Sons Of The Forest: Spring Trap Guide

Learn how to build and use the Spring Trap

Depending on how diligently you defend your territory in Sons Of The Forest, cannibal attacks can be anything from a nuisance to a constant threat. Nothing relieves the stress of surviving a hostile island like launching your enemies thirty feet into the air. The Spring Trap is not only capable of doing just that, but its loud trigger noise and the flying bodies serve as an excellent alarm system. Plus, it makes a great jump-pad for players, too.

This guide will walk you through the best way to build and use the Spring Trap in Sons Of The Forest and offer advice on the best places to set it up.

How to build the Spring Trap in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — Building a Spring Trap

Before you pick out a location to set up your trap, ensure you have access to a few different kinds of materials, especially the kind attached to aquatic reptiles. To construct the Spring Trap, you’ll need the following components:

  • 7 Sticks
  • 1 Turtle Shell
  • 2 Wire

Sticks can be found on the ground just about anywhere or created by cutting down small trees and bushes. Turtle shells can only be obtained by skinning sea turtles, which occasionally appear on certain beaches during warmer seasons. Wire can be found around points of interest, in loot containers, and skin pouches.

Once you have your materials:

  • Open your survival book by pressing the B key.
  • Flip the book to the structure section by holding down the X key
  • Click on the red trap tab at the bottom right of the book.
  • Click on the Spring Trap, set down the building ghost in your desired location, and add the materials.

Now you have your trap built and placed.

The best locations for Spring Trap placement

Sons Of The Forest — Placing a Spring Trap

A Spring Trap can be a decent landmine, but they’re likely to be much more effective for players who plan their trap location carefully. Here are some tips for choosing the best places to build your Spring Traps:

1. Pathways and Cannibal Routes

Primitive dirt roads crisscross the island and are visible on the player’s GPS map. Cannibals will frequently patrol these roads, so placing one or more Spring Traps on these routes is a good way to keep nosy enemies out of the way or thin out groups.

2. Areas you Frequent

Remember that enemies won’t spawn in an area unless you are nearby. Choose a location where you will be spending a lot of time, as it will significantly increase the likelihood of your traps being triggered.

3. Confined Spaces

Small walkways such as bridges (natural or player-made), river crossings, and small passages between rocks are great places to set up a Spring Trap. Restricting the enemy’s ability to avoid the trap increases the chances of the trap’s trigger plate being stepped on.

4. Boulders and Large Rocks

Cannibals will frequently hop onto large rocks to better view their surroundings. Placing one of these traps on top of those rocks practically guarantees something will leap into it

Pros and cons of the Spring Trap

An Enemy Launched by a Spring Trap in Sons Of The Forest


  • Unless your base is near one of the correct beaches, acquiring turtle shells to build these traps can be a real pain.
  • Players who step on their own Spring Trap will be sent flying several meters in the air. The fall damage from this can easily kill weaker survivors.
  • This trap will not launch larger mutants such as Armsy or Stretchy Mutants but will still deal damage to them if triggered.


  • Spring Traps have a surprisingly large trigger area, extending to just a bit beyond the top of the shell.
  • Spring Traps will typically kill whatever enemy is launched by it. If it doesn’t, the fall damage will likely finish the job.
  • When triggered, Spring Traps produce a loud bang, making them an excellent early-warning system to alert players to enemy presence.

Tips and tricks for using Spring Traps

Being Launched Into the Air by a Spring Trap in Sons Of The Forest
  • Be careful about placing Spring Traps too close together, as doing so may cause one enemy to trigger several traps simultaneously.
  • They make for highly effective landmines when placed outside the player’s base. Just be careful not to step on them yourself.
  • This trap becomes much less effective inside caves where the ceiling may limit fall damage.
  • Creating artificially tight passages is a valid strategy for increasing this trap’s impact.
  • Players can utilize Spring Traps as a jump pad and method of transportation. These devices can launch players high enough to easily scale cliffs and reach high places. Just be sure you have a safe place to land that won’t snap your ankles.
  • Using a Spring Trap in combination with the Hang Glider can make getting into the air easy.

Final thoughts on the Spring Trap

If you, like us, have been wanting to see what sort of wacky traps the folks at Endnight Games could come up with for this title, then we seem to be in luck. This trap is effective and useful but definitely something out of a slapstick cartoon.

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