The Forest: Flintlock Pistol Guide

Gather the flintlock pistol and the ammo needed to fire it.

Ever been attacked by a group of cannibals or mutants and thought about how different the odds would be if you had a firearm of some sort? Luckily for you, the prior travelers who unfortunately found the peninsula have stashed away parts of a powerful treasure waiting to be discovered. This guide will show you how to find the flintlock pistol’s eight pieces and acquire more ammo. 

Before you begin

There is a way to find the flintlock pistol naturally by finding photos showing you a snapshot of a location on the peninsula with a marked area. If you have found any so far, these photos will reveal caches that you must blow up with dynamite that contain pieces of the flintlock pistol and some old ammo. 

When you begin your search for the pieces for the flintlock pistol, you will need access to explosives or dynamite as molotovs will not clear the cache locations. You can taunt a larger mutant like an armsy or a cowman to break them open. However, it will be much easier to use explosives as mutants can make it challenging to grab the loot you need (not to mention that most cache locations don’t have mutant spawns). 

Light the dynamite and get close to the cache. It should prompt you to place the dynamite into the cache to explode it. This is not mandatory, but it yields the best results, try not to get yourself blown up in the process. 

It is also important to note that if you explode a cache and can’t find the piece and ammo, you may already have it, or it has fallen beneath the map. To remedy this, reload your game. The cache should remain exploded, and you should reset the piece. 

Gun Part #1 

The Forest — Gun Part 1

The first gun part is located just south of the main cannibal village. The main cannibal village is located a short distance north of the southeastern coast. Keep in mind that one of the huts has 4 sticks of dynamite located in it should you need to gather some for breaking open caches.

The fastest way to find this cache is by heading south to the yacht beach and going east along the cliffs (not the shore) until you see a hut that overlooks the beach. This hut will have a dirt path that will take you directly to the main cannibal village. However, the cache should be located nearby. Some cliffs will overlook a small shore and along these cliffs is where the cache is located.  

To the west of the cache, the cliffs give way to allow you to get down to the beach or back up should you have wandered down there. Right after this natural ‘stairway’ to the east will be the first cache in between 2 trees. 

Gun Part #2

The Forest — Gun Part 2

The second gun part is one of the more accessible parts to find. The cache can be found right behind the large tree on the map’s southwest end. To find the large tree, head to the southernmost point of the map with the coast that has the dead sharks and the yacht. You should be able to see the big tree to the west. Remember that when you head up to the tree, you may run into a cannibal patrol as the area usually crawls with cannibals if you are later into the game. 

Gun Part #3

The Forest — Gun Part 3

This gun part is relatively easy to find and is good to gather just after you get the second gun part, as it is located just northeast of the yacht beach. Head northeast from the yacht beach into the forest to get to this location. After a short distance, you should discover the lakeside village, a bunch of huts near a large lake. This location is good for gathering supplies and contains an old pot. This location may have many cannibals nearby, so be ready for a fight as you loot the area. The cache is located in the hut that is the furthest east. 

Gun Part #4

The Forest — Gun Part 4

This gun part is located much further away than the prior gun parts. However, it is pretty easy to identify as you can follow the coastline and follow it to the west and head north. The fastest way to find this cache is to start at the sinkhole and head northwest until you reach the coast near the large river that splits the map. 

Once you find this coastline, head northwest along it until you see the beach gets divided by two rivers. Just west of this split will be the cache located on the coast. Another landmark to use is a couple of nearby beach huts, further west from the cache. 

Do note that you can get stuck in this cache crater, which is much deeper than the other cache craters left behind when you explode them.  Once you have this piece, you’re halfway to collecting the flintlock pistol. Keep at it!

Gun Part #5

The Forest — Gun Part 5

This gun part is located at geese lake. To get there quickly, start at the sinkhole and make your way slightly southwest. After a short hike, you should discover a large lake with plenty of supplies ready to be picked up. After you loot this area, a hill behind the lake will allow you to access the higher elevated regions beyond geese lake. At the top of this hill is where the cache is located. The cache overlooks geese lake and is just inside the treeline. 

Gun Part #6

The Forest — Gun Part 6

This gun part is tricky to get to as you’ll have to traverse shark-infested waters. We recommend crafting a raft just before you head out, as you can avoid the risk of getting mauled by a shark. If you have to defend yourself from sharks or if you get stuck on the island, bring some spears as they are quite effective at dealing a large amount of ranged damage. If you attempt to swim to this location, you will put yourself at a considerable risk of death, but it is possible if the sharks have spawned a bit further from the islands. 

