Sons Of The Forest: Virginia’s Outfits

Are you ready to collect all of Virginia’s outfits in Sons Of The Forest?

Sons Of The Forest started off this year with a bang. We were introduced to a game that is, at least at its core, a direct upgrade from Endnight Games’ first critically acclaimed title – The Forest. Additionally, we were also introduced to new AI companions. The primary role of these companions is to aid you, but who says they can’t do it in style? Let’s see what outfits our beloved Virginia can wear and where you can find them on the map. 

This guide will list every outfit you can give Virginia for her to wear. Remember that we will exclude player outfits and outfits Kelvin can wear. We have a separate guide on getting all player outfits if you’re interested. Virginia, on the other hand, has her special collection of outfits you can find all around the island. 

These are all of the outfits you can find for Virginia:

Leather Suit

Crashed Helicopter with Virginia's Leather Suit

The Leather Suit is a more formal piece of clothing that makes Virginia look like the dashing socialite she was destined to be. This suit will work well if you want to turn her into a classy killer. There were a couple of spawn locations for it, but most of those have been removed in previous patches.

You can only find the Leather Suit in a crashed Puff Corp. rescue helicopter. This crashed helicopter is just southwest of the Food and Dining Bunker. More precisely, on the right side of the lake below the aforementioned bunker. As opposed to some of the other outfits on this list, you won’t need any additional items/tools to access the location for this outfit.


The Gym with Virginia's Tracksuit

Surviving the island in Sons Of The Forest is hard if your stamina isn’t consistent. We’re not sure if Virginia had a workout routine, but getting her a Tracksuit would still be smart so that she can work on her cardio in somewhat appropriate attire. Getting the Tracksuit for Virginia comes with its own challenges, though. 

To get this outfit for Virginia, you will have to visit the gym section in the Recreational Resort Bunker. The first part of this bunker consists of a room with a 3D Printer and another hallway that leads further into the bunker. Follow that hallway until you reach a keycard scanner. Open the door using the Maintenance Keycard and proceed into the gym section. It will sit on one of the bench press seats before the Spa area.

Now, the reason why this isn’t as easily accessible is that you need the Maintenance Keycard. What further complicates things is that you need the Shovel to get the Maintenance Keycard in the first place. Although it will take some time to get the additional items/tools, visiting the Recreational Bunker is worth it. There are other notable items of interest in there to pick up.


The Food and Dining Bunker with Virginia's Dress

Sons Of The Forest tends to be quite dark at times. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own type of fun. Having Virginia don a dress like this is bound to lighten the mood back at your home base. Kelvin won’t mind participating in the fun if you get him a Tuxedo. Similar to the previous outfit, this one is a bit more challenging. 

The Dress can be found in the Food and Dining bunker on the island’s northeastern side. Like the previous one, this bunker requires a Maintenance Keycard for full access. If you don’t have it yet, it can be acquired once you have the Shovel

You can find the Dress in the last room of the bunker, sitting atop a couch. Make your way past the first set of hydroponic gardens, where you can also find the Crossbow. Then proceed down the stairs at the end and swim past the flooded hydroponic gardens. This will bring you to a large hallway you must swim through. The last room with Virginia’s Dress is at the end of the hallway. 

Camouflage Suit

The Kayak with the Camouflage Suit

Now that we’ve gotten all the hard-to-find outfits on the way let’s end this with something more accessible. The Camouflage Suit does exactly what the name says; it offers a form of camouflage to anyone wearing it. Virginia is, in this case, the person to receive the privilege of being able to wear it. 

The Camouflage Suit sits on a washed-up kayak at a beach west of the northernmost helicopter crash site. This one is easy to find because it is close to the most common spawn location in the game. Just follow the northern beach west, and you will eventually encounter two red kayaks. The suit in question should be in the kayak closer to the water.

This location has other goodies like a pair of Binoculars and other miscellaneous loot. It’s worth checking out these kayaks and picking up the suit, even if you’re not planning on befriending Virginia yet.

Final thoughts on Virginia’s outfits in Sons Of The Forest

The AI companion system leaves much to be desired. There are countless ways Endnight Games can expand upon it, and there is a good chance that we will be getting more companion outfits down the line. The outfits for Virginia that we currently have are more than enough, but there are always ways to innovate when it comes to these things. Feel free to go out there and find every one of her outfits; she desperately needs some fresh attire.

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