Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the Guest Keycard

Looking to locate the Guest Keycard in Sons Of The Forest?

In Sons Of The Forest, players find themselves thrust into a large, strange island filled with wildlife, cannibals, mutants, and numerous hidden structures built and buried deep underground by the Puffton Corp. Discovering these hidden locations and gaining access will require certain access keycards.

These keycards will unlock doors that lead further into these underground locations. The Guest Keycard, in particular, enables Sons Of The Forest players to access an exclusive area with abundant loot and further insight into the game’s story.

How to get the Guest Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

The Guest Keycard can be found in the Entertainment Bunker on the island’s western side, near the life raft containing the Pistol. The easiest way to find it is by looking for a green circle marker on your GPS Tracker between the ocean and the big snowy mountain. The only way to access this facility is through a small cave entrance. This entrance is quite hidden, but you should spot a golf cart nearby that nature is in the process of taking back.

Given how the keycard isn’t easy to find, we want to show you how you can get into this cave. You will need the Maintenance Keycard (Carl Planter) to access the main section of this facility, though. So make sure to get that keycard before you enter the cave.

Follow these steps to get started: 

  1. Find the cave entrance below the green marker on your GPS Tracker
  2. Head inside the cave and walk until you find a maintenance hallway
  3. You will quickly realize that you’re in an underground facility 
  4. Go down a long corridor that has an open room with a 3D Printer
  5. You will find a keycard door at the end of this corridor
  6. Open the keycard door using the Maintenance Keycard 
  7. This door leads into a big underground gym and spa area
  8. Pass the gym and spa area to enter a smaller dining/living area
  9. Walk up the fancy stairs to a large atrium with pools
  10. You will immediately see a locked keycard door in the far right corner of the room and the entrance to the bar in the middle
  11. Go into the bar and nightclub area and continue into the back part of the club to find two couches full of dead guests
  12. The Guest Keycard (Arnold Crand) will be on a circular glass table in the middle between the dead guests
  13. You can return to the main pool area and open the aforementioned keycard door for access to the exit of the bunker

Other loot to look out for in the Entertainment Bunker

The Guitar can be found in the main bar area. More precisely, on top of the bar near the left wall. If you continue past the bar area, you will find another smaller keycard door with the Last Will and Testament of Edward Puffton and Shotgun Rail attachment

If you exit the bar and open the keycard door in the main pool area, you will find a long corridor leading to this facility’s last section. This last section has a room and exit corridor. The room in question is a theatre located at the far back. The Chainsaw can be found here on a corpse. You shouldn’t miss it if you check the ending section thoroughly.

What to do with the Guest Keycard

Holding the Guest Keycard in Hand

The main reason you should get the Guest Keycard is to gain access to the Residential Bunker. This bunker houses the Katana and Golden Armor. These two are some of the most sought-after items in Sons Of The Forest. Having the Guest Keycard is the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on the holy Katana.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to get more information on the story as a whole. The residential bunker is a large part of the story, and you will even experience a cutscene tied to the story once you find your way in. The only other keycard in this game is Virginia’s VIP Keycard, and that’s not used to access important locations like this bunker.

Final thoughts on the Guest Keycard

You should now know how to find the Guest Keycard. Getting the Maintenance Keycard is a challenge in and of itself, so it’s good that you don’t have to scour the island for more tools to find this specific keycard. Prepare properly, though, as the Residential Bunker is full of enemies. It won’t be a walk in the park.

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