Sons Of The Forest: How to Trade Items

Learn how to trade items with your teammates

If there’s one thing many of us can agree on with Endnight Game’s The Forest and Sons Of The Forest, they’re well-known for their multiplayer co-op experiences. Many people purchase these games due to how much they enjoy the thrill of exploring the peninsula with their friends, and many game mechanics have been implemented to make this experience as smooth as possible.

The original game had a simple yet not-so-obvious system of trading items with other players. The original system’s design was poorly fleshed out, and players often had problems figuring it out themselves. Luckily for us, Sons Of The Forest approached how to trade items differently, making the experience more intuitive and easier for everyone involved.

How to trade items in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — Trading Items with Another Player

To trade items, such as cloth or rope, with another player, perform the following steps:

  1. Walk up next to the player you want to trade with. Ensure they don’t move out of range, or the trade window will automatically close.
  2. Put your cursor over that player and wait for the backpack button prompt to appear
  3. Press the backpack button prompt by holding the key (default E key) when available. This action opens the trading inventory screen, a smaller version of your inventory containing only the items that are eligible for trading.
  4. Select the items you wish to trade by clicking on them (default Mouse 1)

Furthermore, if you can’t find what you want to trade on the first page, you can flip through pages using the default Q and R keys. Each page will have a set amount of materials/items you can quickly give your friend. You can trade most items through this menu, whether it’s food, ammunition, materials, or other misc supplies.

On the other hand, special and rare items can’t be traded. You are not allowed to trade unique non-craftable items you find as parts of the story. The machete is an example of a non-tradable item. While some players may not like this, consider that most loot is client-sided, and everyone has an equal chance at receiving the loot you find across the game world.

Tradeable items in Sons Of The Forest

Bacon BiteFood & Drink1
Brain BiteFood & Drink1
SodaFood & Drink1
Energy BarFood & Drink1
Energy MixHerbal Medicine1
Energy Mix+Herbal Medicine1
Health MixHerbal Medicine1
Health Mix+Herbal Medicine1
FishFood & Drink1
MeatFood & Drink1
RamenFood & Drink1
Crunchie WunchiesFood & Drink1
Turtle EggFood & Drink1
OystersFood & Drink1
Canned FoodFood & Drink1
MRE PackFood & Drink1
Steak BiteFood & Drink1
Devil’s ClubBerries2
Guarana BerriesBerries2
Aloe VeraPlants3
Fly AmanitaPlants3
King OysterPlants3
Aloevera SeedSeeds4
Fireweed SeedSeeds4
Guarana SeedSeeds4
Horsetail SeedSeeds4
Arrowleaf SeedSeeds4
Yarro SeedSeeds4
Blackberry SeedSeeds4
Blueberry SeedSeeds4
Chicory SeedSeeds4
Devilsclub SeedSeeds4
Golf BallProjectiles5
Small RockProjectiles5
Time BombProjectiles5
C4 BrickComponents6
Printed Grappling HookComponents6
Duct TapeComponents6
Vodka BottleComponents6
Circuit BoardComponents6
Printer ResinComponents6
Stone ArrowAmmo7
3D Printed ArrowAmmo7
Carbon Fiber ArrowAmmo7
Crossbow BoltAmmo7
Stungun AmmoAmmo7
Slug AmmoAmmo7
9MM AmmoAmmo7
Zipline RopeAmmo7
Tech MeshArmor8
Tech ArmorArmor8
Animal HideArmor8
Hide ArmorArmor8
Creepy FleshArmor8
Rotten MeatMisc9
Rotten FishMisc9
Raw HeadMisc9
Rotten HeadMisc9
Skin PouchMisc9
Paper TargetMisc9
Air TankMisc9

How to drop items in Sons Of The Forest

This trading system is handy when you’re in a pickle and need extra arrows for your Crafted Bow or ammo for your Shotgun, as few items can be dropped in the game. The trading system was designed so that dropping items wouldn’t be the defacto method for trading items to other players. This makes sense when you consider how much time is spent in a forest thick with underbrush or in dark cave systems with underground rivers flowing throughout, which are not ideal locations to drop items. 

It’s also important to remember that the game state resets each time you load in fresh, so the state of the items dropped on the ground will not persist.

That said, a few items in your inventory can be dropped on the spot while you’re on that screen by hovering over the item and pressing the default G key.

Droppable items in SOTF include:

  • Rotten Fish
  • Rotten Meat
  • Rotten Leg
  • Rotten Arm
  • Rotten Head

Apart from these items, there is a misconception that you can drop other items you are holding. This occurs when your active slot is not occupied, and you pick up an item in the game that your inventory is full of. When you hold these items and press G, it will try to put this item in your inventory, but because there is not enough space, it will drop on the ground in front of you.

Use the trading system to assist with roles

Sons Of The Forest — Before You Trade

Sons Of The Forest has a simple and effective trading system that encourages players to play individual roles. For example, your friend can pick up something that you may not be around for and trade it with you later on. This is especially common if one or more players on the team choose to stay in the base to build while others venture off to explore and scavenge for items.

However, the most useful part about the trading system is how quickly it could save a teammate’s life. Medical supplies can run out fast if you’re on the front lines, and having someone you can trade medicine with is incredibly valuable when needed.

Lastly, it’s important to note that you can also “trade” items by storing them in devices such as shelves and racks. These are a great way to empty your inventory before running out on a scavenging run, as items left on the shelves and in the racks will maintain their state when the game is restarted. It can be easier to point someone to an area to get loot rather than trying to open your trading screen, especially if there is an impending or active cannibal attack occurring.


Can you share resources in Sons Of The Forest?

Yes. Many resources can be shared by trading directly with other players, while other items can be added to storage devices, such as shelves, bone racks, stick racks, armor racks, and campfires from which players can pick these items up.

Can you drop items in Sons Of The Forest?

Yes, but only a few select items, such as rotten meat. Most items in the inventory cannot be discarded with a drop function.

Is there a way to carry more items in Sons Of The Forest?

No, players are capped at the limits enforced by their inventory. The only alternative is to store items on shelving units and racks, which are solitary.

Final thoughts on trading items

We need all the help we can get on this forsaken island. Every additional painkiller and piece of rope helps, which is why it’s always smart to bring a friend or two. With a trading system as good as this, we’d recommend trying the multiplayer experience if you haven’t already. 

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