Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the VIP Keycard

Looking to get the VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest?

The VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest is one of three keycards that can be found throughout the game world, which allows players to access secured doors and underground facilities. In this case, this particular card is one of the main progression items needed to finish the main storyline in Sons Of The Forest.

Let’s dive into how to get your hands on this critical item.

How to Get the VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

To get the VIP Keycard, navigate to the Food & Dining Bunker on the northwestern part of the island, slightly southeast of the gravesite, where you find the Shotgun. It will also be marked with a green circle marker on your GPS Tracker.

The bunker is hidden within a cave, so the entrance can sometimes be hard to spot. Look out for two golf carts in front of a series of clustered rocks, with dead service workers slouched over in the seats.

It’s important to note that the Maintenance Keycard (Carl Planter) is needed to access this bunker.

How to get the VIP Keycard in the Food & Dining Bunker

  1. Find the cave entrance near the green marker on your GPS Tracker
  2. Go inside and walk until you find a hatch
  3. Make your way down the hatch into a cafeteria/pantry area
  4. Look out for a door with a blue keycard scanner
  5. Approach the door and use the Maintenance Keycard to open it
  6. This will lead you through a hydroponics lab
  7. Once you’re past the first set of hydroponic stations, you will stumble upon a maintenance area that leads down to another set of hydroponic rooms
  8. You won’t need a Rebreather for this part, but it can help light the way and make it easier for you to navigate the flooded rooms
  9. Swim through a couple of rooms until you end up in a long dark hallway that leads to another keycard door
  10. As you’re swimming toward the unopened keycard door ahead, you will notice another room to your left
  11. Enter this room and proceed through another doorway
  12. This leads you into a security room that has Virginia Puffton’s VIP Keycard on a table

Other loot to look out for in the Food & Dining Bunker

Besides the VIP Keycard, this facility has two other notable items, the Crossbow and Shotgun Rail Attachment. The Crossbow is next to a corpse in the second part of the hydroponics lab. Keep an eye out while moving through the first-floor lab, as several crossbow bolts are scattered around for you to collect.

The Shotgun Rail attachment can be found in the security room where you pick up the VIP Keycard. It should be on a shelf behind the table and monitors with the keycard. There are also a couple of loot boxes that you can open up.

What to do with the VIP Keycard

You need a VIP Keycard to access the final bunker on the eastern part of the map. Visiting this bunker is a crucial part of the story, as it’s the only way to end it. To complete Sons Of The Forest, you must acquire this keycard.

The final bunker has nothing regarding notable loot that can’t be obtained elsewhere, but you can find more information on the story through certain books and notes. You should also look around this facility to see how the Puffton family and their VIP guests lived on this island.

Final thoughts on the VIP Keycard

Now you know how to get the VIP Keycard and what you can open with it. You’re not required to have this keycard if you don’t plan on finishing the story. Still, you will probably end up finding all of the keycards anyway. For anyone looking to get the other keycards, check out our Maintenance and Guest Keycards guides.

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