The cache is located on a small island located west of geese lake. There will be a pair of islands, the northern one a bit larger than the southern one. You will find it on the second, smaller island. These islands are between the other two sets of islands to the west, so to not confuse them, head to the coast west of geese lake or directly west of the film crew camp to ensure that you are heading to the proper islands. 

Gun Part #7

The Forest — Gun Part 7

Before heading to this cache location, we recommend having a warm suit or something to protect you from the elements. It is located near Snow Lake, which is the large lake found northwest of the sinkhole in the snowy mountains. This area has a low cannibal population, so this cache shouldn’t be too much of an issue to gather in the early game.

To get there quickly, start just north of the sinkhole and head to the land bridge that separates the ocean and the large river that cuts through the peninsula. After crossing the land bridge, head northwest towards the snowy mountains. 

There should be a river if you head directly northwest from the land bridge, which you can follow upwards to Snow Lake. The cliffs in this area can be tricky to traverse. However, heading east of the river at the bottom of the cliffs should allow you to find areas to climb higher up towards the cache quickly. Once you’ve made your way to Snow Lake, the cache should be located to the east part of the lake. 

Gun Part #8

The Forest — Gun Part 8

The final gun part can be found in the northwestern part of the map. We recommend going for this piece after you collect gun part #4. If you are going for this piece later in the game (past your second week), you may expect to find some moderate resistance depending on where you start to get to this location. It’s moments like there were you wish you had the flintlock pistol in your hands!

The path of least resistance and the easiest way to find this cache is by starting at the sinkhole and heading towards the land bridge. You may encounter a few mutant patrols during this point, to which you can flee towards the coast west of the land bridge, or you can fight them off if you are feeling a little bloodthirsty. Follow the coast past the split river that empties into the ocean and follow the coast further as it bends northwest. 

You should pass by two sets of beach huts, and if you follow the coast, you should soon come across a third set of beach huts. At this location, you can gather some collectible items and supplies should you need them. 

Just north of these beach huts, there should be some cliffs that you can traverse upwards. You will need to hike up two cliffs to get to where the final gun part cache is located. There will be a small pond that overlooks the cache, so if you reach the pond, you have gone too high upwards. The cache is located on the bare cliff directly south of the small pond. 

How to gather ammo for the flintlock pistol

The Flintlock Pistol being Wielded

If you are playing single-player mode, the best way to gather flintlock ammo is by having all of the caches respawn after you’ve exploded all of them. You must have all of the gun parts for this to work. Once you save and reload the game after gathering all the gun parts, you can head back to any of the caches containing ammo and gather a bit more. 

It has been reported that in multiplayer games, respawning cache ammo is not as effective, as many players have gotten mixed results. If you are in a multiplayer game with other players with at least a cumulative total of 30 old gun ammo, you can use the item duplication glitch to gather up a near-infinite supply of old gun ammo. 

If those methods are too finicky for your game, you can find a consistent respawning source of old gun ammo in one of the caves. To get to this cave quickly, head east of the sinkhole and follow the river until you see two tents outside a rock mound you can shimmy into. 

We recommend gathering enough supplies to make a shelter, which you can craft inside this cave so you can quickly reload and respawn the ammo. Inside this cave, follow the path and remain to the right until you come across a part of the cave where the cave roof is lower. You will need to crouch past this point to proceed. It may be a little challenging to work your way through, so stay crouched and bump into the opening until you find the sweet spot that will let you proceed. 

After you’ve cleared the tight fit, prepare to take on some cannibals. This cave is dark, so tossing a flare to see your enemies is very effective. Head down this path, avoid the right path when it splits off, and keep straight until you come across a climbing rope. 

At the bottom of the rope, you will find yourself in a large opening with water on the ground. This is where the cannibals and baby mutants are located. You’ll want to prepare for a fight and keep to the right. You should eventually encounter some boxes and miscellaneous supplies here. This is where the old gun ammo is located. 

You can set up a save point here to reload after you have gathered everything, and the old gun ammo should respawn for you. If you head further down the cave past this point, you can find one more bullet if you are hurting for ammo. 

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