Sons Of The Forest: How to Craft Torches

What is the Torch, and what’s it used for?

Out in the wilderness, when it gets dark, it gets REALLY dark. Now imagine fighting off a tribe of hungry cannibals and mutants in pitch darkness. It certainly isn’t an appealing thought. Fortunately, the Sons Of The Forest Torch serves a multi-purpose function, providing heat, a light source, and an effective melee weapon to scare off cannibals.

The Torch is created similarly to how players could upgrade weapons to be flammable in The Forest. Once crafted, this weapon can knock back enemies and set them alight simultaneously.

How to craft Torches in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — How to Make a Torch

To craft the Torch in Sons Of The Forest, you will need the following components:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Cloth

Cloth can be found around cannibal villages, near campsites, or inside sealed coffins. Sticks can be found just about anywhere there are trees, which is most of the map.

Once you have the required components, craft the Torch by:

  1. Opening the inventory (default I key)
  2. Adding the stick and cloth to the crafting mat by right-clicking on them
  3. Clicking on the gear icon to combine them

How to use the Torch

Sons Of The Forest — Using the Torch

Once crafted, the Torch can be used as a heat and light source and a weapon. For it to be effective in either of those roles, it must first be lit. To light it up, equip it in your hands and hold the light button (default L key) to use the lighter on it. If you do not have the lighter equipped, you can do so from the inventory by left-clicking on it.

Pressing the attack button (default Mouse 1) with the Torch in hand, will perform a basic attack with the weapon. Each attack performed in this manner will consume a small amount of stamina and has a chance to set enemies on fire.

Holding the block button (default Mouse 2) will cause your character to guard. However, the Torch has a block value of zero, meaning that blocking with this weapon will not reduce the damage received from attacks.

Holding the attack button and releasing it will perform a heavy jab attack. This move is slower and costs more stamina but is guaranteed to set enemies on fire if it lands.

While holding, the lit Torch will provide heat and keep the cold at bay. If any teammates are standing directly next to you, they too can benefit from this heat source. It’s worth equipping it while traversing mountains and other frozen areas.

How to equip the Torch

Once you’ve crafted the Torch, you can equip it as your active weapon by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Panning the mouse to the right of the crafting mat
  3. Selecting the Torch by left-clicking on it
  4. The inventory will close, and you will have the Torch in hand

How to add the Torch to the quick select bag

Sons Of The Forest — Adding to Quick-Select Menu

Alternatively, if you’ve added the Torch to your backpack, you can access it through the quick-select bag. Briefly hold down the inventory key to pull out the quick-select bag.

This is much faster than having to pan through the inventory screen each time you want to switch weapons. If you have the Torch on your quick-select bag, you can find it in the short weapon slot.

The Torch is considered a short weapon and can only be added to the appropriate slot on the backpack. The short weapon slot is located on the front left side of the backpack and holds weapons such as the Tactical Axe, Stun Baton, Machete, Crafted Club, and more.

To add the Torch to the quick-select bag:

  1. Open the inventory screen
  2. Add the backpack to the crafting mat by right-clicking on it
  3. If there is an item in the short weapon slot, right-click on it to remove it
  4. Right-click on the Torch to add it to the quick-select bag

How to assign the Torch to a hotkey

If you’d like access to your Torch even quicker, you can assign it a hotkey in the inventory screen.

  1. Open the inventory
  2. Mouse over the Torch to the right of the crafting mat
  3. With your mouse over the Torch, press one of the ten available hotkeys (1-0) to assign it to that key
  4. Now when you press the assigned key, the Torch will automatically be equipped to your hands


Does the Torch burn out?

No. Currently, the Torch burns indefinitely once lit. It does not need to be relit when retrieving it from the backpack.

Can the Torch set foliage or buildings on fire?

No. The Torch can destroy small bushes and undergrowth by attacking but cannot burn them.

Is it possible to extinguish the Torch?

No. It isn’t possible to extinguish the Torch, even by jabbing it into snow or water.

Can you drop or trade the Torch?

No. You cannot drop or trade the Torch in Sons Of The Forest. However, cannibals carrying Torches will drop them on the ground upon their death.

Final thoughts on the Torch

As one of the earliest weapons available in Sons Of The Forest, the Torch can be a real lifesaver when caught out in the open at night. It may be mediocre in terms of illumination due to its ability to blind as much as it illuminates, but it offers more benefits if you’re playing with teammates. That said, it’s hard to deny how effective a burning Torch can be at keeping enemies and the dark at bay.

Lastly, if you want to complete the achievements, you’ll need to craft one of these Torches for the McCrafty achievement.

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