The Forest: How to Beat the Final Boss

Cannibals, Mutants, Survival — It’s all come down to this.

Suffice it to say; you are reading the final boss guide for The Forest; beware, there are spoilers ahead.

You are minutes away from saving your son, and only one thing stands in your way. Known as Megan or Boss Mutant, this abomination was formerly known as Megan Cross, the daughter of Sahara scientist Mathew Cross.

Preparing to defeat Megan Cross

If you followed our guide for getting into the sinkhole, you should know that you must prepare well for this stage of the game. We recommend making a save before you enter the Laboratory as you have reached the point of no return before you decide on your ending, as after you complete the game, you cannot return to this area within this playthrough. 

Armor considerations

During this phase, you may want to have full creepy armor and as many healing items and money as you can acquire prior. Although not fully necessary on normal difficulty, with some luck, you can complete the final area with the supplies provided. On hard difficulty, you may need everything at your disposal to handle the final boss. 

Meds, food, and upgrades

Make sure you have as many healing items and food as possible on you as well as either money or sodas, to keep your thirst level topped off. The final area you will enter is a lounge area just before the boss’s room. This is where you want to ensure that your weapons are upgraded and prepared for combat. Here are some recommended gear choices to have you well prepared:

  • All the meds you can carry
  • Booze for crafting more molotovs if necessary
  • Snacks and Sodas for energy and a small health boost
  • Max bone armor or Creepy armor 
  • As much dynamite as you can carry 
  • Weak or upgraded spears
  • Chainsaw and fuel for an effective emergency melee weapon
  • Flintlock pistol and plenty of ammo (not recommended for single-player due to slow reload time)
  • Having the Modern Bow and plenty of arrows
  • Supplies to craft more explosives or upgrades

Fighting the boss 

The Forest — Final Boss Megan

Megan acts much like a Virginia mutant in speed and some attack behaviors. Megan will rush at you faster than you can run; most hits will knock you down. We do not recommend fighting Megan with melee weapons if you can avoid it. Explosives, fire arrows, and flare rounds are effective at stunning Megan enough to allow you to keep your distance.

Megan has about twice as much health as a Blue Armsy on normal difficulty. She has a larger fire resistance and damage output on hard difficulty. Megan deals about a fourth of your health per hit on normal difficulty, while on hard, she can deal nearly half of your health in a single swipe. Megan can destroy bone armor in about 4-5 direct hits to the player on normal difficulty and about 8-9 hits for creepy armor. 

Regarding her health pool, it will take a good bit of time to take her down with flame damage, so make sure that you are stacking as much damage as you can and not spending any time without her on fire. A player had recorded that it takes about 10 weak spear throws to kill her from full health. Incendiary spears are excellent at dealing fire and raw damage to her, so use these when you run out of explosives to maximize your DPS. 

When you hit Megan with an explosive, she may drop for a bit, becoming extremely vulnerable. Therefore, you can use this brief moment to get a Molotov in or deal some melee damage safely. Prime another explosive to stun-lock her or get some healing/crafting done. She will get very aggressive when attempting to heal or when you stand still in general, so be mindful of this. 

If you run out of explosives, you can utilize the nitrogen tanks in the boss fight area. However, effectively damaging Megan with them can be tricky due to her fast movement speed. During this fight, we recommend that you have weapons hotkeys for quick selection. Have healing items, explosives, and a ranged weapon, like the flare gun, to swap through fast, as any downtime can cause you a quick death in this battle. If you battle Megan while being well prepared and using your explosives correctly, you can easily survive on normal difficulty. 

On hard mode, flame weapons do much less damage to Megan; she moves faster and deals more damage. We recommend practicing your explosive tosses and ensuring not to miss them since you will rely heavily on raw damage output. If you utilize fire for Megan on this difficulty, you will extend the fight by a large amount of time, running the risk of death by her hard-hitting attacks. Being extremely aggressive from mid to short-range can turn this fight into a cakewalk if you are confident in your skills and supplies.

In peaceful mode, Megan will still be there waiting for you, and you must defeat her to unlock creative mode. Megan has the same health and damage as she does in normal difficulty. Using the same strategies in normal difficulty will lead to victory; ensure you are well prepared should anything go awry.  

Megan’s attacks

The Forest — Final Boss (Megan) on Fire

There are several attacks that Megan will spring on you during the fight. Below is a rundown of each attack and how to defend against them. 


Megan will swipe out with one of her legs when the player is close to melee range. This attack deals average damage. 

Triple Attack

Megan will strike at the player three times in a rolling motion, dealing a large amount of damage. Being within melee range or right next to her can cause this attack to trigger. 

Jumping Attack

Megan will crouch down, giving you a heads up that you need to move out of the way as she will then leap towards the player with a range approximately 3 times her size. This is one of the most challenging attacks to dodge, deals more damage than the sweeping attack, and will knock the player down. 

Charge Attack

Another tough attack to dodge, triggered when the player is overly far from Megan. If this attack hits, the player will take around the same damage as the jumping attack and be knocked down. Often this attack is used when the player is idle healing or attempting to flee from the boss. 

Spin Attack

When you are at a moderate distance, Megan may aggressively spin in a circle instead of the jumping attack and cause potentially lethal amounts of damage to you. This move can kill you if you get stun-locked into it and is the very attack why we recommend that you fight from a distance if possible. This move can hit you up to five times in a very short period, with each hit dealing a large amount of damage to your health and armor.

Mutant Baby Spawn

About mid-distance away and at random times, Megan will stop and begin creating mutant babies. She will spawn 5-6 mutants over a short time. This is a very vulnerable moment for her, as she stops moving for around six seconds, allowing you to get some explosives off or deal some damage with the chainsaw. 

The endings

We won’t spoil the ending, as there are two that you can choose from and will leave you with an important choice to make. Once you drop Megan, proceed over to her body, pick it up, take it to the Resurrection Obelisk, and finish your quest to save your son. 

The girl mutant

Maybe you thought it was over when you slew Megan, but another nightmare spawns on the peninsula. Similar in appearance to Megan, this mutant is made up of multiple body parts and is controlled by a single worm in the center. This creature doesn’t have much health compared to other mutants. Still, it can deal some damage rather quickly if you underestimate it. On hard difficulty, the girl deals nearly half of your health’s worth of damage, so make sure you have armor before you take it on. 

The girl’s attack patterns are the same as Megan’s attack patterns, with the only major difference being that after you defeat the girl, it will spawn a single worm. It will quickly begin trying to clone itself, so don’t forget to kill it after you finish off the host. Using fire is very effective as it will burn through her health, and you can deal damage at a safe distance. The happy birthday trap has been known to kill her in a single hit, so having decent traps set up near your base can make quick work of this monstrosity. 

You survived The Forest

The final boss fight before completing The Forest can seem daunting on the first playthrough. This may be compounded when playing solo or on hard difficulty. With mindful preparation and the right strategy, however, you should be able to take down the last major obstacle standing in your way. We hope that this guide was effective and that you enjoyed the ending to this fantastic survival title.

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