The Chad Bunker RUST Base Design (2020)

The Chad Bunker RUST Base Design (2020)

Vice is back, after a sabbatical from RUST base building, he’s bringing a fresh view into RUST base design again, starting with his latest creation: The Chad Bunker.

In this video, Vice walks us through the 3 primary types of RUST bunker designs, instructing on how to build them and when along with other pros and cons of each bunker type.

This is a must-watch video for players who are inexperienced with RUST bunker designs, as not only will you learn how to build them, but also how to properly raid them without wasting valuable time and resources.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, how’s it going? I am back on RUST.


I announced I was quitting around six months ago, but I guess you never really leave.


I’m making some more videos, gonna be playing some wipes with friends, and not gonna promising anything as I could get bored in another three months and not upload again. But I am giving it another shot.


Anyway, I’ve got something truly juicy here today, which I am calling The Chad Bunker.


This bunker is, I believe, the best, easiest to use and most efficient bunker in RUST right now.  And to explain why this bunker is better than the competition, let’s talk about the competition.

Suicide Bunkers

Basically in RUST, you have three types of bunkers. The simplest are suicide bunkers, which are by far the most efficient bunker you can build. 138 high qual gets you an armored 1×1 that you can pass loot through.


You can use drop boxes for this, but a better method is to use this roof trick to glitch a large box through the wall and use that for access instead.


You put the TC and sleeping bag in here, but the main downside is you have to perform ritual seppuku in order get your loot and it doesn’t work well beyond solo play. Unless you want to expand it into a 2×2 and put down multiple bags or beds.

Stability Bunkers

The most meta bunker right now are stability bunkers. These use a twig wall that supports an armored floor which you can break to gain access to the bunker. As of the current update they cannot be splashed by explosive ammo or incendiary rockets, but you can upgrade the wall to wood just in case.


You have to pay 7 high-quality metal and some wood every time you seal them up, but you get the benefits of one of the most compact bunker designs you can make that still gives easy access. You can fit 4 of these into a base quite easily and making them very annoying to raid.


And they’re still very good compared to this new bunker. So if you do decide you like these better, that’s fine, however its pretty easy to forget to close these up. Whoever gets off last has to seal each bunker and if you leave it open, it costs nothing to raid, plus if somebody goes deep on you and you don’t have your bunker sealed, you’re @#$%.

Roof Bunker

Which brings us to this new bunker, which has seen many iterations over the years, but this one is the best that I have been able to build. Placing the roof next to this wall causes it to open up and you can climb inside. When the roof is closed, it acts as a normal wall. Basically the opposite of stability bunkers.


They’re essentially 15 rocket doors. You can use these for external TCs much more easily than stability bunkers, as they can be opened and closed without much effort. Plus, with proper trap and turret placement, the twig will get destroyed if anyone unauthorized tries to enter which will close the bunker. This bunker with some honeycombing can be built for pretty cheap.


  • 228 High-Quality
  • 2,000 Metal Fragments
  • 3,000 Stone

Will get you a bunker that is a minimum of 20 minutes of jackhammering plus 15 rockets to the loot and 19 rockets to the TC. Without jackhammers its 19 rockets to loot, 23 rockets to TC and 27 if they try to splash.


That’s about on par with the stability bunkers in terms of cost, and while they are a bit bigger footprint wise, harder to integrate and build and come with a couple of caveats, I think the ease of use is enough to outweigh the potential downsides. And at the end of the day, they’re keeping your loot safe behind armored walls.


So anyway, let us get into the build.


We’re going to be branching out with square foundations, assuming you’re going to be building with an external TC. If you don’t know what those are you can check my or Evil Wurst’s videos, which I have linked in the description.

Place two triangle foundations at the end of the square foundation and place a triangle at the back.


The triangle at the back is going to serve as our TC compartment. This triangle is optional as you could put the TC in the 1×1 and save a little bit in the high qual cost. But I found it better to put it back here and protect it from any splash damage and give you a little more space for boxes.


Now we’re getting into the janky part of the build, which uses a trick called socket stacking, which I did not invent first but I’ve seen Crimstic,  budsatawny and aloneintokyo using this trick, all of whom I will link in the description.


This bunker design is new though and works much better after this patch to the splash damage system. Basically, rather than snapping a foundation directly to another foundation like you would normally do in RUST, we’re going to be free-handing a foundation into place.


What this means is that we’re going to place a new foundation very close to our current foundation, enough that the game will consider it being attached to our current foundation, despite not being on the same grid as the other ones. This is not the same thing as building an external TC because this foundation will be attached to our existing base and will be included with the upkeep for the TC that we place at the back.


This foundation and attached wall will not decay at all. It does make it a bit harder to build foundations around it though, since the rest of the building system will freak out. So like I said, these are best delegated to external TCs and you will definitely want to test everything out on a build server to ensure it works properly before building it out in-game.


