The Forest: How to Activate Single Player Cheats

Looking to enable god mode, disable cannibals, teleport to locations, and more?

The Forest can be a great survival experience, but not only is it a survival game, but many also tend to underestimate its sandbox capabilities. You can do many things to fully customize your experience with The Forest, most of which utilize mods, but in this guide, we will show you how to use the ultimate cheat menu and console commands. 

The quick way to cheat in The Forest

One of the easiest ways to cheat in The Forest is by accessing the in-game console. To do this, make sure you use a game file that you don’t mind getting messed around with. You should have cheats enabled in the options menu before entering any of the codes.

Once you have everything ready, begin this process on the main menu. Keep in mind that if you use a code, it will not notify you that the code has been entered, so trust the process with this one. 

There’s a world of options when it comes to the cheat codes you can enter from the main menu, such as:

  • vegetarianmode – Cannibals and mutants will only appear at night.
  • veganmode – Cannibals and mutants will only be found in caves.
  • regrowmode – Roughly 10 percent of trees will regrow while you sleep if the stump remains intact.
  • ironforest – Buildings and structures are indestructible. To disable it, input the code again.
  • meatmode – This cheat disables all current cheats.
  • rawmeatmode – This cheat enables permadeath and will wipe your save file upon dying. 

How to enable console commands

Now that you have a gist of how cheats work in The Forest, you will need to have the console enabled if you want more commands and more freedom to customize your game. 

How to Activate The Developer Console

To enable the developer console:

  1. Have cheats enabled with the options menu
  2. Be on the main menu and make sure that you have a spare save file just in case, as some commands can ultimately make or break your game.
  3. Type developermodeon on the main menu

Once you finish the last step, press F1 to confirm the developer console displays in the top left corner for you to enter commands.

Ultimate Cheat Menu Mod

Another easy way to modify many different variables of your game is by utilizing the Ultimate Cheat Menu mod. This mod allows you access to several easy ways to implement most of what you can achieve with the console. 

The ultimate cheat menu is the most convenient way to access many features that many other mods offer, but all at once, making it the best way to use cheats in The Forest.

How to install The Ultimate Cheat Menu mod

ModAPI Hub

If you haven’t already, following our guide on adding and using mods in The Forest will be the easiest way to learn how to install mods in the Forest. 

For installing the Ultimate Cheat menu, here is a quick and easy way to get everything ready for you to start enabling cheats:

  1. Reset your game’s cache via steam by right-clicking on The Forest, then click on Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files and confirm. 
  2. Visit once you have reset the game’s cache. 
  3. Select the mod named ‘Ultimate Cheatmenu’ 
  4. Click on “Download”
  5. Extract the files
  6. Run the application named ‘Mod Api’ 
  7. Select the mod named ‘Ultimate Cheatmenu’ on the left-hand side and launch the game.

Once you are in the game, make sure that you have cheats enabled in the options menu, as it may interfere with some of the features of the Ultimate Cheatmenu mod. 

How to use the Ultimate Cheat Menu Mod

Most of the functions you can do from the ultimate cheat menu mod can be completed from the cheat menu itself, with a few exceptions being bound to other hotkeys. 

To open the Ultimate cheat menu, press the ‘F1’ key, and the menu should pop up in the top left corner.

This menu will have many different tabs to explore and showcase all the variables. Here is what each tab contains:

  • Cheats: This menu has many different cheats that are typically activated through console command inputs. Here you can turn on God mode, flying, instantly kill enemies, stop time, and even destroy buildings with a single strike. Another exciting feature is the ability to have a free-moving camera so you can take better screenshots of the things you encounter on the peninsula.   
  • Environment: This menu allows you to control different variables in regard to the world. You can adjust the speed of day and night cycles, set the time to a specific instance, adjust cave lighting (extremely useful), and even set the current weather. You can instantly cut or grow trees back and do the same with a garden. 
  • Player: This is where you can adjust specific stats about the player, like health, stamina, sanity, and many other things. You can set all your values to a custom amount at any time, increase your jump height movement speed, and even turn invisible. If you ever get stuck and need to kill yourself instantly or revive yourself, that option is available under the player tab. 
  • Animals: This is where things begin to get more interesting. With the animal’s tab, you can instantly kill all spawned animals on the map or instantly kill the nearest animal. The most important feature in this tab is the ability to spawn any animal found in the game whenever you wish. Other features include toggling animals and birds on and off if you end up spawning in too many and your pc can’t handle an obscene amount of crocodiles stacked up on top of each other.
  • Mutants: Similar to the ‘Animals’ tab, this is where you can control the fate of every cannibal and mutant on the peninsula. This tab allows you to even kill the final boss with the click of a button, should you wish to speed run the game with cheats enabled. You can spawn any variation available of the cannibals and mutants found on the peninsula with this menu section. Take caution when spawning large amounts of mutants in one area, as they are very likely to crash your game (or your structures). 
  • Props: Every single object in the game can be spawned with this menu, allowing you to create your own version of the peninsula. This tab allows you to have true creative freedom and gives you access to so many assets that you can place whatever you want in any place that you see fit. 
  • Inventory: This tab directly affects the player’s inventory and gives the player items with the click of a mouse. This tab has a search function allowing you to enter in what item you want and how many of that item you wish to have spawn in your inventory. Another feature is the ability to max out all of your items at once for quick refilling. 
  • Dev: This tab allows you to control a few different variables and gives you the ability to teleport to specific coordinates on the map. You can also teleport in and out of caves and set the current day in this menu. 
  • Game: This is where you can activate the cheats that you can enter on the main menu and adjust the game’s difficulty as you see fit. You can also save and load the cheat menu settings for later use and reset your adjustments. 
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