Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the Maintenance Keycard

Access new areas and progress the story

Much of Sons Of The Forest’s story is molded around modern structures, such as underground facilities, bunkers, and hotels scattered around the island. Accessing these hidden places is essential to progressing in the story and will require obtaining special keycards. One of the most important keycards you can acquire is the Sons Of The Forest Maintenance Keycard.

This special keycard will open up key locations around the map that, in most cases, provide the opportunity to acquire important items and insight into the game’s story. In this article, you’ll discover how to locate and get the Maintenance Keycard and everything that it entails. 

How to get the Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

The Maintenance Keycard can be found in the Maintenance A Bunker. This maintenance tunnel is located northwestern part of the map, near the beach spawn point. It will be marked with a green circle marker on your GPS Tracker near a river. 

Before heading to this bunker, there are some requirements:

You won’t be able to get the Maintenance Keycard without first acquiring a specific set of items necessary for accessing the Maintenance A Bunker.

You will need these items in the order you need to get them. For more details, click on each item’s name to browse its individual guide.

  1. Rebreather
  2. Rope Gun
  3. Shovel

The Rebreather and Rope Gun will be essential in helping you navigate the cave that houses the Shovel. As soon as you pick up the Shovel, you’re ready to head off to the Maintenance A Bunker entrance.

Now you’re ready to get the Maintenance Keycard

As the entrance is not in plain sight, we’ll have to show you how to get into the maintenance bunker. Remember that you will need certain tools before you can do this. 

  1. Approach the green circle on your GPS Tracker 
  2. You will see golf carts and some surveying equipment
  3. Find the obvious dirt patch that the carts and equipment are surrounding
  4. Equip a shovel and start digging into the dirt
  5. Digging will eventually uncover a maintenance hatch 
  6. Enter the hatch and walk down the hallway until you see an open room
  7. Go into the room and check the table that the 3D Printer is on
  8. Pick up the Maintenance Keycard

Whilst you’re here, you can also find the best axe in the game, the Firefighter Axe. This axe can be found at the very end of the hallway. The 3D Printer is also great for making Tech Armor,  3D Printed Arrows, or the Water Flask.

What to do with the Maintenance Keycard

Holding up the Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

The main purpose of the Maintenance Keycard is to allow you access to other bunkers. These bunkers contain other important keycards and goodies that you otherwise couldn’t have found anywhere else. For example, you will need the Maintenance Keycard to access the bunkers that house both the Guest and VIP Keycards.

The Guest Keycard is one of the most important keycards, as it lets you access the Residential Bunker. This place has a few notable loot items, such as the Katana and Golden Armor. The VIP Keycard is less important, as it only opens up an additional room with loot in the bunker with the Guest Keycard.

Final thoughts on the Maintenance Keycard

Now you should know how to find the Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest. A keycard like this opens you up to unimaginable loot that further elevates your gameplay experience. And given the many miscellaneous items in this game, the most important ones are usually overlooked. Buckle up; it’s time to explore other facilities.   

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