Sons Of The Forest Update: Patch 08

Patch 08 includes a new mutant, trap, and more.

Sons Of The Forest is in a very promising upward spiral when it comes to patches and content updates. The newest update we’ve received is Patch 08. It brings us a new trap, all new electric fences, a new returning mutant, and other goodies. Patch 08 is full of new content and balancing changes, so let’s not waste any more time.

Prepare yourself for everything new

Almost every Sons Of The Forest update comes out with a batch of new features and improvements. Patch 08 not only adds new features but also revolutionizes other aspects of the game that we already have in front of us.  

Here are the new features worth mentioning:

  • Hokey Pokey trap added
  • New Electric Fences
  • GPS Locators can now be 3d printed and then crafted in your inventory 
  • Freeform electric wire placement added
  • Added difficulty level option to reduce ammo drops
  • Added returning creepy mutant (Armsy) from The Forest that only spawns after you finish the story/game
  • Virginia and Kelvin can now swim if they end up in deep enough water

Crucial balancing changes and more

Seeing as how balancing changes and general improvements also make up a large part of these patch notes. It would be wise to present the most important ones. One of these balancing changes is bound to change how you play Sons Of The Forest.

Here’s everything you need to know: 

  • Cannibal/mutant raids spawn rates decreased depending on how many regulars or creepies you have killed. This amount will increase over the days unless you kill more enemies
  • Defensive walls can now take 4 times as much damage 
  • Reduced health on special glowing puffies
  • You can now shake animal heads as you hold them
  • Kelvin will visually refuse an order that requires trees if none are nearby
  • Turtles can now be electrocuted (Poor turtles)
  • Angry moose now sometimes kicks nearby players
  • Bunker and cave entrances have been optimized
  • Added SFX when placing electric wires and solar panels

There are definitely many more improvements and changes made in patch 08, but these were the only ones worth mentioning. If you want a list of the full patch notes, check out the full update log on Steam

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