cloth to convert into rope or to use for any other crafty concoctions that your heart desires. 

Tips for storing rope in The Forest

Rope is used in many different crafting recipes and as a building component, so having an efficient place to store spare rope, like storing armor, can be quite handy.

The Forest - Rope is Used in Many Crafting Recipes

Technically, you cannot store rope on any available storage structures that the player can build. However, there is a workaround that utilizes a skull lamp blueprint. It allows you to add a rope to it to “store” one of the ropes, without completing the object.

After that, you can cancel the blueprint, and you will receive the rope that has been invested into the blueprint back into your inventory and ready to use on the next project! This workaround allows you to build as many skull lamp blueprints as you need.

For more information on getting started, be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide.

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