Sons Of The Forest: Small Animal Trap Guide

Learn how to build and use the Small Animal Trap

Sons Of The Forest is, first and foremost, a game about survival. A survival game, one might call it. Players are tasked with managing their character’s hunger, thirst, and rest as they explore the island and defend themselves from hungry cannibals. All that exploring and defending doesn’t leave much time to make dinner. Fortunately, the Small Animal Trap can catch your dinner for you if you know how to use it.

This guide will walk you through how to build and set up Small Animal Traps and offer advice on the best locations to place them.

How to build the Small Animal Trap in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — Building the Small Animal Trap

Before picking out a location to set up your trap, ensure you have plenty of sticks on hand. Each trap will cost:

  • 14 Sticks

Sticks can be found on the ground just about anywhere. They can also be produced by cutting down bushes, small trees, and other undergrowth.

Once you have your sticks, open your survival book by pressing the B key. Flip the book to the structure section by holding down the X button, and clicking on the red trap tab at the bottom right of the book. Click on the Small Animal Trap, set down the building ghost in your desired location, and add the sticks.

The best locations for Small Animal Trap placement

Sons Of The Forest — Placing a Small Animal Trap

These traps will only function if there are small animals to trap. Here are some locations where you are likely to find squirrels and rabbits to catch:

River banks

Small animals often spawn and congregate near the banks of small rivers. Specifically, look for rocky areas near the edges or natural “bridges” that cross the streams.

Flat ground

Flat areas thick with bushes often hide squirrels and other critters. Clearing out the underbrush won’t keep them away either, so place a few traps down near flat thickets.

Utilize areas you frequent

Like enemies, animals won’t spawn in an area unless you are nearby. Choose a location where you will be spending a lot of time, as it will greatly increase the likelihood of your traps being triggered.

Tight passages and natural bridges

Often, small animals will pass through tight corridors between boulders or cross natural bridges to ford streams. Placing traps in these areas makes it difficult for animals to avoid them.

Pros and cons of the Small Animal Trap


  • This trap requires flat ground and must be built away from other structures.
  • This trap will not capture large animals like deer or moose but can still be triggered by them.
  • Players and enemies can trigger these traps, causing no effect but requiring resetting them.


  • This trap kills the animal captured by it, making it safe to reset the trap before skinning the animal.
  • These traps can be constructed very quickly and cheaply.
  • Enemies cannot destroy this trap.

Tips and tricks for using Small Animal Traps.

Sons Of The Forest — Tips and Tricks for the Small Animal Trap
  • When triggered, these traps will make a distinct clicking sound. This can alert you to a captured animal without requiring you to watch the trap. This sound can still be heard if an enemy triggers the trap allowing it to double as a warning signal against attack.
  • Multiple animals can be captured at once if they are underneath the cage when the trap is triggered. This hitbox extends slightly outside the cage itself.
  • Keep an eye out for areas where you often see small animals. This usually indicates a good spot to set traps.

Final thoughts on the Small Animal Trap

Surviving on an island filled with cannibals and mutants is hungry, busy work. Even with Kelvin and Virginia’s help, building a log fort, fighting demons, and catching dinner can be difficult. So take some of the struggles out of survival and let engineering do the busy work for you. Also, be sure to check out the Fish Traps for another food source!

Keep an eye out for Endnight Games’ updates and patches, and watch out for new traps to be introduced into Sons Of The Forest.

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