Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Binoculars

Looking to get your hands on the Binoculars?

The Sons Of The Forest Binoculars is a nifty tool that makes reconnaissance and scouting very easy wherever you are. You won’t have to worry about being ambushed with a tool like this at your disposal.

Despite many people voicing their need for them throughout its active development cycle, The Forest never had Binoculars as we do now. It seems that Endnight Games is determined to break records and surprise its loyal fanbase more than once.

How to get the Binoculars in Sons Of The Forest

The Binoculars are found on a vibrant red kayak on the northwestern part of the map, tucked away on a beach. The grave and purple marker where you find the Shotgun is just northeast of it. The Sons Of The Forest interactive map can help you find your way if you feel overwhelmed. You will see a pair of kayaks on the beach as you come up on the site.

There are a couple of spawn points for the beginning helicopter crash, one at a beach on the northernmost part of the map. This beach spawn point is the closest to the Binoculars. We’d recommend following the beach right up to the aforementioned kayak. Keep your GPS Tracker close; it will be your best friend when looking for tools like this.

Tips and tricks for using the Binoculars

Using the Binoculars in Sons Of The Forest
Using the Binoculars to Scope Out Distant Areas

Binoculars are one of the most useful things to have when in a survival situation. The same applies to Sons Of The Forest; you’d be wise to have them equipped if you’re in the wilderness. Whether hunting for a deer or scouting out a potential base location, the Binoculars will be very handy.

Before you do use them, be sure to keep some things in mind. The most efficient way to use Binoculars is to set yourself up in high places that overlook multiple areas. This way, you can have complete sight over multiple areas at once.

Additionally, Binoculars don’t work well in thick forests with many trees. Avoid using them up until you actually find a high spot that gives you enough information about the road ahead.

When you think you see something in the distance and want to save yourself the time and resources of trekking to it, pull out the Binoculars. This is where they help provide the most value.


Can the Binoculars be dropped or traded?

No. They cannot be dropped or traded with other players.

Can they be added to the quick-select bag?

No. You can’t put the Binoculars into one of your quick-select menu slots.

Final thoughts on the Binoculars

The Binoculars might not change how you play Sons Of The Forest, but they sure will help you have a higher chance of survival in the wild. Reconnaissance is everything; knowing what awaits you is an advantage not many people realize they need.

There are plenty of things to collect and look out for in Sons Of The Forest. We have a wide variety of articles that could help you get started. Our companion guides on Virginia and Kelvin should ease you into the game and show you what it offers.

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