Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Modern Axe

Looking to locate the Modern Axe in Sons Of The Forest?

We all know how important axes are in both The Forest and Sons Of The Forest. They are an iconic type of tool that everyone uses to build their structures and walls. The amount of axes in the game is more or less the same. However, the quality of each one outshines the axes from the original game.

The Modern Axe is a direct improvement from the default tactical axe you receive in your emergency pouch. It’s bigger than the tactical axe, enabling you to chop trees effectively. Although it may swing slower, this tool will help you get started on structures requiring many logs. 

How to get the Modern Axe in Sons Of The Forest

No matter where you spawn on the map, the Modern Axe should be quite accessible. It is located at a campsite on the northwestern part of the map. It should be tucked between two large rivers, just east of the 9mm pistol location. You should hear music when close to the camp.

The Sons Of The Forest interactive map can show you the exact location of the Modern Axe. If you’re confused about where you are, simply find a location/landmark you recognize and go from there.

Once you’ve arrived at the campsite, look for a corpse outside a tent. This unlucky fellow should have the axe lodged into him. Press the E key to dislodge the axe and pick it up. You should now find it in your inventory and be able to equip it.

Tips and tricks for using the Modern Axe

The sole advantage of this axe is that it cuts down trees faster. Swinging might be slower, but that won’t make much difference. Especially when you see how fast it chops even the biggest of trees.

Given how it swings slower than the tactical axe, it might not be as effective against nimble mutants. Its damage stat is high though, so you can use it to get a mean strike on bigger and slower mutants. On the other hand, its defensive capabilities are just as good. The Modern Axe’s defense stat is higher than the other stats, allowing you to block hits more effectively.

We should note that the firefighter axe is better regarding damage and defense. However, it swings even slower than the Modern Axe and will take a hefty chunk of stamina with each hit. Additionally, getting a successful parry whilst blocking with both axes will stun enemies. Stunning them can give you a chance to get more hits in and maybe even recover some stamina.

In summary, the Modern Axe is the best all-around tool in the axe category. It doesn’t hit as hard as the firefighter axe or swing as fast as the tactical axe. But, what it can do is offer you the best aspects of both axes. If cannibals terrorize you during your woodcutting sessions, we recommend bringing the Modern Axe along.

How to equip the Modern Axe

Sons Of The Forest — Equipping the Modern Axe

Now that you know how to acquire the Modern Axe, let’s how you how to equip it via your inventory:

  1. Open your inventory (default I key)
  2. Pan your mouse to the right of your crafting mat
  3. Selecting the Modern Axe by left-clicking on it
  4. Your inventory will close with the Modern Axe in hand

How to add the Modern Axe to the quick-select bag

An alternate and faster way to equip the Modern Axe is via the quick-select bag. To do this, briefly hold down your inventory key to put the quick-select bag in front of you.

This method is much quicker than opening up your inventory screen whenever you want to equip another weapon or tool. If you put it onto your quick-select menu, it will be placed in the short or long weapon slot.

Although the Modern Axe is considered a short weapon, it can also be added to the long weapon slot. You should be able to see it even if you don’t know where each spot is.  

To add the Modern Axe to the quick-select bag:

  1. Open your inventory 
  2. Find your backpack above your crafting mat and right-click on it 
  3. Depending on if there is already another weapon/tool in both the long and short weapon slots, right-click one of them to remove it
  4. Right-click the Modern Axe to add it to the quick-select menu

How to assign the Modern Axe to a hotkey

If not even the quick-select menu is quick enough for you, there is a way to equip a weapon or tool with just one press of a button. This can be done by assigning hotkeys to certain items.

  1. Open the inventory
  2. Mouse over the Modern Axe on the right side of the crafting mat
  3. With your mouse over the axe, press one of the ten available hotkeys (1-0) to assign it to that key
  4. Now when you press the assigned key, the axe will automatically be equipped to your hands


Is the Modern Axe better than the tactical axe?

Yes. It deals more damage, chops trees faster, and allows more effective blocking. The only downside is its slower swing speed and stamina consumption.

Can the Modern Axe be dropped or traded?

No. The Modern Axe cannot be dropped or traded to other players.

Can you dismember corpses with a Modern Axe? 

Yes, you can dismember enemies with it. This will instantly kill your enemy or incapacitate them if you dismembered a leg/arm.

Final thoughts on the Modern Axe

The Modern Axe always finds itself in the middle. It’s not the absolute best axe, yet it still outperforms the weakest one. It’s a go-to pick for anyone who wants a nice balance of speed, defense, and damage. 

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