Strong Solo RUST Base Design (2020)

The Strong Solo RUST Base Design

The Strong Solo RUST base design video is brought to you today by our partner xRaw.

This base design is intended for a vanilla-based RUST server and has been designed around a solo-play style. The base design itself has a simple foot print design that is easy to remember and is designed to be a starter-to-main build. This type of base build allows players to set up the bare minimum design, to get started, while allowing them to expand the base footprint as resources become available.

Inside the base design, players will find ample storage space, with up to 17+ large boxes worth of capacity, along with the necessary amenities you’ve come to expect in standard base designs. The initial airlock entry allows for a door block airlock system and space for a quick-drop loot and a metal shop front to help check for door campers.

Going deeper inside the base, xRaw takes advantage of a lowered foundation section, utilizing the space for 3 small furnaces that do not impact the raid costs and provides a smooth transition between rooms. Leading deeper into the base, each individual segment houses a small storage section and amenities, ultimately ending at the base’s core where the primary loot is stored.

Base Features

  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Lowered Foundation Sections
  • Starter-to-Main Build

Inside the Strong Solo RUST Base Design

Inside this base design, you will find the following items.

  • 3 Camp Fires
  • 5 Furnaces
  • 1 Sleeping Bags
  • 9 Large Boxes
  • 1 Tier 2 Work Bench
  • 1 Tool Cupboard
  • 1 Research Table
  • 12 Small Boxes
  • 7 Barbeques

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 108
  • Metal Fragments: 1,950
  • Stone: 11,460
  • Wood: 2,618

Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 16
  • Metal Fragments: 615
  • Stone: 1,697
  • Wood: 0

Raid Cost

This Strong Solo RUST base design will cost approximately 20 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard. In order to access the rest of the loot, it’ll require a few more, as loot is spread throughout the base.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video, we’re looking at the Rust base design which goes from a starter to a main base. This base is a solo only base and contains features such as compact size and placement and a door block airlock.


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Start off with all of the items within the base. We have twelve small boxes, three campfires, five furnaces, and nine large boxes followed by your workbench, tool cupboard, research table, seven barbecues, and a sleeping bag. All of the barbecues, small boxes, and large boxes give a total storage value of 17+ large boxes. 


Heading over to the base here we have a metal shop front to help check for door campers. Entering into the base here we have two sheet metal doors. These can be used as a door block airlock, preventing people from going deep if you die with your doors open. These work well with the metal shop fronts for checking outside.


Continuing into the base here we have one furnace, one small box, one large box, and your research table. We then have a dropped foundation holding three additional furnaces without affecting the usability of the base and without increasing the cost of the base.


Heading through here were have your first loop rim holding four large boxes, three small boxes, and two barbecues followed by your sleeping bag, your workbench, and another small box under the workbench.


Finally, we have your last room holding four large boxes, six barbecues, five small boxes, and two campfires followed by your tool cupboard and one more furnace. The tool cupboard is more or less unlootable once destroyed. 


The footprints of the base are simple, starting with two squares and two triangles for your starter base. Before expanding out toward the entrance, and then finally again to add the honeycomb.


Break down the raid cost this is the cost to raid directly to the tool cupboard via doors, and the rocket cost direct to the TC via walls. This base is going to cost you 1.9k metal, 2.6k wood, 11.5k stone, and 108 high-quality metal.


With an upkeep cost of 615 metal, 0 wood, and 1.7k stone.

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