The Forest: 3 Best Melee Weapons

Smack, slash, poke! The 3 best melee weapons to use in The Forest. 

In The Forest, melee combat is a staple on the peninsula as the bulk of damage you end up dishing out will consist of it. Many factors come into play when deciding your weapon of choice, so we analyzed all of the available melee weapons found on the peninsula to help you determine the 3 best melee weapons to use in The Forest, for nearly all scenarios, including facing the final boss.

Our round-up of items includes:

  1. Katana
  2. Chainsaw
  3. Modern Axe
  4. Honorary Mentions

1. The katana

The Forest Katana Melee Weapon

The Katana is one of the most fun weapons in The Forest due to its speed, damage, and overall feel. This weapon has a very high-speed value; however, it has the disadvantage of not having a very high block value. The katana cannot receive any upgrades besides the temporary poison upgrades. This weapon is recommended for players running on normal difficulty as other weapons beat out the damage tradeoff. The tennis racket can get upgraded to outclass the katana, but come on, it’s awesome!

How to get the katana in The Forest

There are two ways to get to the katana; however, this route will be the one of the least resistance, and you can acquire this as soon as you spawn if you know where you are going. Starting just east of the sinkhole, head southeast alongside the large stream of water until you reach the southernmost part of the river. 

At this point, you should see some cliffs to your right. Searching around the area, you should discover a small pile of rocks indicating a spot to climb into. This is the cave that contains the katana.

Climb down into the cave to find yourself in a small clearing. Simply head directly straight down the path, and you will soon see a rope that you need to climb. After you finish your short climb, the cave will appear more open, with 2 paths to take.

Stay quiet, take the left side path, and follow the wooden planks you see on the ground. This path should narrow and close in on you, but heading forward just a bit further will take you to exactly where the yakuza member’s corpse is, and on his body is the katana.

The chainsaw

The Forest Chainsaw Melee Weapon

The Chainsaw is one of the 3 best melee weapons in The Forest due to its efficiency at chopping down trees (and mutants) with no stamina cost. The fuel to find for the chainsaw is not that difficult to acquire once you discover the moderately obvious spawns (most of the cannibal villages have fuel). 

In combat, the chainsaw is efficient for stun-locking multiple cannibals and is excellent for a huge spike in damage if you manage to stun a mutant or have one distracted by a friend. 

This weapon does excellent in multiplayer if players are running different builds. The player using the chainsaw can stun-lock challenging enemies, and the other party members can deal damage with minimal risk to quickly take down their foes. 

How to get the chainsaw in The Forest

Note: you will need the climbing axe to get back out of the cave easier. Starting just north of the sinkhole located in the center of the map, begin to follow the river that splits the map in half until you see a small island in the lake’s center. This little island should be about the size of a raft and can be seen on your left-hand side.

Cross the river and continue heading alongside the shoreline in the same direction as you were before, heading east. Follow this shoreline until you encounter some tents, and beside them will lie a cave entrance ready to be explored.

Once you enter the cave, simply head straight and follow the path until it opens up in an area with 2 bodies hanging from the ceiling. Head to the right path until you see a wall that can be climbed with the climbing axe. 

You can carefully drop here to continue or climb down the wall as intended. Once you drop down, continue straight and keep to the left-hand wall and follow that path until you come across a rope. Climb down this rope and continue forward until the cave opens again to a bunch of hanging corpses. The chainsaw will be on the table to your left. 

The modern axe

The Forest Modern Axe Melee Weapon

This weapon is the holy grail of melee weapons. It has an amazing damage output with a small reduction in speed compared to the plane axe but deals nearly 3x the amount of damage as the Katana with upgrades. It deals about the same amount of damage as the crafted axe, however, the modern axe can swing faster. 

The modern axe doesn’t reduce all damage when blocking, but the damage output and sheer stopping power still make it one of the 3 best melee weapons in The Forest. The modern axe can be upgraded to become extremely powerful. 

How to get the modern axe in The Forest

The cave that leads to the modern axe can be a bit more difficult to find than the other items on this list, but the journey is definitely worth it. The easiest way to locate the cave that will take you to the modern axe, is to start or make your way towards the beach in the southeastern part of the map and head directly north from that location or west of the islands found east of the main peninsula.

You should be looking for a large cannibal village with multiple shelters arranged in a circle around a dead tree with some more structures off to the side. There will be some cannibal patrols nearby if you have attacked cannibals early on in the game. There will be a very tall pile of skulls on a stick that you will be right in front of the cave entrance. If you are having trouble finding the cave, this is the cave that you spawn in upon death if you want to find the location for future reference.

Once you climb down into the cave, you will see a large cave mouth straight ahead. Be prepared to fight about 3 cannibals up ahead, so being equipped with some armor, healing items, and the plane axe will make this journey much easier. Head through the cave mouth and the path should be pretty straightforward; head straight to another climbing rope to climb down. 

Descend the rope and head down the trail. You will encounter the first cannibal. Once you quickly dispatch them, you will discover several paths you can take, with one of the paths barricaded with boards.

Take the path to the left of the boards, and push deeper into the cave until you discover some wooden planks on the ground. This means you are heading in the right direction. Proceed forward to fight 2 more cannibals relatively close to each other. After the fight, you should see a path to the left immediately after you enter the opening. You can run this direction and bypass the cannibals, but it’s usually a good idea to dispatch them first as they can ambush you on your way out or trap you by following you.

The path to the left should have another rope and a hanging skull lantern. Descend the rope, and you should head straight to see a room full of boxes with the modern axe sitting on one of the boxes if you continue straight. This is also an excellent area to farm supplies in this cave depending on your item respawn time in your game. 

Honorary mentions for the best melee weapons in The Forest

We covered the best weapons to add to your arsenal thus far; however, some melee weapons are just as good to have in your inventory for the sake of experimenting and for general use outside of when you would use these weapons on our list.

One of the most powerful melee weapons to use is the upgraded spear (not for throwing damage), as it is insanely fast, and you can attack and sprint simultaneously. It’s incredibly useful for early animal hunting and the damage output will help you acquire the weapons on this list for a meager crafting cost.

The club is another great weapon to have available should you be later in the game. This is not the crafted club but the one you pick up from stronger cannibals. It consists of a club made of bone and a skull with barbs jarring from its head. This weapon offers the highest block value as well as dealing around the same amount of damage as the modern axe and can be upgraded to deal even more damage until you find a more versatile weapon. 

For more information and tips and tricks, be sure to check out our The Forest Beginner’s Guide.

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