Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Knight V

What is a Knight V, and what is it used for?

The island in Sons Of The Forest is pretty massive, and getting from place to place can be dangerous and exhausting. Fortunately, the island is now also home to the odd little vehicle known as the Knight V. Pronounced “Knight Five,” this one-wheeled wonder utilizes a reinforced shell and an all-terrain tire to carry its rider across the landscape at high speeds.

This guide will walk you through locating and using the Knight V in Sons Of The Forest and offer advice on how it can best be used to your advantage.

How to get a Knight V in Sons Of The Forest

Locating a Knight V in Sons Of The Forest
Locating a Knight V in Sons Of The Forest

Players can find the Knight Vs at multiple locations across the map and several may be spawned at any given time. Additionally, these vehicles don’t always spawn in the same place, and the player may need to do a bit of searching before finding one.

The Knight V can be found at abandoned campsites and sometimes cannibal villages scattered around the map. Typically, these vehicles spawn near prominent structures in those locations, and their unique icon will appear on the GPS locator and minimap when you are close.

How to use a Knight V in Sons Of The Forest

Carrying the Knight V in Sons Of The Forest
Carrying the Knight V

Using the Knight V is actually quite simple. After locating one, the player will first need to pick it up. These machines are too large to be carried in your backpack and must be toted around like a log or other heavy object. Because of this, the player’s hands will be occupied while carrying it.

Press the attack button (default left mouse button) to mount the Knight V while carrying the vehicle. The player character will climb onto the machine and begin driving. To dismount the vehicle, press the jump button (default spacebar) twice in quick succession.

Moving around is performed in much the same manner as walking, just with a bit of drift and a lot more speed. It is possible to jump while riding the Knight V, though the vertical height the player can reach depends greatly on their speed and terrain.

Pulling off a sick jump with the Knight V
Pulling off a sick jump with the Knight V

Remember while driving that if the player hits the ground too hard or rams into something solid with enough speed, the Knight V will suddenly stop and launch the player forward, forcibly dismounting them. The Knight V can be picked up and ridden again if this happens.

Tips and tricks for using the Knight V

Riding the Knight V with a Katana in hand
Riding the Knight V with a Katana in hand.

The Knight V is excellent for moving quickly across clear, even terrain. That isn’t to say it can’t be used on inclines, rocky ground, or between trees, but you’ll need to be much more careful not to ram into things, as doing so could send you flying right into an ambush.

The Knight V runs on a battery similar to other items, such as the Stun Baton and Chainsaw. The battery level is visible only when riding the vehicle and is presented by a colored meter between the player’s feet. This battery cannot be recharged but lasts quite a while longer than others. Don’t worry if your Knight V dies, though; you can always find another one.

The Knight V has a small forward-facing headlight and a small tail light. These lights make traversing the darkness a bit easier and make any player riding a Knight extremely visible at night. This, combined with the ambient noise of a whirring engine, tends to attract enemies, so be cautious. This light also activates while the player carries the vehicle, acting as a weak flashlight.

The Knight V can be easily stored inside your base.
The Knight V can be easily stored inside your base.

It is possible to engage in combat while riding the Knight V. Not only can ranged weapons be employed, but players can wield and block with melee weapons, throw explosives, and more. Of course, fighting while riding around will take some practice, but lancing your opponents while zipping between them keeps you out of range and gives you the advantage. Just make sure not to get smacked or to ram into an enemy in the meantime, as this will throw you off your trusty steed and leave you vulnerable.

Final thoughts on the Knight V

With the awesome size of the map, we’re happy to hear that Endnight Games included a viable and thematically appropriate land vehicle for players to utilize. Zipping around the map on our wacky little one-wheelers is an absolute blast that players would be remiss to skip out on. Just make sure you don’t accidentally send yourself barreling over a cliff or something.

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