Terraria Duke Fishron Boss Guide

The Mutant Fish Shark Of The Depths Is Ready To Sink Its Teeth Into Unsuspecting Adventurers

Here’s how to this Terraria boss down in this bonafide guide!

Encountering the Great Duke Fishron Boss

Duke Fishron pre-fight preparations

  • The Horseman’s Blade
  • A Tactical Shotgun for melee and ranged options
  • Water Walking Boots to prevent yourself from sinking
  • Wings to allow for more mobility
  • Building an arena or platform above the ocean to provide adequate space

What the boss, Duke Fishron can do

The Duke is capable of using several different attacks depending on the phase. For phase one, the Duke can lunge at the player around five times and do one of two things. The Duke can shoot bubbles that will explode on contact. You can break these bubbles with either a melee or projectile attack. 

The Duke will typically go to the player’s top left or top right to cast these. The Duke can also summon a creature known as Sharkron, which is capable of causing Sharknadoes! These are much more dangerous than the movie and can summon even more Sharkron! 

For phase 2, the Duke will take a moment to transform into an even angrier version of himself. The most significant differences are that he’ll fly in quick loops and will leave bubbles in his wake. He can also summon a larger version of the tornado, which spews even more sharks!

Your options

You’ll want to pack a tactical shotgun along with some chlorophyte bullets to help give you a ranged option against the Duke. The horseman’s blade makes for a good melee weapon as it can spawn in pumpkins when you slash at the Duke’s bubbles. 

An inferno potion is an excellent option as it creates a ring of fire that will protect you said bubbles. Like most endgame bosses, you’ll want to have wings to help with mobility and dodge the Duke. 

The Duke Fishron strategy

Given that this fight takes place on the ocean, you’ll want a fair amount of mobility to handle what the water is capable of throwing at you. When the battle begins, watch out for the Dukes lunging attack as he’ll do this five times. 

Killing the Duke Fishron Boss

You can dodge this by flying over it ideally or using a grappling hook on a platform above. After this, you’ll want to pop Duke’s bubbles with your horseman’s blade or any other melee weapon. Depending on the distance, use your tactical shotgun to hurt the Duke. 

If you’re using crystal bullets, they will do substantially more damage at the cost of accuracy. Chlorophyte bullets offer more precision at the price of damage, so it’s up to you, depending on your aim. You’ll want to be mindful of the tornadoes as they have a very high vertical hitbox. You can use your platforms to try and fly above them with wings as well. 

When the boss dips to half health, take the chance to hit it as much as possible during the transformation. When it moves around, stick to him with your ranged option and shoot any bubbles in harm’s way. When the enhanced tornado spawns, use your platforms and try to fly over them. 

Keep going. You’ve finished off the shark!

The defeat of the Duke

Marvel in your victory as the Duke has fallen, and the seas are safe once more! Be sure to check out the rest of our Terraria guides!

If you really get stuck trying to take down Duke Fishron, there’s plenty of video guides out there to assist you. 

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