Strong Trio Base Design (2018)

The Strong Trio RUST Base Design 

Our partner Lloydz is back with his Strong Trio RUST base design video.

This base is designed for a small group of players and features an anti-door camping measure for the main entrance, allowing for 180 degrees of visibility.

The main loot room and functional area are located in the core of the base, which you will see in the video that it’s heavily protected via honeycomb layers on all sides.

There’s also room to continue the expansion of this base upwards and add additional storage or a shooting floor to allow for active defense of the base.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 14,800
  • Wood: 9,800
  • Stone: 31,000

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 5,000
  • Wood: 196
  • Stone: 7,700

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody welcome back to another video.


In today’s video I’m going to showing you how to build an insane trio base design, this can be used as a clan base if you’d like but will be quite small.


I’ve got a discord link down below in the description if any of you would like to join that, we’re going to be posting monthly giveaways in there, now let’s get straight into today’s tour.


Jumping straight into the tour this base is going to cost you 31,000 stone, 10,000 wood, 15,000 metal fragments with an upkeep cost of 7,700 stone, 100 wood and 6,000 metal.


Entering the base we have 3 single doors until we get to our anti door camp section, as you can see we have two windows meaning there is nowhere to hind if you’re an enemy.


We also have the same on the other side so again no one can door camp you, we have lots of garage doors leading up to the second floor, up here again we have loads of garage doors leading up to the furnaces.


Dropping down here, we have a repair bench and pretty much the main loot room, here we have 5 large boxes, 4 furnaces, your tool cupboard, tier 2 workbench and another 6 boxes above.


Thank you for watching, let’s get into today’s build.

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