The Bullhorn Trio RUST Base Design (2021)

the bullhorn rust base design

Introducing The Bullhorn Trio Base Design

The Bullhorn base design video was created by our partner Cosmonatic Films.

The Bullhorn  rust base design is a powerhouse that will serve up to a trio-sized group for the duration of a wipe. This starter-to-main base design features tons of space for storage as well as necessary deployables. At the center of the design is the conditional roof bunker to keep the core safe and external auto-turrets give the exterior 360 degrees of protection.

This base is outfitted with lots of fine-tuned furnishings to help you get the most out of the space as well as the flexibility to customize some rooms depending on the group’s current needs. 

Design features

  •  Starter-to-Main Realistic Progression 
  • Conditional Roof Bunker Core 
  • Tons of Space for Items and Storage (Up to ~50 Boxes Worth of Storage) 
  • Room layouts are versatile to suit group needs
  • Multiple Split Bedrooms 
  • Spacious Interior 
  • Spread Out Rooms & Loot 
  • External Auto Turrets with ~360 Degrees Coverage 
  • Shooting Tower 
  • Minicopter Hanger 
  • Electrical system(s) for up to 6 auto-turrets, a SAM site, lights, and other electrical deployables (see Rustrician links)
  • Low Build Cost and Upkeep (2.5+ Days) 
  • Moderate raid cost (±24 Rockets to TC / Main Loot)

Cost to build

  • High-Quality Metal: 350
  • Metal Fragments: 27k +/-
  • Stone: 23k +/-
  • Wood: 19k +/-
  • Gears: 57

Cost of upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 34 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 3.5k +/-
  • Stone: 4k +/-
  • Wood: 5

Raiding cost

  • Approx. 24 rockets to TC and main loot
  • Approx. 30+ rockets to TC and all loot



Rustrician  clipboard

Without further ado, here’s the Bullhorn trio base design.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to the channel. Today, I’ve got a battle-hardened versatile, solo-duo-trio base that will help you dominate your territory the whole wipe—introducing The Bullhorn.

The Tour

From the front of the base, we enter through the main entrance airlock. Three small boxes and a large box are right behind it to quickly depot. The campfire improves maneuverability onto the boxes. You can open or close the auto turret pod manually through the wall. A conditional roof bunker splits four different pods around the base. This is the main core living space, and we’ll come back to this in a minute.


On each ground floor side of the roof bunker is a utility area and loot room. For this one, I used a farm, but you can retrofit these spaces with whatever you desire to fit your needs. Below this shelf, I like to have one of my two large batteries. On the other side, I put a bedroom and the other large battery with the loot room. Below this shelf is more storage, but also an emergency resource dropbox into the bunker. 


Past the bunker is the second-floor living space. Blue flashing lights improve maneuverability onto the large boxes. Another bedroom and loot room combo. More auto turret pods that are controllable through the wall. Furnaces occupy these two triangles. 


Last bedroom and loot room combo. These floor boxes work great for overflow loot storage or as extra depot boxes. Directly above the roof bunker is another utility area. The repair bench, CCTV station, and a backup generator fit here nicely. There’s also additional cheeky storage.


We enter the shooting floor and mini copter hangar through the airlock. Above is enough room for a windmill, solar panels, or water catchers. This triangle is a great spot for a fridge. 


Enter the core, and we find more storage under the conditional roof bunker. On the wall, we see a dropbox with emergency resources for a rainy day. Breaking this twig frame closes the conditional roof bunker. Placing a twig frame and a sheet metal roof opens it. 


In this corner is ample storage and a tier-three workbench. Three sleeping bags fit between a workbench and a locker. Above this window is controls for lights, auto-turret pod garage doors, and a SAM site if applicable. Behind the window is high-value loot storage.


Behind the next is the TC. Upkeep for over two and a half days when fully stocked. Here’s how to build it.

The Starter

Start by ensuring that this footprint will fit the terrain you want to build it in. Remove the excess foundations. Build your starter unit. You can start by using two temporary wooden single door frames if you want a proper door-block airlock. Eventually, these will become double-door frames.


The tool cupboard goes in this triangle oriented like so. This is how I lay out my starter. Build a half-height shelf storage room. Make sure that you leave the front triangle wood. Try not to leave any high-value items in this front storage room.


Using a third double door here, we’ll create a door block airlock.

Extended Starter

Build out these foundations. We’ll be creating a conditional roof bunker and creating our main entrance. To discourage soft-siding, upgrade this raised foundation to sheet metal for 100 metal frags. Build these respective full walls and half-height walls. This will be the spot that our conditional roof bunker goes.


Then, build out the main entrance. The sheet metal double door is just a placeholder until we get the garage door and auto turret. Build this temporary half-height floor to build two permanent triangle shelves on either side. Keep this square ceiling above each conditional roof bunker wood.


