The Stallion Trio Base Design (2019)

The Stallion Trio Base Design

The Stallion Trio RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This base was intended and designed for vanilla-based servers and supports a small group of up to three players. This base is a modular design that can be used as the main base during a wipe cycle.

The Stallion Trio base design uses an old bunker technique and has a very efficient build and upkeep cost that even a solo player can manage. With access to a roof with a full 360-degree view and the ability to control outside perimeter defense measures, the Stallion is a fun design to play in.

Inside the bunker, there is ample storage space for loot and protection, as undrainable shotgun traps guard the drop-down chutes very well.

Base Features

  • Bunker Entrance
  • Active Defense Measures
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Starter-to-Main Build
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • 360-Degree Roof Access
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 150
  • Metal Fragments: 3,000 +/-
  • Stone: 12,000 +/-
  • Wood: N/A

Base Upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 32
  • Metal Fragments: 934
  • Stone: 1,819
  • Wood: 94

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 20 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and additional explosives necessary to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

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Video Transcript

The Stallion is a modular solo, duo, or trio base. Perfect for wipe day. 


It can be comfortably used as a main base in a casual wipe. The only path to the core is protected by undrainable shotgun traps that will instantly kill even a full metal player. 


Based on the comments, I realize many of you do not enjoy using suicide bunkers, so I’ve gone back to an old bunker design that is commonly used over a year ago.


 Placement of the roof blocks the single door the chute, meaning that raiders will have to blow through the roof to be able to access the door. The best part about this bunker is that the half wall can remain twig, and therefore no time is required to open or close the bunker. 


Auto turrets can be added to stop door campers or potential raiders and can be upgraded from within the core. The Stallion also has roof access with a shotgun trap. And with a build cost this cheap, and 20 rockets to tool cupboard minimum, it’s very efficient. 


As we enter the base we have a standard single door airlock. We also have window bars to check for door campers. On our right, we have a locker and a research table


As we come to our roof, we have a repair bench and the double door which acts as an airlock for our roof access. The shotgun trap prevents anyone from jumping in. Window bars around the base give a full 360-degree view. 


They can even be removed to refill the auto turret if necessary. Through this garage door, we have our secondary loot room. As we come to our chute, we have a shotgun trap guarding the entrance, and two furnaces on the bottom. 


These are used to jump up. Coming down into our core we have barbecues and boxes underneath. This gives us good storage. We have our tier two, our sleeping backs, and a small generator that turns on the auto-turrets. 


Through this garage door, we have our main loot room. Five barbecues, seven small boxes, and four large boxes. This gives you an equivalent of almost nine large boxes. Removing the window bars we can access our tool cupboard. 


You can see the very cheap upkeep cost. And that’s the tour. Now it’s time to get into the build. 


For our starter, a triangle, a square, and a triangle is our footprint. Make sure you place wall frames, this allows for garage doors later. 


This does mean that you need to craft double wooden doors rather than single doors when making your starter. Deployables can be placed inside as you please. And that’s stage one of the base. 


When you’ve farmed enough, it’s time to expand. Add a square and a triangle foundation, and another triangle for your chute. Use furnaces in order to access your top floor. This wall here needs to be a single door frame. 


Once you begin running out of space, it’s time to make your main loot room. Place a frame in front of the tool cupboard. At this point, you can probably upgrade it straight to metal. Place large boxes as far back as you can. 


Place a garage door before you start placing your barbecues. Place your barbecues in the exact order that I do, this will make it easiest. Let’s place the last one, place a box beneath you to make it easier. 


Make sure it is as central as possible so you can still access your large boxes. Patterns a little different on the bottom so you can still access your tool cupboard. Check you can still access every box before moving on to the next step. 


Now is a good time to start upgrading your bunker to armored. I like to upgrade the first square and two triangles to armored, and the rest to sheet metal. This gives you an even cost of 20 rockets pretty much everywhere. 


Make sure you upgrade your door frame to the metal as well. If you’ve saved up for your tier two, you can place it here. Make sure it’s as far back as possible so you can still place your bunker. 


Replace your double doors with garage doors, and place your barbecues in your core. Once you’ve placed all your boxes, make sure you can still place your bunker. And that’s the second stage of the base done. 


Once you’ve farmed some more, you’re ready to move onto the next stage. Start by honeycombing the base with triangles. For now, you can upgrade it all to stone. But maybe, if you decide to use it as your main base, you can upgrade it all to metal. 


Upgrade these three triangles to metal, as this will be where your auto turret is placed later. Place your two single doors and window frames by each of the metal triangles. I like to put shutters on the inside just to stop people from seeing in if you don’t want them to. 


Start with your second loot room. Make sure you place your garage door before you start placing boxes. Place your locker and a window frame in front of it. Now fill in your roof. I like to add window frames here so you can place shopfronts, it just gives you more visuals. 


If you do use shopfronts, make sure they face outwards so you can fit your repair bench. Add a single door and a double door. The double door is used to act as an airlock. When it’s open, people won’t be able to jump through. 


Add triangles above where the auto-turrets will be. Place your research table and your repair bench. Add some more wall frames for garage doors and foundation steps up to your door. Add a shotgun trap in the chute, as well as two in the core. 


Place your auto turrets on the three triangles, and then a small generator and a splitter. Wire into the input of the splitter, and each output to an auto turret. 


And there you have it, the Stallion. This is a great base for wipe day and could be your main base. I see lots of potentials with this design, maybe on bigger bases, and you might see more of that in the future. 


If you enjoyed it, leave a thumbs up. And if you do subscribe it really does mean a lot to me. I like how this channel is growing, and I can’t wait to make some more videos. 


And that’s Willjum, out. 

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