The Best RUST Skin Sets for the Forest Biome

Make hunting down your prey easier with these skin sets.

The forest biome is arguably one of the most popular biomes in which players build their base. This is partly due to its majority map coverage and easy access to all of the required resources needed to survive. Another contributing factor to this biome’s popularity is how much more hospitable the climate is compared to the other biomes. 

If you don’t want to be hunted by other gear-hungry players, you’ll be wondering what you can do to thrive in the forests and plains found in RUST. Using one of these three skin sets can give you a massive advantage, as some will make you nearly invisible as you move through the forest or grasslands. With Hardcore mode added into the game, you’ll want any extra advantage you can get your rock wielding-hands on! Here are our picks for the best RUST skin sets for the forest biome.

The Wasteland Hunter skin set

The Wasteland Hunter skin set’s olive green colors will make it harder for enemies to detect you in the forest or open grass plains. If you plan to build your base in the woods, having any amount of green on your character will make it less likely that other players will see you. This skin set offers just the right shades for the temperate zones in the game

The Wasteland Hunter skin set was created by Mishka, who is known for designing other skins that have been accepted into the game. Some of the skins they have designed include the Cardboard and Mad Rider skin sets. This skin set was implemented into the game during the summer of 2017. You can check out the complete collection on the workshop.

At the time of writing, you can grab the full skin set for approximately $15, which isn’t too much of a fee to pay for superb camouflage. If you’ve got the itch to go creeping through the forest and hunt down some other players, this is the skin set for you. 

The Elite Forest Camo skin set

By the name of this skin set alone, you’ll quickly learn why this set is one of the best for the temperate zone. The Elite Forest Camo skin set is composed of darker greens and browns that effectively blend the wearer into a forest setting with ease. This skin set is composed of only two pieces: Pants and Hoodie. You can mix and match this set with the Military skin set if you want complete coverage, and they also look pretty decent together.

The Elite Forest Camo skin set was created in the summer of 2020, with several pieces not making it into the game. The skin set was designed by JohnnyOldBoy, who has successfully created other skin sets, like the Knights Templar set. You can check out all of the pieces for the Elite Forest Camo skin on the steam workshop here. 

At the time of writing, this set will cost approximately $9, and you can snag these skins to add some green to your look. Never underestimate how much of a difference some camouflage can make. 

The Forest Raiders skin set

Want to blend into the green flora of the temperate biome? Many players have fallen to an unseen attacker who caught them off guard, and with the Forest Raiders skin set, you’ll be the one pulling the trigger first. Having this skin set in your inventory will shift the odds in your favor due to its insane camouflage with any green backdrop. The entire set is clad in green to dark-green camouflage, which makes it difficult for you to be spotted crawling in the tall grass.

The Forest Raiders skin set was designed by steam workshop creators VLEK and IGORR, who have created several skins that have made it into the game. Some of their creations are the Desert Raiders and Nuclear Fanatic skin sets. The Forest Raiders skin set was introduced into the game in the summer of 2021. You can see the complete Forest Raider workshop collection here.

At the time of writing, this skin set will set you back at approximately under $80, which can be pretty expensive for a set of skins. However, if you’ve got money to burn and players to pick a bone with, this set is perfect for planning out your next ambush to wipe out players who run through your neck of the woods. 

Final thoughts on the best forest biome skin sets

The temperate biomes offer plenty of resources, making them a danger zone if you are on a violent server. If you want to increase your survivability in the forest, consider equipping one of these skins to help keep you out of your enemy’s sight. Traveling undetected is a massive contributor to your success in RUST. If you find that you are getting gunned down frequently, odds are you aren’t as stealthy as you should be, or the enemy has perfect eyesight. 

Looking for RUST skin sets for other biomes? Be sure to check out our recommendations for the best snow and desert biome skins.

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