Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Slingshot

Looking to locate the Slingshot in Sons Of The Forest?

The Sons Of The Forest Slingshot certainly isn’t a powerful weapon by any stretch of the imagination. However, the Slingshot is an excellent tool for hunting small game like birds, rabbits, and squirrels. It’s also a wonderful tool for pestering your friends around base camp.

The Slingshot uses cheap and plentiful ammunition, meaning that missing your shot isn’t a big deal, and you don’t have to worry so much about picking up expended ammo. This also makes it perfect for rapid-fire use against single targets.

How to get the Slingshot in Sons Of The Forest

Players can find the Slingshot at the River Cave entrance located on the island’s west side.

To get the Slingshot, you must navigate to the River Cave entrance, the same cave containing the Shovel. So if you haven’t acquired the Shovel, it’s well worth your time to venture out for the Slingshot.

In front of the cave’s mouth, you will spot three dead and impaled operatives. The Slingshot is hanging from the left hip of the operative in front of this formation. Walk up and press the E key to loot it.

What ammo does it use?

The Slingshot is capable of firing small stones and golf balls. To switch between these two ammo types, aim the camera down at your feet and press the reload button (default R key.)

Small stones are extremely plentiful and can be found just about anywhere. These pebbles are particularly numerous around beaches and river banks. Small stones tend to stray from the path you aim for when fired.

Golf balls are slightly more difficult to find but can be abundant around the golf course. They can also be found around certain campsites and inside bunkers. While they don’t deal any more damage, golf balls fly much straighter than small stones, making your shots more accurate.

Tips and tricks for using the Slingshot

Sons Of The Forest — Tips and Tricks with the Slingshot
Hunting Small Game with the Slingshot

Shots fired from the Slingshot will typically land just above the space between the two arms of the sling. Hold down the attack button (default left-click) to draw the Slingshot back and release it to fire. To cancel a shot without expending ammunition, press the block button (default right-click) to let down your draw.

The Slingshot is best used for hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits. While you cannot harvest animal hides from them like with deer or moose, you can quickly fill up several drying racks with meat by hunting squirrels near riverbanks. The Slingshot is also perfect for hunting birds to stock up on feathers.

The Slingshot is a poor choice for combat, but if you use it anyway, remember to aim for the head and keep firing. Rapid fire and renewable ammo are the only benefits the Slingshot grants in combat, allowing users to circle around a target while replenishing ammo. One enemy it works well against is the baby mutant, requiring only two hits to kill each one.

How to equip the Slingshot

Once you have acquired the Slingshot, you can equip it by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Panning the mouse above the crafting mat to the gun case on the right side
  3. Selecting the Slingshot by left-clicking on it
  4. The inventory will close, and you will have the Slingshot in hand

How to add the Slingshot to the quick-select bag

Sons Of The Forest — Adding to Quick-Select Menu
Adding to the Quick-Select Bag

Alternatively, if you’ve added the Slingshot to your backpack, you can access it through the quick-select bag. Briefly hold down the inventory key to pull out the quick-select bag.

This is much faster than panning the inventory screen each time you want to switch weapons. If you have the Slingshot on your quick-select bag, you can find it in one of the auxiliary slots.

The Slingshot is considered an auxiliary item and can only be added to one of the appropriate slots on the backpack. The auxiliary slots are located on the front and top of the backpack and hold items such as the Slingshot, stun gun, pistol, time bomb, and more.

To add the Slingshot to the quick-select bag:

  1. Open the inventory screen
  2. Add the backpack to the crafting mat by right-clicking on it
  3. If there is an item in both auxiliary slots, right-click on one to remove it
  4. Right Click on the Slingshot to add it to the quick-select bag

How to assign the Slingshot to a hotkey

If you’d like to have your Slingshot in hand with a single keystroke, you can assign the Slingshot to a hotkey by:

  1. Open the inventory
  2. Mouse over the Slingshot in the right gun case above the crafting mat
  3. With your mouse over the weapon, press one of the ten available hotkeys (1-0) to assign it to that key
  4. Now when you press the assigned key, the Slingshot will automatically be equipped to your hands


How much ammo can you carry for the Slingshot?

50 projectiles total. Players can carry a maximum of 30 small stones and 20 golf balls.

Can the Slingshot kill enemies?

Yes. However, the Slingshot deals very little damage and will require a lot of hits to take down even a weak enemy.

Can the Slingshot use weapon attachments?

No. It does not have a weapon rail and cannot use attachments.

Can the Slingshot be dropped or traded?

No. It cannot be dropped or traded with other players.

Final thoughts on the Slingshot

If you are tired of losing your arrows in the bushes whenever you go hunting for rabbits, consider picking up the Slingshot as an alternative weapon. Missing a shot or losing all of your ammunition is no big deal with the Slingshot, as you can walk around for a minute and have your pockets full of rocks in no time.

Plus, now you can hit your friends in the head with a rock from even farther away and more accurately. Truly, the delinquent’s weapon of choice in Sons Of The Forest.

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