Terraria King Slime Boss Guide

Tremble before the mighty terror that is the King Slime! 

Or make him tremble with our go-to boss guide!

Terraria King Slime Boss Guide

King Slime pre-fight preparations

  • Make sure to bring a piercing weapon such as a Yoyo, Vilethorn, or spear to deal with the mini slimes that spawn.
  • Create an arena for the fight that allows for diagonal upwards movement such as stairs and possibly a rope to ascend higher.
  • Bring a couple of potions of lesser healing for safety!

What the boss, King Slime can do

Like a regular slime, the King Slime’s arsenal of attacks come in the form of lunging at the player but with a twist! The King Slime can teleport around the battlefield to keep players on their toes while evading him. 

When players inflict enough damage, the King Slime will spawn several smaller slimes that you will need to manage. On expert mode, these slimes are superior to spiked slimes, which are even more dangerous. 

Unlike other bosses, King Slime can’t move or attack through terrain blocks, which can help you stay safe. Killing the smaller slimes can yield a heart that will restore life mid-fight, so knock them out if need be.

Your options

There’s a fair amount of flexibility to this fight in terms of how to tackle it. If you go down the melee route, you’ll want something that pierces to help deal with the king along with his underlings. 

A ranged weapon can be useful, assuming the player isn’t far enough to trigger King Slimes teleport. It can make things much more hectic, and you’ll need to re-position yourself to get generous spacing. 

Magic can be useful with weapons such as the aqua scepter due to its piercing nature. This fight’s ease is an excellent example of seeing how each of the different weapons can affect future bosses, along with encouraging experimentation.

The King Slime strategy

When you use the slime crown, you’ll hear a roar, and the King Slime will begin to approach you. Given his lack of attacks, the primary strategy will depend on responding to his overall jump height. 

When he’s at ground level, you can opt to attack him with a melee weapon, provided you have enough room to dodge a potential lunge. If he’s slightly above, you can use a ranged weapon while on the ground to lay waste. 

Terraria King Slime Boss Jumping Through the Air

If he jumps exceptionally high into the air, you can either opt to take a shot or watch him as he falls and attacks upon him landing. When the other slimes start to spawn, you’ll want to have a piercing weapon at the ready. 

The smaller slimes will go down quickly without much worry. The King Slime will slowly decrease in size the more damage you inflict, which means he’ll have a smaller hitbox to attack you with, but it will also require more precision to attack him. 

When you’ve whittled King Slime down enough, he’ll eventually fall, and you’ll have usurped the throne.

What is a slime to a king?

Now that the king is gone, you’re sure to have many more foes ahead. Be sure to check out our other boss guides to find out what’s next!

If you really get stuck trying to take down the King Slime, there’s plenty of video guides out there to assist you. 

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