The Forest: How to Get and Use Climbing Rope

The Forest: How to Get and Use Climbing Rope

Learn how to acquire and use climbing rope

Trading, fighting, hunting, foraging—climbing? The adventures are neverending in The Forest, and the deep dive down the rabbit hole continues with the implementation of the climbing rope

Climbing rope is a critical tool for many structures and allows you to get creative with your base in a vertical sense. It can become a game-changer on the peninsula as the cannibals don’t seem to know how to climb ropes (but know how to skin a few plane passengers). In this article, you will learn how to find and use climbing rope and when it may come in handy. 

What is the climbing rope

Introduced in v0.10 of the game and later made buildable in v0.13, the climbing rope is a craftable tool that functions as a makeshift grapple against surfaces it’s applied. You can affix a climbing rope to certain buildings to allow players to climb above or below the designated surface.

Keep in mind that, while the durability of climbing rope is unlimited, it has a fixed length that you cannot extend, which may potentially pose a challenge for navigating certain areas around the peninsula. However, some exciting bugs allow for some interesting scenarios. 

Press the B Key and Select Utility to Find Climbing Rope

Where to find and create the climbing rope

You can find a climbing rope in most of the caves on the peninsula, and they often act as an entryway where there is none otherwise. However, while the ropes found in caves function similarly to a regular climbing rope, you cannot remove them from the site. 

The primary method for creating a Climbing rope is through the utility structures section of the survival guide. Pressing the “B” key to open the book, and search through the Utility section. This item will be player craftable and requires a single rope to be placed. 

How to use the climbing rope

You can use a climbing rope to grapple against various surfaces and buildings, such as log cabinsplatformstree platformsside platformsgazebosbasic walls, and simple stairs

For use, have the climbing rope at the ready and press the “E” key at the very bottom of it. Once placed, it may or may not wind up peeking through the ground level it was placed on, in which case the player has to crouch and aim their mouse into the ground for the climb icon to display correctly.

Press the E Key When Standing Next to Climbing Rope


While climbing the rope, the player can use the “SHIFT” key to begin sliding down at a much faster pace; if the player holds the “SHIFT” key while ascending the rope, they will be able to climb at an accelerated rate, though not without the cost of extra stamina along the way. 

While building custom structures and if you intend to use the climbing rope, make sure that it is someplace to lift yourself onto, like a roof or a wall. Otherwise, it may be rendered useless as you can get stuck in specific structures or, hilariously, flung into the air at light speed if you run into collision issues. 

You can place a wall with a door on a second or higher floor that you can access with a climbing rope to prevent mutants or cannibals from chasing after you, or if you want to craft your dream treehouse, where you will have the vertical height and distance to use your ranged weapons against invading enemies.

Do keep in mind that if you take shelter in structures that utilize a tree and a climbing rope to access it, enemies can destroy the tree you have your structures built on. You can prevent this or make it more difficult to destroy these structures by surrounding the tree with a series of rock walls that will protect the tree a bit more. 

Having fun — available bugs and exploits

The Forest is a great survival sandbox game, but it does come with its quirks. Of these quirks, there are a few ways to mess around with the climbing rope and create some really unique scenarios that you can use to your advantage (or your entertainment). Here are some interesting things you can do with climbing rope:

Quick drop

If you are feeling like a daredevil, there is a faster way to drop down longer ropes found in the caves and those from your structures. For this method, we recommend only doing it on very long climbing ropes as it can be buggy at times to pull off, but once you get a feel for how to perform this trick, it can be a great help should you be interested in speedrunning without using mods or cheats

To perform a quick drop, while sliding down, you can let go of the rope and spam the interaction button rapidly while looking slightly upward at the rope. You could fail when you first attempt this, so it is best to practice this on a safer fall that won’t outright kill you if you mess up. You can also test this out with god mode enabled via cheats or mods. 

Reach the heavens with a climbing rope

Do note that you should be prepared to die in-game as this bug allows you to climb as high as you’d like into the sky; however, getting back down can be lethal. This method is also an excellent way to make it into the sinkhole

Reach the Heavens with Climbing Rope

You’ll need 5 logs and a single rope for quick preparation. An excellent place to set this up and try it out is near the sinkhole on the highest point of the hole’s edge. 

Open up your blueprints and place a custom wall at an angle, slanted towards the sinkhole if you can. This process can be done from anywhere. However, the sinkhole rocks are an easy place to test this out until you can apply it wherever you wish. 

Once you have the first blueprint placed, you can attach another to extend it further, ensuring this one is also at the same angle as the first blueprint. Once You have the second blueprint placed, erase the first blueprint and begin building the second one.

After you finish building the blueprint, stand just within the interaction range of the rope, and you should begin the climbing animation. However, if done correctly, you will be climbing straight upwards without physically being on the climbing rope, allowing you to climb upwards indefinitely. 

You can now drop off this rope at whatever height you wish and use it to climb up to elevations that would take much more supplies and time to craft, like quickly getting over cliffs, for example. 

Unable to climb rope bug fix

Sometimes, especially after getting dragged into the cannibal cave for the first time, you may not be able to get the prompt to climb. Many have recommended attempting to jump and grab the rope and attempt it from different angles.

If these do not fix your issue, before closing the game and updating or reinstalling, simply crouching and pressing the interaction key should allow you to climb as usual. Try not to spam the interaction key, as the issue may be the player character attempting to climb and cancel that animation before it renders, thus showing no feedback to the player that anything is happening.

Climbing rope has many uses in The Forest.

With the information provided above, you should now have a solid grasp on how to find and use the climbing rope, along with many scenarios where it can be pretty valuable in surviving and traveling across the peninsula. Check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide for more game insights, tips, and tricks.

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