Sons Of The Forest: Silent Alarm Trap Guide

Learn how to build and use the Silent Alarm Trap

The cannibals in Sons Of The Forest are scary in a face-to-face confrontation. What makes them dangerous, however, is just how sneaky they can be. Sure, most traps make some sort of noise when triggered, but it’s easy to overlook those sounds when you’re building, crafting, or just not paying attention. The Silent Alarm Trap, or the Radio Alarm Trap, is the early-warning system you’ve been waiting for since you arrived on the island and will loudly play music to alert you when an enemy touches the trigger plate.

This guide will walk you through the best way to build and use the Silent Alarm Trap in Sons Of The Forest and offer advice on the best places to set it up.

How to build the Silent Alarm Trap in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — Building a Silent Alarm Trap

Before picking out a location to set up your alarm, ensure you have access to a few different kinds of materials. To build the Silent Alarm Trap, you’ll need the following components:

  • 13 Sticks
  • 1 Rock
  • 1 Wire
  • 8 Bones
  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Radio

Sticks can be found on the ground just about anywhere or created by cutting down small trees and bushes. Rocks also spawn on the ground worldwide and abundantly near rivers and shorelines. Wire can be found around points of interest, in loot containers, and skin pouches. Bones and skulls can be collected from certain caves or by burning cannibal limbs, heads, and bodies. Radios can occasionally be found in cannibal villages, caves, or inside points of interest such as bunkers or abandoned campsites.

Once you have your materials:

  • Open your survival book by pressing the B key.
  • Flip the book to the structure section by holding down the B key
  • Click on the red trap tab at the bottom right of the book.
  • Click on the Silent Alarm, set down the building ghost in your desired location, and add the materials.

Now you have your trap built and placed.

The best locations for Silent Alarm placement

Sons Of The Forest — Placing a Silent Alarm Trap

A Silent Alarm Trap will only alert you to an enemy’s presence if they step on the pressure trigger, so you’ll want to make sure you put it somewhere they’ll cross. Here are some tips for placing your silent alarms in the most effective locations:

1. Pathways and Cannibal Routes

Primitive dirt roads crisscross the island and are visible on the player’s GPS map. Cannibals frequently patrol these roads, so placing one or more Silent Alarms along these routes can inform you of enemy movements.

2. Areas Enemies Frequent

If you notice enemies coming from a particular direction or down a specific path, consider placing an alarm there. This will help alert you whenever enemies approach from that direction.

3. Confined Spaces

Small walkways such as bridges (natural or player-made), river crossings, and passages between rocks are great places to set up a Silent Alarm. Restricting the enemy’s ability to avoid the trap increases the chances of the trap’s trigger plate being stepped on.

4. Doorways

Silent Alarms are ideal for alerting you to the presence of an intruder. Placing one of these in front of any entrance to your base ensures that no enemy gets in without you knowing.

Pros and cons of the Silent Alarm

An Enemy Triggering the Silent Alarm Trap in Sons Of The Forest


  • It is only possible to carry one radio at a time, making it hard to build several silent alarms simultaneously.
  • Silent Alarms will not harm or kill enemies and will only alert you to their presence.
  • Silent Alarms are loud enough to attract nearby enemies, which may draw in other wandering undesirables.


  • The Silent Alarm Trap cannot be triggered by the player or their AI companions. Additionally, animals cannot trigger this trap either.
  • The Silent Alarm Trap is loud enough to be heard over just about anything else, making it an ideal warning system even from a distance.
  • The music played by a Silent Alarm Trap makes for a great battle theme.

Tips and tricks for using Silent Alarms

Protecting a Gate with a Silent Alarm in Sons Of The Forest
  • The rock wired to the radio of this trap serves as its trigger plate. Enemies crossing or touching the rock will set off the alarm.
  • Knowing the locations of your Silent Alarms can help you pinpoint exactly where the enemy is coming from. Pay attention to where the music is coming from as you react.
  • These traps can continue to attract enemies if not reset, so be sure to tend to your traps once the fighting is done.
  • Consider placing multiple silent alarms in strategic locations around your base. Focus on doorways, bridges, river crossings, paths, and anywhere else enemies frequently approach from.
  • Creating artificially tight passages is a valid strategy for increasing this trap’s impact.

Final thoughts on the Silent Alarm

This vital piece of defensive ingenuity is the perfect way to combat sneaky cannibal scouts, and we’re glad Endnight Games thought to add it. The Silent Alarm Trap is anything but silent, so set a few of these up around your base and never get randomly tackled from the bushes again.

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