To build the bunker, start by placing a twig floor frame. Place a square roof across from you, followed by a triangle on the right side. Upgrade the back roof to stone. To activate the roof conditional and thus open the bunker, upgrade the triangle roof to stone. You’ll need to remove the double door to bypass the roof. Breaking the twig floor frame will break the triangle roof and seal the bunker. 


If you have extra metal frags, now is a great time to upgrade the TC side of the hex-core to sheet metal. Use the space under the roof for extra storage. Avoid using tall deployables and sleeping bags in this area. Drop boxes go in between the roof bunker and airlock.


When you acquire your first shotgun traps, put them in these locations. Put the tier 1 [workbench] to the left of the small box and remove the sleeping bag. Soft side the square wood ceiling and expand the base with two one-by-two areas. Consider upgrading this foundation to sheet metal to discourage raiders from soft-siding in. 


Outfit the furthest back squares with a loot room. Use the squares in front of them with whatever you desire. Customize this area however you like., Use a deployable here to ensure accidental placements don’t prevent the bunker from opening. 


Once you get garage doors, replace these three in the hex core. Your first should go on the door frame closest to the roof bunker. Upgrade the frame to sheet metal to improve movability. Retrofit the hex-core storage shelf with the tier 2 and this combination of boxes. Replace the wooden window bars with reinforced glass windows.


Lastly, upgrade the second half of the hex-core.

Second Floor

First, honeycomb these three spots on the backside of the base. Then, close off the second floor. Place these respective building blocks. Outfit the furthest back squares with loot rooms. Put furnaces in the triangle compartments. Then, put doors on. Swap in garage doors in these places gradually as you get materials for them. Sheet metal double doors are adequate for the loot rooms. Use strengthened glass windows on the furnace compartments. I like putting bedrooms in front of each of the split loot rooms.


Fill the floor of the connecting hallway with overflow storage. Flashing lights here improve maneuverability onto the boxes. Continue adding garage doors in these areas. 


On the shelf above the roof bunker, I like to have a CCTV station, backup generator, repair bench, and some cheeky boxes. Back to the ground floor side rooms, I like to retrofit in a third bedroom, large batteries, and an extended farm. In the core, I recommend adding a Dropbox against this wall for emergency resources and tools for opening the bunker for sealing breaches during a raid. Upgrade these spots to high-quality metal.


If you haven’t already, code-lock your TC and make sure that everyone is authorized on it. Follow the build order correctly to squeeze four barbecues and two small boxes into the triangle in front of the TC. This will take you multiple attempts, so be patient. You can verify if your placement is correct by seeing the blue window frame option on both sides.


Then, build the window frames. Seal the bunker to be able to place this locker flush with the wall and place sleeping bags on the ground. Start with strengthened glass windows on the window frames and eventually upgrade them to reinforced glass windows. Don’t forget to upgrade the shelf to sheet metal.

Final Exterior

Your first auto turret should go in the pod next to the main entrance. On each side of the base, build a quarter roof skirt. Upgrade these pieces on the backside of the base. Build the shooting floor and helicopter hangar to the size you desire. 


Your next auto turret can go in the pod on the backside of the base. Make sure that the garage door rollers are facing inward. Then, hide the ground floor sheet metal layer with some stone honeycomb. On these triangles, you’ll put your last two auto-turrets. I won’t be going over how to set up the electrical circuits for the auto-turrets in this video. If you want some circuit suggestions, I have some links to some blueprints in the description.


As a reminder, you can toggle the auto turret pods manually by interacting with the corner of the garage door roller that sticks through the walls.

Final upgrades

Finally, upgrade these building blocks to their final upgrade as you acquire the resources for it. You will have to temporarily remove some deployables that will block upgrading. Pay special attention to which walls I am rotating after I upgrade them. 


Don’t forget to rotate these walls after you upgrade them. Also, be sure to upgrade the floors underneath the triangle furnace compartments. These floors need to be upgraded as well. And finally, upgrade these two foundations.


If the conditional edge of a roof is preventing you from placing a box, use this trick. And with that, The Bullhorn is complete.


Of course, don’t forget that the roof has plenty of space to put a windmill, water catchers, solar panels, or a SAM site. Keep in mind what I showed you today is just my take on this footprint. You can certainly make the base more defensive so long as you are ok with more upkeep. I encourage you to experiment with it.


Special thanks to Alpha Fox and Phentos for helping with the design of this base. If you want to see a version of this base in action, be sure to check out my gameplay video where we survived the entire January wipe on Reddit monthly.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the video. Considering subscribing for future content, and I’ll see you guys next time.


Thanks for watching.

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