Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the Rebreather

Looking to locate the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest?

The Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest is a complex diving apparatus that allows the player to remain underwater for extended periods. Additionally, it serves as a high-visibility headlamp when submerged, making it much easier to see when diving.

You likely won’t be spending a lot of time underwater in Sons Of The Forest, but several caves and bunkers are required for the main story with flooded sections. You’ll need the Rebreather if you plan to survive these long swims.

How to get the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest

The Rebreather can be found inside the Shoreline Cave, the same cave network where the Stun Gun is located. The entrance to the cave is located at the southern edge of one of the beaches on the island’s western side.

The Rebreather can be found in a large chamber at the end of the cave, next to a large pool inhabited by a shark who is almost certainly friendly. It shouldn’t be difficult to miss it unless you dive directly into the water. Just follow the path of the river that winds through the cave until you reach the end.

It does not require any other items to acquire but is necessary to explore the River Cave and flooded bunkers and progress the story.

Air Tanks

Sons Of The Forest — Air Tank in the Inventory Screen

The air supply should be full when you first pick up the Rebreather. However, as you use it to travel underwater, the air supply will steadily decrease. This air supply can only be refreshed by using a new Air Tank.

Air Tanks are rare supplies that can only be found in specific points of interest, such as the entrance to the Shoreline Cave or River Cave or inside a few of the island’s bunkers.

Tips and tricks for using the Rebreather

The Rebreather utilizes a unique UI element to inform the player of their remaining air level. While underwater, a dial will become visible at the bottom of the screen. The closer the needle on this dial is to the left side, the less air remains in your tank.

The Rebreather cannot be refilled with air while underwater or while the player is wearing it. First, to refill the Rebreather’s air supply, ensure it is not equipped. If it is, it can be unequipped from the inventory by panning the camera to the far right of the crafting mat in the inventory and right-clicking on the Rebreather. Then, left-click ( Mouse 1) on an air tank to use it.

Cannibals and mutants cannot swim and will drown if led into water that they cannot stand up in. If you can lure charging enemies into deep water, this is a fantastic way to thin out crowds. Additionally, enemies cannot see the player while they are underwater, so hiding under the surface with a Rebreather is a viable strategy to escape pursuit.

How to equip the Rebreather

Sons Of The Forest — Equipped the Rebreather

Once you have acquired the Rebreather, you can equip it by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Panning the mouse to the far right of the crafting mat
  3. Selecting the Rebreather by left-clicking on it
  4. The inventory will close, and you will be wearing the Rebreather

Alternatively, the Rebreather is automatically equipped whenever your character’s head dips underwater, so long as you have it in your inventory.


How long does the Rebreather’s air supply last?

A full air tank should last you around five minutes underwater—plenty of time to get where you need to go.

Does the Rebreather’s flashlight work on land?

No. Though it can be worn on land, its flashlight only activates when the player is completely submerged.

Is there a reason to wear the Rebreather out of water?

Not a practical one. But if you want to look like a scuba diver, there is also no downside to wearing it on land.

Can the Rebreather be dropped or traded?

No. The Rebreather cannot be dropped or traded with other players.

Final thoughts on the Rebreather

Traveling underwater has never been so simple. The Rebreather allows players to speed through the island’s waters like a shark when coupled with the Wetsuit. Just make sure there aren’t any real sharks around. It won’t save you from those.

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