The Best RUST Skin Sets for the Desert Biome

Beat the heat and look cool doing it with these skins

Surviving in the desert of RUST can be tricky, as you will spend most of your energy avoiding biting cactuses, looking for wood, and staying hydrated in the punishing heat. Although it may take more effort to survive in this arid biome than in the temperate environment, some players enjoy making the desert biome their permanent home. 

The following skins sets are perfect for blending into this environment if you are interested in becoming a full-time desert-dweller. Some of these skins are relatively cheap, all things considered, but well worth it if you wish to stay out of enemy sights.

The Cardboard & Desert Conqueror skin sets

You’d be surprised how well you can blend into the sand with these skin sets’ colors. The Cardboard and Desert Conqueror skin sets will give you a brown and smooth appearance, which does wonders to keep you hidden as long as you maintain a reasonable amount of distance from any potential threats. Combined with the Desert Conqueror Pants and Hoodie, these sets provide a great level of camouflage in the desert biome.

The Cardboard skin set was released late into 2020 by Mishka. Mishka is known for creating other skin sets like the Training and Shattered Mirror skin sets. If you want to see the full cardboard skin set collection in the workshop, click here. The Desert Conqueror set was created in 2017 by Krovash and helps patch in some of the missing armor pieces while the Cardboard set continues to be built out.

At the time of writing, you can grab all of the cardboard skin set for around $20 and the Desert Conqueror for $5, which isn’t that pricey for skin sets that provide great camouflage in the desert. Plus, the skin set looks pretty goofy, so you and your friends can have a laugh while you rest in the desert shade.

The Desert Patrol skin set

The Desert Patrol Skin features a semi-desert camouflage look across three pieces of gear: Helmet, Pants, and Vest. This skin set has a gritty and dusty feel to it which makes it perfect for patrolling in the desert. Enemies will have a bit more difficulty spotting you due to the color scheme and camouflage pattern used, but it won’t make you completely invisible. Still, It’s much better than wearing something too flashy if you aim to keep a lower profile. Like the above set, this works quite well using the Desert Conqueror Pants and Hood to fill in.

They were designed by Krovv, a steam workshop creator responsible for creating other skins that successfully made it into the game, like the Polymer and the Road Raider skin sets. The set has been around for quite some time as it was made into the game in mid-2017. You can check out the workshop page for the Desert Patrol skin set here.

At the time of writing, you can pick up the full set for under approximately 6$ on the steam marketplace. This set is perfect for giving you a bit of concealment without breaking the bank. 

The Desert Raider skin set

Finally, on this list, we have the Desert Raider skin set. This skin set is known for its colors to blend in quite well with the rocks, sand, and fauna found throughout the desert biome. This skin design is of a light tan color with very subtle patterns that make it perfect if you want to avoid being spotted. 

This skin set is introduced into the game in the summer of 2021. It was created by steam workshop creators VLEK and IGORR, who have also designed other skins like the Dragon Horn skin set. You can see the entire Desert Raider set in the workshop here

At the time of writing, you can grab the Desert Raider skin set for around $40 from the steam marketplace. That’s not a bad price for access to a skin that can keep you concealed from your enemies. Outside the desert biome, the dusty colors can also work well alongside the beaches and other brown and tan locations. 

Final thoughts on RUST skin sets for the desert biome

Not only can these skin sets help keep you concealed, but they also look great and fit the desert theme well. These skin sets make enduring the harsh temperatures of the desert a bit easier by reducing the odds of you getting spotted and shot at by other bloodthirsty players.

If you’re new to skins and curious to learn how they work in RUST, check out our guide on how to get and use RUST Skins!

If you prefer a colder climate, be sure to check out our guide for the Best RUST Skin Sets for the Snow Biome. We also have a list for the temperate biome if you built your base in the greener areas of the map.  

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