The Best RUST Skin Sets for the Snow Biome

Wrap up, stay warm, and stay hidden with these RUST skin sets

In February of 2022, the Arctic Suit Skin was released, making it one of the first RUST skins to impact the base item’s stats. The Arctic Suit sports an increase in cold resistance for the Hazmat suit from 8% to 33%, which gave owners of the skin a massive advantage over those without it. Aside from this controversial skin, you may be curious about what other skins can give you a step up in the snow biome.

The following are three of the best RUST skin sets for the snow biome. Players who love the cold and want to stay hidden in their winter wonderland will want to read on.

No Mercy skin set

The No Mercy set sports a kit’s worth of black and white gear. Topped off with a skull-like face mask, you’ll be able to blend in the snowy environments and strike fear into the hearts of your foes should they catch sight of your No Mercy facemask. 

No Mercy was created by badtRIP, a talented workshop creator with over 700 workshop creations. The first piece of the set, the No Mercy Hoodie, was released in 2019, and the most recent addition is the Semi-Auto Pistol. You can check out the full workshop setlist

This skin set can run you around $110 for the whole get-up, excluding the cheaper weapon skins available. The demand for this skin has simmered down a bit and evened out compared to how expensive it was during the arctic update. 

Snow Warrior skin set

Now for something much more accessible for everyone to get their hands on. The Snow Warrior skin set consists of only two pieces: a hoodie and pants. The design of this set closely resembles the clothing that the arctic scientist NPCs wear. This set was chosen for this list for its effective camouflage for the snowy environments for a low price. 

The Snow Warrior set was created by TEDD in 2020. They also created five more skins for the set alongside the hoodie and pants, but they have yet to make it into the game. You can see all of the Snow Warrior workshop creations

You can grab both pieces of the Snow Warrior skin set for roughly $7. With a set at a low price like this, you can give your budget some breathing room when looking for other skins to complete your optimal look. Snow Warrior is perfect if you want a simple and decent-looking skin for trudging through the snow.

Whiteout skin set

Finally, we have the Whiteout skin set. This skin set will help hide you from your foes while you sit atop a snowy pea and peer at them through your scope undetected. The whiteout set is predominantly white, allowing you to become nearly invisible in the arctic biome. The skin set blends well with the snow enough for you to get much closer to other players undetected than the other skin sets on this list.

The Whiteout skins were created by MDE, who has blessed the Rust community with over 80 different accepted skins. The Whiteout set was released in early 2021, with the Whiteout Pants being the first entry into the game. The most recent workshop skin from the set is the Whiteout Helmet. If you want to see the Whiteout set and check out what else MDE has made, take a look.

 You can add the Whiteout set to your collection for around $40. This set is a must-have if you spend most of your time stomping around the tundra landscapes.

Final thoughts on the best snow biome skin sets

Though these skin sets may not give you an overpowered buff to your cold resistance, these skins offer the best camouflage for the arctic biome. Equipping yourself with one of these skin sets will give you a decent advantage over anyone ill-prepared for the frozen landscape; they can’t kill what they can’t see.

Some of the skins on this list may be pricey (looking at you, No Mercy set) but can sell for a profit if they increase in value over time. If you want to get started with flipping RUST skins, we recommend you check out our guide on where to sell RUST skins for cash. 

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