Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Hang Glider

Looking to get your hands on a Hang Glider?

The Sons Of The Forest Hang Glider is a gadget that allows you to leap and glide from high places and travel across the island quickly. It is designed after real-world modern gliders and works the same way. Seeing how tedious traveling over long distances in this game is, the Hang Glider helps solve many traveling woes.

The Hang Glider doesn’t work like most tools found in the game, as you cannot loot and store it in your inventory. You’re forced to equip it on the spot, and it will drop on the ground once you unequip or land it. Furthermore, they spawn in various locations spread across the map, making them abundantly available.

How to get the Hang Glider in Sons Of The Forest

As previously mentioned, the Hang Glider has distinct spawn points on the map, 14 of them, to be exact. This was done to ensure they’re not just scattered across a certain map region. Additionally, they don’t respawn after you reload your game; you’ll have to remember where you found and left them.

Some of these locations aren’t easy to find, nor is there a chance that you can find all of them on your own. Below is a list with each Hang Glider’s location on the map. Each point will include a link to the location on the Sons Of The Forest interactive map. These links will present you with detailed coordinates of exactly where each Hang Glider is.

  1. A Glider is sat near a cliff overlooking the coastline on the far northwestern part of the map, near the Shotgun grave and Pistol raft
  2. On the side of a cliff on the northwestern part of the map, just southwest of the first Hang Glider location
  3. Sitting near a pond on a huge cliff that overlooks the northern shoreline. A bit west of the northern part of the snowy mountain
  4. In an abandoned camp west of the middle part of the snowy mountain 
  5. Just left of the previous Hang Glider location. On a cliff directly above a pond
  6. On a cliff directly south of the middle part of the snowy mountain
  7. Located near another cliff on the far southwestern part of the map. A cannibal camp should be near
  8. At an abandoned campsite in the very middle of the snowy mountain. A river should be nearby
  9. On a small ledge overlooking a river. East of the snowy mountain
  10. Directly right of the previous Hang Glider. On the edge of a big cliff, near a distinct waterfall.
  11. On a small ledge on the northeastern part of the snowy mountain. This one doesn’t have any distinct landmarks around it
  12.  At another abandoned camp north of the mountain. A small river can be found nearby 
  13. Farther north of the mountain, between some thick brush plants in the forest. Note: this glider is somewhat hidden and hard to find
  14. There’s yet another glider north of the previous location. On top of a smaller cliff overlooking the golf course

Many, if not most, of these Hang Gliders are seated atop cliffs or mountains. This was done so that you can easily take off with it. One thing to note is that some of the aforementioned locations are in very obscure spots. You’d likely have difficulty finding all of them if it weren’t for the interactive map.  

Tips and tricks for using the Hang Glider

Using the GPS Tracker while Gliding

The Hang Glider in Sons Of The Forest is the best means for navigating the island, and it can effectively get you from one side to the other in minutes. If you can and need to reach a distant part of the map, find the largest cliff in your area and start gliding.

When taking off with a Hang Glider, you can do three things: dive down, pull up, and steer left or right. Diving down speeds you up, whilst pulling up slows you down.

With that in mind, there is one trick you can utilize if you can’t find a place near you that is elevated enough for longer gliding. You dive down and accelerate enough to the point where you can use that acceleration to pull up and then gain altitude. Pulling up too much will slow you down, though. This can enable you to maintain a consistent elevation but takes some getting used to.

There are also some additional things to keep in mind before using the Hang Glider:

  • Press the M key to pull out your GPS Tracker once the Hang Glider is equipped. You can do this as you’re gliding as well.
  • Use the GPS Tracker to position yourself toward your targeted location. We’d advise you to do this frequently if you’re new to the game and can’t recognize landmarks
  • You won’t lose any health when crashing straight into the ground. The Hang Glider just gets unequipped as soon as you hit a flat surface
  • Leave your personal Hang Glider somewhere you know you won’t forget it. There won’t be much you can do to find it if you do end up losing it.
  • If you want to reposition, you can look around the glider without steering whilst in the air. 
  • If you’re lost, look for landmarks that might help you return to your original path.
  • Build a takeoff tower near your base to store multiple Hang Gliders there. They’re always great for emergencies and urgent loot runs.


Can you put a Hang Glider into your inventory?

No. There is no way to put the Hang Glider into your inventory. You have to drop it once you’re done using it.

Can Hang Gliders respawn?

No. The spawn locations for Hang Gliders on the island will not respawn gliders under any circumstances.

Can you use the GPS Tracker while gliding?

Yes. You can use the GPS Tracker with the Hang Glider. But this only applies if you equip it before you start gliding.

How many Hang Gliders are in Sons Of The Forest?

There are currently 14 Hang Gliders across different locations in Sons Of The Forest.

Do you take fall damage with a Hang Glider?

No. You can crash into the ground at any speed with a Hang Glider and not take health damage.

Final thoughts on the Hang Glider

The Sons Of The Forest map is much larger than what we had in The Forest. It is a nightmare to navigate if you’re on foot, and many players wish they had faster means of transportation.

The Hang Glider is the solution to that problem. And all you have to do to make it work is find higher ground. Here’s hoping you can quickly find one in your playthrough.

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