The Forest: How to Get and Use Bones

Bones are an essential material in The Forest

There are many materials to collect and craft across the peninsula that will ultimately aid in your survival and flourishment on uncharted lands; bones are a top-notch resource that you will undoubtedly need to progress through The Forest efficiently. 

Bones have a large amount of use and are crucial to crafting some very easy to get armor that will aid in your defenses and carry you through most of the game. So learning how to get and use bones in The Forest is well worth the time investment.

This article will guide you through all the various uses, whereabouts, and crafting techniques for bones in The Forest.

Bones: Outside the body, what do they do?

The Forest - Bones Have Multiple Uses


Bones have a variety of purposes throughout the peninsula, whether calculated or in a pinch. For many weapons, bones are used as a crafting component. Things you can craft with bones include: 

Bones are also a great way to collect leaves from bushes by swatting at them vs. using a melee weapon like the plane axe. You can also use bones for general melee, but they are pretty weak and lack much range, so we wouldn’t recommend taking on any enemies with a bone as a weapon unless you are bent on roleplaying as a cannibal yourself. 

The Forest - Craft a Bone Box for Storage

You can store bones utilizing a bone basket. A bone basket can store up to 15 bones simultaneously and is excellent for storing bones after an attack on your base.

To craft a bone box, simply drop the blueprint where you desire and gather the following materials:

  • 21 Sticks 

How to get bones in The Forest

Bones can primarily be found through 2 avenues: scavenging and fighting. From there, the possibilities branch out. Some of the most common ways to obtain bones include purposefully overcooking cannibal limbs down to dry remains, burning effigies and collecting the drops, and hunting for them in caves and abandoned campsites. You can also obtain bones by consuming or burning arms, legs, torsos, or corpses; full-bodied corpses will provide six bones.

The Forest - Burning Bodies to Collect Bones

When playing The Forest in Peaceful Mode, bones become more scarce due to no enemies from which to obtain them. The only other option is to seek out bones from active spawn points, yet these are already quite sparse, with many of the available locations having the bones removed from their systems. Bones can still be obtained through burning legs and arms scattered around cannibal effigies, but any other means must consult the console commands.

Bone Armor


A straightforward set of armor to craft in the game is bone armor. What could be better than using your enemies’ corpses for bones to defend yourself against more of their brethren? There are some minor downsides to utilizing bone armor, such as having a lower armor value than creepy armor and makes a lot of noise, making stealth much more difficult. To craft bone armor, gather the following materials and combine them in your inventory:

  • 6 bones
  • 3 Cloth

The Forest - Full Set of Bone Armor

Bone armor provides 40 points of armor and can stack up to 10 in your inventory. When wearing a complete set of bone armor, you will obtain 400 total points of armor, which is about four times the amount of your health. Note that if you decide to attempt to swap armor out, you may risk losing the prior armor equipped. This is more apparent with bone armor vs. the other available types of armor. 

To store pieces of bone armor, You can craft an Armor Rack. This is also a good way to trade armor with another player, or you can use the bone rack to allow other players to craft their own bone armor. To craft an armor rack, simply gather the following materials and combine them in your inventory:

  • 37 Sticks

Bone Arrows

Bone arrows are a much more powerful version of regular arrows. Bone arrows deal 40% more damage than their regular arrow counterparts. You can make and hold up to 30 bone arrows at one time and up to 40 when you craft the quiver. 

The crafted and modern bow both can utilize bone arrows. It is very important to know that should you upgrade these arrows into their fire or poison variants, it will cause the arrow to revert back to the status of a normal arrow, and they will lose the initial damage boost. 

To craft bone arrows, simply gather the following materials and combine them in your inventory:

  • 1 Stick
  • 5 Feathers 
  • 5 Bones

The Forest - Using Bones to Craft Arrows

You can store bone arrows with the use of an arrow basket which you can place around your base to stock up during cannibal or mutant assaults. To craft an arrow basket, you will need 25 sticks and simply drop the blueprint for them where you desire. 

Please note that when you fire a bone arrow into an enemy, you may pick up a regular arrow instead of a bone arrow. This bug has not been known to have been patched as of the time of writing. 

Other uses for bones in The Forest

If you travel to Kanji cave, which is found in the south of the western islands found near the peninsula, you can find the schematics for the glider. This cave will be marked with a log that is floating in the water in this location. You will need the rebreather to access this location. Once you access this cave, you will be able to craft the glider that requires 6 bones, 2 arms, 8 rabbit fur, 8 rope, 1 head, and 32 sticks. 

You can craft a bone frame to hang drawings up from Timmy on. However, it can be buggy at times at the time of writing. To craft, you simply need 4 bones and 1 rabbit fur. 

To farm a large number of bones at once, follow this guide to create an easy way to take out cannibals. You want to build a small walled area with many cannibals that patrol nearby. You will be crafting a series of deadfall traps that can be reset with a couple of sticks. 

At this point, you should be able to craft a few deadfall traps and be able to reset them with a very small amount of sticks. If you have a stick rack, this method is very effective. We recommend setting this trap up within one week of your gameplay and drawing as much aggro as possible by making a lot of noise, building fires, and attacking any cannibals you see on site. 

Once you have a large number of cannibals after you, you should have your deadfall traps set up just outside your walls, so they trigger when the cannibals attack your walls. You can quickly repair the walls and reset the traps if you have them set up well to drop cannibals as much as you can instantly. 

When the bloodshed is over, set fire to their corpses or chop them up and gather as many body parts and bodies as you can to craft a large amount of bone armor, arrows, or even effigies if you are feeling a bit primal.

Just hold tight, this is all going tibia okay.

There are many types of materials to collect in The Forest, but bones are crucial for building up the much-needed armor for defending you and your team members through much of the game. There are also many decoration pieces to craft that can help liven up your base camp, if nothing else.

For more information on getting started in The Forest, be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide.

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