Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Revolver

Looking to locate the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest?

The Revolver is one of few firearms added to Sons Of The Forest and is one the most powerful weapons in the firearm category, as it can easily kill cannibals and weaker mutants with one shot to the head.

It’s a superb choice for anyone that wants a more powerful firearm. Don’t get us wrong; the modern Pistol isn’t at all weak. However, the Revolver offers more power per shot, sometimes better for battling tougher mutants or cannibals. The only downside would be the smaller magazine size.

How to get the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest

The Revolver is found in the Maintenance C Bunker. This bunker is located on the northeast part of the map, and it’s marked with a green circle on your GPS tracker. The exact location on your GPS will be shown in the image below.

Follow these steps to get access to the Maintenance C Bunker and Revolver: 

  1. Once you approach the green circle, you will see two golf carts and a dirt patch. 
  2. Equip your shovel and start digging into the dirt patch. 
  3. If you dig up enough dirt, a maintenance hatch will be revealed.
  4. Enter the hatch and walk down the long hallway
  5. Enter the room to the right at the end of the hallway
  6. Pick up the Revolver that is lying next to a dead maintenance worker in the middle of the room

Before you go looking for the Revolver

Sons Of The Forest — Preparing to Get the Revolver

You’ll need specific equipment to get to the location where the Revolver is. These items require you to go to multiple caves, so prepare properly.

Here’s all the equipment you need to get it in order. We will attach links to individual guides for each item so that you know where to find them: 

  1. Rebreather
  2. Zipline Rope Gun
  3. Shovel

The first two items on this list will be essential to getting the Shovel. Accessing certain parts of the cave that has the shovel will require you to have both the Rope Gun and Rebreather. The Shovel will then let you finally access the Revolver.

What type of ammo can it use?

The Revolver uses 9mm ammo. The reason behind this is unknown, but we think it was purely in favor of loot balancing. There are many possible loot options in this game as it is; adding another ammo type would complicate things further. 

Acquiring a Revolver that uses 9mm ammo comes with its distinct advantages. 9mm ammo is scattered across the map in mostly every cave and dungeon, and you won’t have a hard time finding it if you’re big into exploration. Look for landmarks, bunkers, and other campsites left behind by unfortunate travelers or stranded soldiers.

Tips and tricks for using the Revolver

Sons Of The Forest — Aiming the Revolver

The main thing to remember with the Revolver is to make every shot count. If a cannibal or mutant is acting erratic, do not try to use your precious bullets on them. You have only six bullets in the chamber at one time. Make them count. This is amplified if you’re trying to save ammo for self-defense situations. 

Another thing to remember is that you won’t be able to put any attachments on the Revolver. There isn’t a suitable attachment rail in the game for you to use. With that said, it might not be as useful as a fully-customized pistol with a Weapon Flashlight and Silencer. However, the damage output does save it, in a manner of speaking. 

We’d recommend getting the Revolver once you’ve gotten the Rebreather, Rope Gun, and Shovel. It’s self-explanatory, but modern guns in Sons Of The Forest are a must-have. They will set you apart from the primitive weaponry cannibals tend to show off. You can always give your Pistol to Virginia and use the Revolver instead.

How to equip the Revolver

Sons Of The Forest — Equipping the Revolver

Picking up the Revolver will immediately put it in your inventory. Here’s how you can equip it: 

  1. Open your inventory by pressing the default I key 
  2. Hover over the black case directly above the crafting station
  3. Select the Revolver by clicking on it with the default Mouse 1 button
  4. Your inventory will close for you and equip the Revolver 

How to add the Revolver to the quick-select bag

Alternatively, the quick-select menu can equip your new Revolver faster. Accessing the quick-select menu is easy; you only have to hold down the inventory (default I ) key for 2 seconds. This will pull up the quick-select bag with weapons/tools that you’ve added. 

To add the Revolver to the quick-select bag

Now, here is how you can add weapons or tools to the quick-select menu: 

  1. Open your inventory
  2. Select and bring down your backpack
  3. Find your Revolver in the black case above the crafting mat and right-click to add it to the backpack
  4. The Revolver will now be available to equip as you pull up your quick-select menu in-game

If your quick-select menu is empty, the Revolver might add itself to the backpack once you pick it up.

How to assign the Revolver to a hotkey

As good and fast as the quick-select menu is, sometimes you can’t be bothered to pull it out in the heat of the moment. Additionally, there is a chance that you can exhaust every slot in the quick-select menu. This is where hotkey binding comes in. 

You can assign the Revolver to a certain hotkey by following these steps:

  1. Open your inventory 
  2. Hover over the Revolver with your mouse 
  3. Hold your mouse over the Revolver and press 1 of 10 hotkeys (1-0), so it gets assigned
  4. Now you’ll be able to press that specific hotkey in-game and equip the Revolver without needing to enter any menus


Can you put attachments on the Revolver?

No. You can’t put attachments on the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest.

How many rounds does the Revolver hold?

The Revolver currently holds 6 rounds in one clip.

Can you drop or trade the Revolver?

No. You cannot drop or trade the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest.

Is the Revolver better than the Pistol?

The Revolver is better than the Pistol regarding raw damage dealt per shot. It holds 6 fewer bullets in its clip than the Pistol and has no attachments.

Final thoughts on the Revolver

Whether or not you like it more than the pistol, you can’t deny how lethal the Revolver is. We can’t really call it the best firearm in Sons Of The Forest next to something like the Shotgun. But, we can praise it for what it is—a proper hand cannon. We’d recommend reserving it for special occasions that require heavier ordnance. 

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