Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use the Golden Armor

What is the Golden Armor, and what’s it used for?

The Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor is a unique wearable armor and item used in advancing the game’s story and progression. As a wearable item, it’s equipped just like a piece of armor; however, it acts more like wearing an outfit except for in a specific situation. It was designed with unique properties that significantly mitigate damage dealt by Demons while worn.

When equipped, this armor will completely fill up the armor bar in the UI with a golden color, replacing any other armor you had equipped. One unique property of this armor is that it is permanent and cannot be broken like other armor types, as it does not take damage. So you won’t have to replenish or repair it every time you take a hit.

The most important thing you need to know about Golden Armor is that it won’t completely nullify incoming damage like regular armor. It only mitigates damage and does so only against Demons.

How to get the Golden Armor in Sons Of The Forest

The Golden Armor set is located inside the Cultist Cave, both of the entrances to which are located in the southwestern region of the island, near large lakes. This is the same cave where the Night Vision Goggles can be obtained. However, only the northernmost entrance to the cave (marked by the corpses of several cultists) will allow you to access the chamber in which the armor rests.

After entering the cave, follow the tunnels until you reach a large, partially flooded chamber with a river running along its rim. Take the passage opposite the river and navigate several corridors lined with structures formed from the mysterious golden metal. When you reach what seems to be a dead end, look for a pool at the center of the room and swim down.

Remember that this passage twists abruptly, so keep your eyes peeled for small openings.

The Throne in Which the Skeleton Sits with the Golden Armor in Sons Of The Forest

When you emerge, another short walk will bring you to a central chamber marked with multiple gold monoliths guarded by demons. At the center of this room is a golden platform on which sits a skeleton that will be wearing the Golden Armor.

Before you go looking for the Golden Armor

Don’t pack up and head for the cave immediately, though, as this cavern system is very long and extremely dangerous. In addition to the numerous mutants and demons you’ll face, starvation, dehydration, and exhaustion may become an issue if you aren’t properly supplied. What’s more, many tunnels between the cave’s various sections are flooded and will require the Rebreather to pass through safely.

Ensure you have sufficient food, water, energy supplements, explosives, weapons, armor, and ammunition before attempting to conquer the cultist cave, or you may find yourself stuck to a wall again.

Tips and tricks for using Golden Armor

Sons Of The Forest — Wearing Golden Armor and Fighting a Demon

It’s important to note that equipping this armor will automatically remove any armor you are currently wearing. Doing this without sufficient space in your inventory for that armor may result in it being deleted instead of falling to the ground.

This armor is highly recommended when you enter caves or facilities with Demons lurking. It can save you from losing your standard armor types, as the Demons will have difficulty chewing through your health with this fancy suit strapped to you.

The Golden Armor set will also be needed to finish the Sons Of The Forest storyline. It acts as a key of sorts, and you will have to wear it to access part of the residential bunker and progress the story.

This armor set is inferior (in most situations) to full sets of creepy or tech armor. The fact that it doesn’t block incoming damage is off-putting to most. However, you can put it to good use by utilizing it at opportune times.


Can the Golden Armor Break? 

No. The Golden Armor can not and will not, in any instance, break. No matter how many hits you take.

Is the Golden Armor Better than Tech Armor?

Not quite. Both have their pros and cons that won’t work in every situation. Considering Tech Armor’s value, we’d recommend using it against cannibals only. Golden Armor works best in caves and facilities. 

Can you put armor on the Golden Armor?

No. Other armor pieces can not be attached when wearing the Golden Armor.

Can you give Virginia or Kelvin the Golden Armor?

No. Neither Virginia nor Kelvin can wear the Golden Armor. 

Can you put the Golden Armor into the quick-select menu? 

No. You can’t attach the Golden Armor to the quick-select menu. 

Can the Golden Armor be dropped or traded?

No. You can’t drop or trade Golden Armor with other players.

Final thoughts on the Golden Armor

There is a reason why many players don’t care for the Golden Armor; it isn’t especially versatile and won’t give you the sense of security that other armors provide. It should be viewed as a ceremonial suit of armor rather than something that can compete with other high-tier armor pieces.

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