Terraria Golem Boss Guide

Tremble in your boots as the giant Golem takes center stage! 

We’ll show you how to take down this mighty boulder!

Focus on the Golem's Head

Golem pre-fight preparations

  • The Death Sickle, Piranha Gun, and Inferno Fork can help you take down the Golem with ease.
  • Wings to help with mobility
  • The Charm of Myths can help with health regeneration along with potions.
  • Adaptability. There isn’t as much flexibility with creating an arena in this fight, given that you won’t have the means to break the blocks in this area. 

What the boss, Golem can do

The Golem is four separate body parts, including its head, body, and arms. You only need to take down the head and body to kill the creature, thankfully. 

The Golem-Head can shoot two fireballs periodically during the first phase and shoot laser beams in the second phase. 

Watch out as the fireballs can inflict the “on fire” status ailment, which will steadily hurt. The body can make a jumping attack that causes damage on collision. 

The arms can do broad sweeps that can target the bulk of the arena. It is to your benefit to knock these out asap since the damage can quickly pile up. 

Your options

The piranha gun can be handy for this fight as it can flat out prevent the Golem from attacking you with its fist. 

The death sickle can make short work with its wide arc and a lingering projectile, which will hit both the head and hands. The inferno fork shines with its vast explosion, which can hit the head and the hands. 

Wings can give you much-needed mobility in this battle, given how you can maneuver more easily.

The Golem strategy

Before the fight begins, make sure you stock up with some healing potions. You can also try to make a platform with several rows to help with mobility. Just bear in mind that you won’t have as much agency with the terrain here.

You’ll want to first and foremost focus on dodging the fireballs as their burn effect can cripple your health. If you’re going to deal with the arms first, try using your piranha gun on one of them. 

Killing the Golem Boss

When this happens, use your melee weapon to attack it; in this case, the death sickle repeatedly, if needed, back away and try to hit the Golem with other ranged tools such as the megashark to keep a safe distance. 

Once the arm starts to dip low for health, you can opt to do the same strategy to the other arm while avoiding its sweep. Now that the other Golem-Arm is down let’s focus on the head. 

Stick to it with the death scythe, and if the fireballs zone you, switch to your ranged weapon. The lasers will appear once the boss hits about half health. When the head crumbles, we’re left with the body while the head floats around. 

It’ll jump around violently, and if we didn’t take down the Golem-Arms, they would swing even more fiercely. Your best bet is to use your ranged weapon from afar to help dodge the onslaught. 

Rinse and repeat, and you’ll have bested the Golem!

Goodbye Golem

The Golem has faded into the earth, but your journey isn’t over. Be sure to check out the rest of our Terraria guides!

If you really get stuck trying to take down the Golem, there’s plenty of video guides out there to assist you. 

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