Terraria Plantera Boss Guide

Plantera, boss of the underground jungle biome, is here to defend her territory from any adventurous explorer.

Here’s how to take down this overgrown Terraria weed!

Plantera Boss Giving off the Feed Me Seymour Vibes

Plantera pre-fight preparations

  • The Death Sickle, Megashark, or Rainbow Rod can help for physical, range, and magic.
  • Endurance potions, Greater Healing potions, and Inferno Potions excel in this fight.
  • Bring Wings to help with dodging.
  • If you’re feeling aggressive, a small arena can benefit you. Otherwise, a large square with several rows of platforms will be your arena of choice.

What the boss, Plantera can do

Plantera’s main game plan during the first phase of the fight is to try and stick to the bulb player. Thankfully she moves slower than the player, which means you’ll be able to dodge this reasonably quickly depending on how large of an arena you built. 

What makes Plantera dangerous are her projectiles she can send out. She has three different projectiles she can do in the first phase. She can shoot seeds, which are stopped by solid blocks. 

Beware, though, as these move FAST and can easily blindside you if unaware. Plantera can shoot out thorn balls, which are the boss’s equivalent of the spiky balls we’ve used in past boss fights. 

These fall through platforms, linger on the ground, and bouncy, which gives them a vertical element. She can also use something called hooks, which aid her mobility. Contact with these does hurt, so look out! 

Phase 2 has Plantera chasing the player even more aggressively, with a massive increase in contact damage along with two new attacks. The first one has her summoning “biters,” which are small biting plants on a vine leash. 

You can knock them out but be careful not to touch them. Lastly, she’ll shoot out spores, which will do massive damage on contact.

Your options

You can quickly get away using melee weapons in the early phases of this fight, given Plantera’s slow movement speed. The Death Sickle works excellent here with its wide arc and lingering projectile afterward. 

If you packed some crystal bullets, the Megashark could rip Plantera a new one with its high DPS. The Rainbow Rod can make things easier by giving you a homing option to help you focus on your movement.

The Plantera strategy

When the fight starts, be mindful of where Plantera is in the arena. You’ll want to kite her with your melee weapon while looking out for the multiple projectiles you’ll encounter. 

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and need a breather, switch to one of your ranged weapons or magic to keep the pressure on her. 

Killing the Plantera Boss in the Jungle Biome

This moment can also give you a moment to heal too! Use the platforms to your advantage, as her thorn balls are much less effective against those. When you reach phase 2, you’ll want to be extra careful of being very close as you can lose a lot of health quickly. 

Watch out for her lunges, as they will do much more damage in this phase. If the biters show up, you can knock them out with a ranged option to prevent contact damage. 

Focus on dodging Plantera and staying away while shooting a constant barrage of projectiles, and she’ll be no more!

Plantera pulverized

With Plantera defeated, you can enjoy your victory as the underground jungle has a new era of peace. Make sure to check out the rest of our boss guides here!

If you really get stuck trying to take down Plantera, there’s plenty of video guides out there to assist you. 

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