Sons Of The Forest: How to Get All Player Outfits

Are you looking to collect all 7 player outfits in Sons Of The Forest?

As with Endnight’s first title, Sons Of The Forest has several different outfits for players to find and customize their character. Unlike the first game, however, Sons Of The Forest outfits aren’t just for looks. Each outfit offers different stats and can protect you from rain and cold or even make you swim faster.

This guide has listed where and how to get all player outfits for yourself. Before beginning, it should be noted we have excluded Virginia’s outfit collection and the Tactical Jacket outfit from this list since both the player and Kelvin start with this outfit by default.

Let’s dive into the player’s wardrobe!

1. Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a functional outfit offering moderate stats across the board with just slightly more water protection than the standard tactical jacket. What it does have that the tactical jacket doesn’t: Style. The leather jacket is perfect for that action-hero tough-guy look we’ve all sought.

If you want to snag a leather jacket for yourself, there are two places you can find one. The first is the River Cave, which it hangs from a stalactite made of mucus right next to the Stun Gun. Note that you will need both the Rope Gun and the Rebreather to reach this location.

A second leather jacket can also be found in the passenger seat of the crashed plane on the island’s northeastern side.

2. Hoodie

Looking for something a little more casual but still functional? The hoodie is an outfit that is both comfortable and relatively warm. The only downside is that it isn’t very waterproof.

The hoodie can be found under a shelter inside a cannibal camp just down the river from the River Cave. Just make sure you’re ready for a fight, as these cannibals aren’t likely to hand over their threads so easily.

3. Winter Jacket

If you’re tired of freezing your butt off each time winter rolls around, you need to pick up a winter jacket. While not the most comfortable, this jacket will keep you warm and dry while you explore the frigid mountains or snowy lowlands.

The winter jacket is located in a bright orange tent next to a curled-up skeleton. The tent you are looking for is part of a campsite situated at the bottom of a waterfall topped with standing coffins. A Crafted Spear can be found leaning against the tent as well.

4. Pajamas

The regent of relaxation. The king of comfy. These fancy silk pajamas are the most comfortable outfit in the game, increasing the speed at which your character rests. More importantly, their snazzy pink slippers mean you can kick up your feet and relax in style.

A set of these cozy pajamas can be found on a shelf inside the sensory deprivation spa within the Recreation Bunker. The entrance to this bunker is located downriver from the Crash Site Cave and is marked as a point of interest on the map. The interior door is locked and will require at least a Maintenance Keycard to access it.

5. Tuxedo

If the secret soldier looks just isn’t doing it for you, maybe a super spy will do the trick. This pristine white suit will make you feel like James Bond clearing bunkers and won’t even stain when it gets covered in blood. It can also be given to Kelvin if you want him to look more like a fancy butler.

The tuxedo can be found inside Maintenance Bunker A, on the shelf next to the bloody bathtub. The entrance to this bunker is buried and will require you to use the Shovel to reveal it.

6. Wetsuit

The perfect compliment to the Rebreather, the wetsuit is the only outfit that alters your movement speed. While it isn’t warm or comfortable, the wetsuit is equipped with flippers that vastly increase your movement speed while swimming. Although it is completely waterproof, we don’t recommend running around on land with it, as the flippers will also greatly reduce your walking speed.

The wetsuit can be found near the entrance to the River Cave, lying at the foot of a boulder to the side of the path. Note that this cave system requires both the Rebreather and the Rope Gun to progress through.

7. Blazer

This outfit will make you look so sharp that you may not need a knife the next time cannibals catch you. The blazer has you covered if you want to look snazzy without sacrificing comfort. Literally.

As upscale as the blazer is, it can be found in a rather unsavory location. The blazer rests in an open coffin at the bottom of the mass grave dug into the western corner of the island.

Final thoughts on Sons Of The Forest Outfits

Kelvin Wearing the Hoodie, Tuxedo, and Pajamas
Kelvin Looking Sharp in 3 Different Player Outfits

Endnight Games knew players would never be satisfied fighting for survival in any old jacket. Outfits are a functional way for players to express their style while still getting unique benefits. Plus, new outfits mean new looks for Kelvin!

Now that you’ve learned how to get all of the player outfits in Sons Of The Forest, there’s a good chance we’ll see new outfits introduced in future updates, so keep an eye out.

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