What we’re going for is a foundation that we can build a wall on top of that is attached to one side but is not attached to the other side. When we get this into place there will be a very tiny gap on the other side and we can build a roof on the other side to open a wall on the tiny gap.


While the building system considers it to be disconnected and there is a bit of a visual gap here, the hitbox is large enough that it will block splash damage through the gap. If you build this perfectly, it is not splashable at all, though poor placement can allow raiders to splash the first door and armored wall.


It’s very hard to do though without no clip and you will likely kill yourself if you end up trying. Rockets do not fit through the gaps. Maybe incendiary links through with improper placement, but the TC is at the back so its not vulnerable.


This whole setup is a bit janky to build and will take some time but I found with proper practice on a build server you can build them with fairly perfect placement with only a few minutes of tinkering for each bunker.


However, if you are building six of these for a clan base, you will probably want to set down an auto turret or have a friend watch your back so you don’t get camped while you’re building.


As far as honeycombing goes, its pretty simple. You can just put a layer of triangle foundations all around and build walls going up. The only issue you’re going to run into is with the freehanded square right here.


This will prevent you from placing the last triangle foundation that will secure the loot room.


This is what I meant about it being janky since it’s technically disconnected from the building. It’s now getting hit by the same anti-wall stacking measures put into place with building 3.0, however, we can build around this by putting some triangle foundation to the left of this foundation and building forward with foundation steps.


The foundation steps are essentially whitelisted and ignore many of the foundation restrictions that prevent you from placing normal squares.


As a general rule when working with socket stacking, if you can’t place a square foundation, you can probably place foundation steps and then triangle foundations around it and then build around it.


This weird set up though still allows you to place a roof on the edge of the triangle foundation and gain access to the base since that is the same socket.


The last thing that needs honeycombing is the roof. You’re going to want to place metal honeycombing above the TC room but for the loot room, you can keep it as stone honeycombing.


Upgrading it to metal will make it more durable to rocket splashing, but it’s still going to be jackhammerable and 15 rockets to loot, either way, so it’s your call if you want it or not.


So this is the most compact bunker that I could build after two hours of trying, you’re not limited to using this to external TCs. This actually makes a great entrance for a solo or duo bunker base.


You can basically use it as a door to secure your main loot room. It’s definitely a bit more janky playing around the gaps, but it’s doable.


I’m sure in the coming weeks you’ll see me post a video of twelve of these bad boys in a giant 6 split TC clan base with an entirely armored core. Theoretically, that would be 228 or more rockets, only including the bunkers and not the actual walls of the base.


While you can use it just like this as an entrance, you should probably secure it a little bit so you don’t get door camped with your bunker open. Here’s how I would build the external section.


A little 2×2 extension with some doors and windows, with enough space for you to place down the roof and enter in peace. The main issue you’re going to have is farther down in the build. Since you have to place the wall at an angle you’re going to get a much bigger gap when it comes back to connect the base later.


This leaves your base looking weird and broken. And it’s definitely the caveat with this bunker design that you have to play around.


One trick you can use to mitigate this is placing a high external wall to cover the gap. It doesn’t prevent people from splashing rockets through the gaps in the second floor, but this exterior section shouldn’t really be the most secure part of the base, as you have the rest of the base for that.


Technically you can use these little gaps as peak downs to shoot incendiary rockets at any raiders.


Well anyway, that’s about it from me. This is definitely a cool trick that I am going to be experimenting with a lot more. If you’re interested in more application of this trick, other YouTubers have published more videos than I have. You can check out Crimstic, budsatawny, and aloneintokyo in the description.


One other application of this is that it’s used in floor stacking. If you put a freehand foundation a little bit higher you can get two floors stacked directly on top of each other. You can also do it with roofs to get them stacked as well.


I tried to come up with an implementation of that with this bunker but it became a little too janky and just increased the cost of the build too much. It’s definitely easier to integrate in a larger base though.


Making this video has been fun for me and a nice return to RUST. I don’t know what I’m going to be working on in the future, but I’m going to try and do some more videos and actually get around to playing the game, rather than sitting on a build server all day.


Currently, I’m just playing with some friends on a long server to just try and get the feel of things. In the future, I may get started in starting the chad clan back up. Definitely not going to be aiming for getting 100 to 200 people in the clan because that obviously can’t work, but I think managing a clan of 20 or so trusted people with a private discord could work out properly.


It’s not for sure yet, so don’t RSVP me in my DMs, but if you’d like to potentially be a part of it, let me know down in the comments and join my discord if you want to get notifications.


I’m going to be recording most of my gameplay from this wipe and if it goes well I may end up posting some gameplay videos, though I definitely have a lot of spray patterns to learn before I can hit the square side of a barn.


But that’s it for me and I will see you guys next time.



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