The Stallion V2 Trio Base Design (2019)

The Stallion V2 Trio Base Design

The Stallion V2 Trio RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This base was intended and designed for vanilla-based servers and supports a small group of up to three players. This base is an improved upon version of The Stallion and features numerous enhancements from its predecessor, while also taking inspiration from Evil Wurst’s Phoenix base design.

Inside The Stallion V2, the base utilizes a similar interior core to the original version. However, this version has a much larger footprint allowing for considerably more storage and additional amenities, such as lockers and beds, which are scattered throughout the base’s design.

On the upper levels of the base, you’ll find a full 360-degree view, along with peak-downs to the base’s exterior, which enable base dwellers to eliminate door campers and help protect against active raids.

Inside the spacious bunker is a ridiculous amount of loot room, 20+ large boxes worth, and plenty of open floor space, where you’ll be able to bag in teammates and even other friendlies. The tool cupboard is easily accessible, yet hidden.

Base Features

  • Bunker Entrance
  • Active Defense Measures
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Perimeter Defense
  • 360-Degree Peak Downs
  • Starter-to-Main Build
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • 360-Degree Roof Access

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 210
  • Metal Fragments: 9,000 +/-
  • Stone: 23,000 +/-
  • Wood: N/A

Base Upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 43
  • Metal Fragments: 2,744
  • Stone: 4,174
  • Wood: 215

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 20 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and over 30 rockets are necessary to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

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Video Transcript

Based on the feedback from the Stallion starter base, it appears that many of you enjoyed the build. I’ve also received a number of requests to show how it could be expanded into the main base. So today, I have for you a Stallion v2. 


With a similarly designed core to the v1, the Stallion v2 has a larger footprint, with much more storage. With over 20 large boxes worth of storage in just the core. The Stallion v2 comes with 360 degrees peek downs to eliminate the risk of door campers, and to help to defend any online raids. 


The base itself is a minimum of 23 rockets to the tool cupboard and over 30 rockets for a full raid. The base is the same roof bunker design as the Stallion v1 originally found by Evil Wurst and used in his base, The Phoenix. And now onto the tour. 


To start off we have a normal single door airlock with the shotgun trap to prevent any door campers from getting in. Window bars surround the base, giving you access to the auto-turrets and garage doors. 


We have a tier three, three furnaces, repair bench, and lots of storage. On the top floor, we have two lockers, two beds, and a secondary storage room. Window bars also surround this floor to check if anyone is on your roof. Two exits lead to our balcony, and both exits are protected by a single door airlock and a shotgun trap. 


As you can see, we have to peek-downs directly onto the stairs that lead to the front door. The shotgun trap protects the chute. As we drop into our bunker, we have our sleeping bags and lots of storage. We have our tool cupboard behind window bars and a very cheap cost. 


Now we move onto the build. Start with the same footprint as we used for the Stallion. A triangle, a square, and another triangle. This is a great starter design because it’s cheaper than a 2×2. It’s also very expandable. The inspiration for this very starter is from Evil Wurst. 


Make sure you add a code lock to the tool cupboard. Add a window frame, and place your deployable. When you’re ready to expand, add a square and a triangle. Once you’ve got a tier-one, place it in the triangle. Place it as far back as possible so you can still place your bunker. For now, you can use a furnace to jump up. 


Make sure you use a single door frame. This means that the roof when placed won’t block the door. This will be your second loot room. 


The way you fill-up the loot room doesn’t have to be exactly as I do it, but here is a good way to do it. When placing the central barbecue, make sure that you’ve only placed one of the large boxes. If you’ve already placed both boxes you won’t be able to place the barbecue. Make sure you place your garage door before you place the two barbecues. 

These loot rooms are great because inside it you can place four large boxes, six barbecues, and six small boxes. This is equivalent to more than nine large boxes of storage space. We’ll start removing double doors and placing the garage doors. More barbecues can be placed in the core. 


For now, place foundation steps. Leave them as either twig or wood because they are only temporary. Place a triangle, half wall, and another triangle. This will allow you to place your main loot room inside the core. It will be using the same design as the other loot room. 


Remember that the garage door needs to be placed before you place the barbecue. On this bottom side, we will be placing both barbecues next to each other so that we can still reach the tool cupboard. 


Once you’ve finished, check that you can still reach the tool cupboard. It’s a good idea to check that your bunker still works. Throughout the wipe, you should begin upgrading your base to armored. It’s a good idea to make the original triangle square and triangle fully armored, and the rest can be sheet metal. 


The ceilings, however, need to be armored. You don’t have to do this straight away, but it will increase the raid cost dramatically. You don’t have to upgrade this all to metal before you move onto the next step, you can do it whenever you’d like. 


Add two foundations and upgrade it to stone. Make sure you follow this exact pattern. Place a half wall in the triangle, and this will allow you to access your roof. It’s a good idea to seal this off with a garage door as quick as possible. 


Place your window bars and your front door. This part of the base is now secure. If you’re wondering why I’m adding this, it’s so you can’t blow directly into the tool cupboard from above. This adds an extra eight rockets to the cost of raiding. 


Add new frames, and fill them all up with garage doors. Fill out your secondary loot room with boxes and small boxes. Place your furnaces, repair bench, and some rugs for decoration. You can also fit in some more boxes on the triangle. Place a shotgun trap at the entrance, and in the chute. 


At this point, you can now replace your tier one with your tier two. Make sure that you place it far enough back that you can still place your bunker. You can now replace the furnace with a ladder. 


Now we can start honeycombing the base with triangles all the way around. The walls we’ve upgraded to armored, we need to make the foundations metal. Where the walls are stone you can make the foundations stone. Make the honeycomb two height high, apart from where the window bars are. The bottom of the honeycomb needs to be metal, and the top can be stone. Make sure the triangles that are next to the windows are metal. 


You don’t want your auto turret to be able to be destroyed easily. Place window frames and a triangle ceiling. Add another door frame and a window frame. Place your front door facing inwards, and window bars. Now you can place your permanent foundation steps. Fill up the gaps in the roof. Add a proper entrance. Place window bars and shutters. 


You can place two beds, fit a third bed if you wanted to, but I’ve started with just two. This is another secondary loot room. I wouldn’t recommend keeping your best items here, but there’s a chance that the raiders will completely avoid this room, so they won’t go near it. 


Add your lockers and wall frames. You can now fill up your roof. Make sure you follow the exact pattern I do. The triangle is always placed away from the closest side. This is so you can still place the doorframe and the door. 


Now you can place door frames on the closest edge. On the left of each door frame, place your window frame. Place your door facing outwards. This way when it opens they’ll block the gap and you won’t fall through. This is what creates the peek down. Place vertical abrasions on each of the window frames. 


Place concrete barricades. These can be quite tricky, so take your time. This part is optional, but if you want to look like a real shad place a SAM site on top of your base. 


And that is that Stallion v2. There are a few more things you can add. You can add a tier-three down. You can place some more shutters. You can make sure the ceilings are all armored. And you can add some sandbag barricades on the top. 


The final thing you can do is add auto-turrets. It’s very simple wiring, all you’re going to need is a small generator and a splitter and connect up all the wires. Place low grade in the generator, turn it on, and it will open. 


If you’re wondering about the garage doors, when you wake up in the morning, open them up. This way, when someone is near your base you can turn on the auto-turrets and it will shoot. When you log off, shut the garage doors. This will act as an extra layer of honeycomb to your base. 


I hope you guys enjoyed the build. If you did make sure you subscribe and leave a like. If you’ve got any advice, drop it in the comments, I’d love to hear it. I’ll see you guys next time. Willjum, out.

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