Sons Of The Forest: How to Get Cloth

Learn the best ways to get and use cloth.

There are numerous crafting recipes in Sons Of The Forest; some will require cloth, which players desperately seek when scavenging through this scary island. Whether it’s tools, weapons, or other craftable items, cloth will be one of the most important materials for you to gather when on your adventures. Today we’ll show you how to get cloth, which locations usually have them, and the best recipes that use it.

Unfortunately, you can’t craft cloth via your crafting station. So you will have to resort to other methods when you need cloth. On the flip side, there are plenty of ways to find cloth in the wild and other locations, which we’ll mainly focus on.

How to find cloth in Sons Of The Forest

Finding cloth is easy. You’ll usually end up finding it lying around in caves, various loot boxes, and debris all around the island. The first and most notable location to find it in will be the boxes scattered around the crashed helicopter site or beach you spawn near. Grab everything you can from the crash site; you’ll need every bit of it.

As previously mentioned, exploring caves can also yield a lot of cloth. Cave exploration, in general, will be your best way to gather crafting materials. And you should prioritize looting every box or chest in less dangerous supply caves early on in your playthrough of Sons Of The Forest.

Sons of the Forest - Finding Cloth in Caves

The earlier section of caves usually contain cloth, but there’s a chance you can find even more cloth deeper within the cave. However, we wouldn’t recommend going deeper if you haven’t already crafted something like a crafted spear or found a firearm and have a good supply of rations and meds.

Cannibal camps and other notable locations topside will also have a couple of pieces of cloth lying around. Cloth might sometimes blend in with the environment, so be on the lookout for them when you encounter a camp. It can sometimes be found hanging on wooden racks, tucked inside tents, or even wrapped around the bones of a skeleton.

Sons Of The Forest — Cloth Inside Cannibal Village

Best cloth recipes in Sons Of The Forest

A few craftable items in Sons Of The Forest use cloth, and those that do are quite important in helping you survive. Alongside providing you with a list of the best and most useful items that require you to use cloth, we’re also going to show you which materials you’ll need to combine in your crafting station:

  • Molotov – 1x Cloth + 1x Alcohol
  • Hide Armor – 2x Animal Hide + 1x Cloth
  • Leaf Armor – 10x Leaf + 1x Cloth
  • Torch – 1x Stick + 1x Cloth

Molotov cocktail will always be useful. Especially when the opponents you’re fighting rarely wear any armor. Gathering alcohol might be an issue, but it should easily be found in loot boxes. You’ll need Molotov cocktails if you plan on going on adventures or defending your base.

Sons Of The Forest — Crafting Leaf Armor

Starter armor types like leaf and hide armor also require you to cough up one cloth per armor piece. The other required materials aren’t that hard to gather, considering that there’s a near-infinite amount of them. The torch is also a must if you’re an avid cave explorer.

Final thoughts on getting cloth

Seeing as this island you’ve been thrust on is full of resources that other unfortunate souls have lost or dropped, you won’t have difficulty finding what you need to craft your desired item. But you won’t find all types of crafting material at every special location, and this applies to cloth as well. All in all, cloth has been distributed across the map in such a way that you’ll be forced to explore more than one camp or cave.

Plenty of crafting recipes require a wide variety of materials. Such materials can usually be found by looting, and you won’t have time to loot if you’re focused on base building. That’s why we’d recommend employing the new AI companion called Kelvin to assist you. You can learn more about Kelvin through our companion guide on him. 

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