Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Stun Baton

Looking to get your hands on the Stun Baton?

The Sons Of The Forest Stun Baton is a powerful melee weapon with an alternative electric shock attack. It can viciously bludgeon opponents to death, stun them with an electrified jab, and block incoming damage.

The Stun Baton is a reinforced security truncheon with an electrified tip. It may have been designed as a non-lethal weapon, but a heavy blow to the head will make sure your opponent doesn’t get back up. It

How to get the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest

Players can find the Stun Baton next to the base of a Waterfall located on the island’s west side.

Once there, you will spot the Stun Baton propped up by a pile of skulls on a rock below the base waterfall. This waterfall is located downriver from the lake next to one of the helicopter crash locations.

Fun fact: Any animals that walk into the Stun Baton before it has been picked up are electrocuted.

Charging the Stun Baton

The Stun Baton’s electric shock will drain some of its charge with each use. Recharging the Stun Baton requires the player to have access to Batteries. Pressing the reload button (default R key) will reload the baton with Batteries from the player’s inventory, but this can only be done after its charge is fully drained. Batteries can be found in loot crates scattered around points of interest.

Tips and tricks for using the Stun Baton

Sons Of The Forest — Using the Stun Baton

Fully charging an attack from the Stun Baton will cause the player to perform a unique jab attack. This attack does minimal damage but produces an electric shock identical to the stun gun. This shocking attack stuns enemies for several seconds and can cause them to fall to the ground. Stronger enemies like cannibal giants and mutants will remain stunned for a shorter period of time.

Stunning an enemy with the baton is an excellent strategy for escaping an engagement or dealing damage without risking counterattacks. Several enemies in Sons Of The Forest can be easily killed on the ground after being stunned.

The Stun Baton’s remaining charge can be viewed in the inventory by mousing over the weapon or on the baton itself by looking at the display near the handle. It is possible to stun multiple enemies at the same time, but doing so will still expend one unit of charge for each enemy. Likewise, performing a stun attack that does not strike a target will not expend any charge.

How to equip the Stun Baton

Once you have acquired the Stun Baton, you can equip it by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Panning the mouse to the right of the crafting mat
  3. Selecting the baton by left-clicking on it
  4. The inventory will close, and you will have the Stun Baton in hand

How to add the Stun Baton to the quick-select menu

Sons Of The Forest — Adding to the Quick-Select Menu

Alternatively, if you’ve added the Stun Baton to your backpack, you can access it through the quick-select menu. Briefly hold down the inventory key to pull out the quick-select bag.

This is much faster than having to pan through the inventory screen each time you want to switch weapons. If you have the baton on your quick-select bag, you can find it in the short weapon slot.

The Stun Baton is considered a short weapon and can only be added to the appropriate slot on the backpack. The short weapon slot is located on the front left side of the backpack and holds weapons such as the Tactical Axe, Crafted Club, Torch, Machete, and more.

To add the Stun Baton to the quick-select bag:

  1. Open the inventory screen
  2. Add the backpack to the crafting mat by right-clicking on it
  3. If there is an item in the short weapon slot, right-click on it to remove it
  4. Right Click on the Stun Baton to add it to the quick-select bag

How to assign the Stun Baton to a hotkey

If you’d prefer to have the Stun Baton in hand with a single keystroke, you can assign the weapon to a hotkey by:

  1. Open the inventory
  2. Mouse over the Stun Baton to the right of the crafting mat
  3. With your mouse over the weapon, press one of the ten available hotkeys (1-0) to assign it to that key
  4. Now when you press the assigned key, the baton will automatically be equipped to your hands


Can the Stun Baton kill enemies?

Yes. Both the standard and electrical attacks of the Stun Baton are capable of killing enemies.

Can the Stun Baton be used without Batteries?

Yes. The Stun Baton still makes an effective club but will not shock enemies without Batteries.

Can the Stun Baton be traded or dropped?

No. It cannot be dropped or traded with other players.

How long does the Stun Baton’s charge last?

It can stun 8 enemies before its Batteries run out.

Final thoughts on the Stun Baton

The Stun Baton ranks among the best melee weapons in Sons Of The Forest thanks to its sturdy block value, knockback capability, and unique stun attack. The Stun Baton can turn a charging mutant into a wriggling meat pinata.

If you plan on heading into the caves or anywhere you might be in tight quarters, ensure you have the Stun Baton handy. Provided you have plenty of Batteries, the Stun Baton can keep enemies in stitches while you beat them to a pulp.

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