Sons Of The Forest: Flyswatter Trap Guide

Learn how to build and use the Flyswatter Trap.

Sons Of The Forest may not have as many options for traps as Endnight’s first title, but if you’re tired of cannibals knocking on your walls, there are a few options. Specifically, if you want to build something that will cause any poor sap who walks just a little too close to exploding into a pile of severed limbs, then the Flyswatter Trap has you covered.

This guide will walk you through how to build and set up Flyswatter Traps and offer advice on the best locations to place them.

How to build the Flyswatter Trap in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest — How to Build the Flyswatter Trap

Before you decide where to set your traps, make sure you have the necessary materials on hand. Each you build will require:

  • 10 Sticks
  • 2 Rocks
  • 1 Rope

Sticks can be found on the ground or collected by slashing through the undergrowth. Rocks also can be found on the ground just about anywhere. Ropes can be looted from cannibal camps, sealed crates, or boulders near the shoreline.

Once you have your materials, open your survival book by pressing the B key. Flip the book to the structure section by holding down the X button and clicking on the red trap tab at the bottom right of the book. Click on the Flyswatter Trap, set down the building outline in your desired location, and add the components.

The best locations for Flyswatter Trap placement

Sons Of The Forest — The Best Placements for the Flyswatter Trap

Flyswatter Traps aren’t very large but can sometimes be difficult to place since their trigger area must be on relatively flat ground. To maximize the effect of your traps, here are some tips on the best locations to build them:


Primitive dirt roads crisscross the island and are visible on the player’s GPS map. Cannibals will frequently patrol these roads, so placing one or more Flyswatter Traps on these routes is a good way to keep nosy enemies out of the way or thin out groups.

Defensive Positions

A row of Flyswatter Traps in front of your base’s walls makes for a great first line of defense against cannibals and small mutants. Note that these traps must be placed a certain distance from other structures, so leave some space before you plant defensive stakes or build your traps in front of them.

Areas you Frequent

Remember that enemies won’t spawn in an area unless you are nearby. Choose a location where you will be spending a lot of time, as it will greatly increase the likelihood of your traps being triggered.

Boulders and Large Rocks

Cannibals will frequently hop onto large rocks to better view their surroundings. Placing one of these traps on top of those rocks practically guarantees something will leap into it

Pros and cons of the Flyswatter Trap


  • This trap requires flat ground and must be built away from other structures.
  • This trap seems to have no effect on oddly shaped enemies such as stretchy mutants.
  • A single enemy can trigger multiple Flyswatter Traps if they are placed too closely together.
  • The limbs of enemies killed by this trap will scatter, which can make them hard to recover.


  • This trap ignores armor sets and will kill even late-game cannibals in a single hit.
  • This trap can kill humanoid mutants such as puffies by snapping off their legs.
  • These traps can be constructed very quickly and cheaply.
  • Enemies cannot destroy this trap.
  • Players can trigger these traps by walking into them but take no damage from them.

Tips and tricks for using Flyswatter Traps.

Sons Of The Forest — Tips and Tricks
  • The trigger area of this trap is the raised point between the rocks. Place this point where you believe enemies will walk.
  • Traps must be reset after being triggered before they can deal damage again. Listen for the distinct clicking sound they make after being tripped. This sound can also alert you to an imminent attack.
  • Placing Flyswatter Traps inside caves allows you to lead humanoid mutants like puffies into ambushes, which can be especially helpful for solo players.

Final thoughts on the Flyswatter Trap

Cheap on resources and brutally effective, there isn’t a reason not to build a few Flyswatter Traps around your base. Plus, watching enemies explode when they step into it is a lot of fun.

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