Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Air Tank

Trying to locate Air Tanks in Sons Of The Forest?

Air Tanks refill the Rebreather and allow players to breathe while underwater. Although there may be no point in using them out in the open water, there are a couple of underwater sections in caves that make having a Rebreather mandatory. Rebreathers can’t be used without an Air Tank, and you won’t find many of these in your world in the first place.

They are sometimes hard to spot, and there’s a chance that you already missed a couple during your travels. This guide will examine where Air Tanks spawn in Sons Of The Forest and how they work.

How to get Air Tanks in Sons Of The Forest 

Holding the GPS Tracker
Hold the GPS Tracker at the Beach Cave

Air Tanks aren’t nearly as common as other main resources, like Cloth or Rope, which can be found in almost all points of interest around the game.

The first and easiest location to find multiple Air Tanks would be the Rebreather Cave, located right next to the northern shoreline your helicopter can potentially crash on. Near a patrolling shark, you will find a Rebreather and some Air Tanks at the end of this cave. 

The second location you can find Air Tanks are underground bunker facilities and the Shovel Cave. Navigating facilities is hard if you don’t have the proper loot to fight tougher mutants. And even then, finding an Air Tank in a facility isn’t guaranteed. The Shovel cave is a bit more of a safe bet, as three are guaranteed to spawn in this cave.

They can be easily missed when looting caves and facilities, as their bland silver color makes them blend in well with their surroundings. Keep a watchful eye out for them. 

Tips and tricks for using the Air Tanks

Inventory with Air Tanks
Air Tanks in the Inventory

The Rebreather automatically takes spare Air Tanks and uses them to refill its oxygen levels. You won’t have to worry about refilling them manually via your inventory. All you have to do is equip the Rebreather, and you’re good to go. We’d recommend checking out our full guide on the Rebreather for more information regarding underwater exploration. 

1 Air Tank offers about 15 minutes of air, and you can only hold 4 spare Air Tanks in your inventory. You can put them on the shelves you make at your bases and store a few extra, in case you or your teammates have run out. Having these spares ready can save your life in this game, so don’t shy away from looting them. Before venturing out, place a few on the shelves so you can bring back any extras you encounter.

Final thoughts on getting Air Tanks

As trivial as it may be, an Air Tank is a resource you don’t know you need until you’re in an emergency. It doesn’t appear in most loot sources, so you’ll have to make the most of the ones you find and be smart about their use while cave diving.

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