Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Night Vision Goggles

What are the Night Vision Goggles, and what are they used for?

In Sons Of The Forest, the darkness holds many dangers, from cannibals hidden between the trees at night to mutants creeping in the shadows of caves. A Flare or Torch will push back the darkness, but also turn you into a beacon for enemies and occupy your hands. Enter the Night Vision Goggles. This piece of military-grade hardware will allow you to see in the dark while remaining effectively concealed.

This guide will walk you through locating and equipping the Night Vision Goggles and offer advice on how they can best be used to your advantage.

How to get the Night Vision Goggles in Sons Of The Forest

Before you head out looking for this unique piece of tech, take a moment to make sure you are well-equipped, as reaching the goggles won’t be easy.

The Night Vision Goggles are located inside the Cultist Cave, the same system where the Golden Armor can be found. The entrance to this massive and very dangerous cave system can be found at the northern end of a large lake towards the southwestern end of the island.

Look for a split in the mountainside bordered by several cultist corpses.

Once inside the cave, navigate through the first few chambers until you reach a large cavern with a wall marked in gold paint. Below this painting is another dead cultist who will be wearing the goggles on their head.

How to use the Night Vision Goggles

Looking at a Base with the Night Vision Goggles at Night
Looking Through the Goggles at Night

The Night Vision Goggles are equipped similarly to the lighter or flashlight and are bound to the light key (default L key). After being equipped manually once, they can be worn or removed by pressing the light key again.

While equipped, the area in front of the player will be revealed in a grainy, green display. This allows players to see in low-light conditions without actually illuminating the environment.

Remember that these goggles run on Batteries and must be reloaded with them when their charge gets too low.

Tips and tricks for using the Night Vision Goggles

Looking Through the Forest with the Night Vision Goggles
Looking Through the Forest with the Goggles

The Night Vision Goggles illuminate the environment, but only subjectively. This means that only the player wearing the goggles can see in the dark, allowing players to navigate low-light areas such as caves without alerting enemies to their position. This is especially useful when facing enemies that specifically react to light, such as Puffies.

Though the Night Vision Goggles are an excellent tool for navigating the darkness, they aren’t automatically superior to other light sources. Specifically, NVGs suffer from two major drawbacks:

  1. Range
  2. Light Sensitivity.

Night vision relies on reflected infrared light, meaning there has to be something to reflect that light to see. While this may not be much trouble in real life, it becomes very apparent in Sons Of The Forest when your goggles only reveal your surroundings up to a few meters in front of you.

Light sensitivity is less of an issue. Essentially, bright light will overload your goggles’ input and make it impossible to see. Fortunately, that means you would be able to see without them anyway and can take the goggles off.

How to equip the Night Vision Goggles

Equipping the Night Vision Goggles from the Inventory Screen
Equipping the Night Vision Goggles from the Inventory Screen

Once you have acquired the goggles, you can equip them by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Panning the mouse above and to the right of the crafting mat
  3. Selecting the Night Vision Goggles by left-clicking on them
  4. The inventory will close, and you will be wearing the goggles

How to assign the Night Vision Goggles to a hotkey

If you want to switch equipped items faster and grab your Night Vision Goggles with a single keystroke, you can assign it to a hotkey by:

  1. Open the inventory
  2. Mouse over the goggles far above and to the left of the crafting mat
  3. With your mouse over it, press one of the ten available hotkeys (1-0) to assign it to that key
  4. When you press the assigned key, it will automatically be actively equipped.

How to add the Night Vision Goggles to the quick-select bag

Using the Quick-Select Bag to Equip the Night Vision Goggles in Sons Of The Forest
Using the Quick-Select Bag to Equip the Goggles

Alternatively, if you’ve added the Night Vision Goggles to your backpack, you can access them through the quick-select bag. Briefly hold down the inventory key to pull out the quick-select bag.

This is much faster than having to pan through the inventory screen each time you want to switch between items. If you have them on your quick-select bag, you can find them on one of the two auxiliary slots.

NVGs are considered an auxiliary item and can only be added to one of the appropriate slots. These slots are located on the upper front and very top of the quick-select bag and hold items such as Time Bombs, Pistols, Stun Guns, and more.

To add to the quick-select bag:

  1. Open the inventory screen
  2. Add the backpack to the crafting mat by right-clicking on it
  3. If there is an item in both axillary slots, right-click on one to remove it
  4. Right-click on the Night Vision Goggles to add them to the quick-select bag

Final thoughts on the Night Vision Goggles

It makes perfect sense for Endnight Games to include such a modern staple of military night operations, especially when the player’s character is a special operative. These goggles make it easier to see in the dark and make sneaking by enemies in darkened environments much easier by providing light to you and only you.

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