Sons Of The Forest: Best Armor Sets

Looking for the best armor sets Sons Of The Forest has to offer?

Armor is crucial in your Sons Of The Forest survival journey. It should be your immediate choice when considering combat, as it increases your safety during fights. The more armor you have, the more hits you can tank. It’s smart to always have some armor on you. You never know when you’ll run into a large group of enemies. 

You can find and craft a few armor choices, but not all are best suited for every stage of the game. The Forest had a similar system of armor application, but there were fewer armor types overall.

Sons Of The Forest gave us more armor types and a unique type of armor, unlike the rest. With all that said, let’s look at the best armor sets in Sons Of The Forest

Tech Armor

Sons Of The Forest Tech Armor Set

Stat-wise, Tech Armor offers the most protection from any armor on this list. Tech Armor is considered end-game armor that can’t be found; it has to be crafted. Wearing a full set of Tech Armor indicates that you’ve reached a powerful point in your playthrough. However, as great as it sounds, it has a huge flaw that makes it less popular than some other armor types.

That flaw is all of the materials you need will only craft one piece of Tech Armor. To craft a single piece of Tech Armor, you will need to combine the following:

  • 1 Tech Mesh
  • 1 Wire
  • 1 Duct Tape
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • Batteries

Tech Mesh and Batteries are the main problems here. Tech Mesh can only be generated with Resin via the 3D Printer, and Batteries aren’t that common in loot overall. This doesn’t even factor in Circuit Boards, which aren’t that common either.

One piece of Tech Armor can let you withstand about 80 hit points of external damage. That number can prove to be very useful when you’re battling hordes of cannibals and mutants. Still, the crafting requirements are too much for some people. That is exactly why Creepy Armor tends to be used more in generic combat and miscellaneous situations. 

Creepy Armor

Sons Of The Forest Creepy Armor Set

Moving on to Creepy Armor. Creepy Armor is one of the best if not all-around, armor types in Sons Of The Forest. It is one of two armor types that you can’t craft. The only way to get Creepy Armor pieces is to start killing mutants.

After you kill a mutant, it can be skinned for pieces of Creepy Armor. You can then apply that piece of armor to your body once you’ve skinned it. 

Players prefer Creepy Armor because you don’t have to get other materials to craft it. You can go on a killing spree in a cave and end up with a nice stock of Creepy Armor, especially if it is a story facility. Now, getting it does come with a lot of risk. The risk is even bigger if you’re unprepared to deal with tougher mutants.

As for protection, Creepy Armor is a direct upgrade from Bone Armor. It allows you to ignore up to 40 hit points from any source. We’ve mentioned before that Bone Armor finds itself in the middle in terms of armor ranking. And with Creepy Armor being better and more available, we can safely say it’s one of the most versatile armor types in Sons Of The Forest

Bone Armor

Sons Of The Forest Bone Armor Set

Bone Armor returned from The Forest with little changing regarding its general usefulness. It’s one of the simple armors that you won’t need a lot of rare materials to craft in the first place. Many cannibals craft and wear this armor. And the more you progress in-game, the more cannibals you will encounter with a full set of bone armor.

Crafting one piece of Bone Armor is easy, as it’s player-craftable. To create Bone Armor, combine the following:

  • 4 Bones
  • 1 Duct Tape
  • Rope

Bones can be farmed by burning the carcasses of your fallen enemies on top of a campfire. As soon as the body burns fully, it will drop a set amount of bones around the fire. Rope and Duct Tape, on the other hand, can be found all over the island at various points of interest

In terms of protection, Bone Armor is somewhere in between every other armor type in Sons Of The Forest. It’s worse than Creepy Armor, yet better than Hide Armor, even if it is a bit harder to craft.

Additionally, one piece of Bone Armor can withstand and shield you from about 35 hit points, which is enough to protect you from basic hits. 

Hide Armor

Sons Of The Forest Hide Armor Set

Hide Armor might be considered the worst armor out of the ones mentioned today. It still has its uses for early to mid-game scenarios, though. It should be your go-to backup armor when you’ve run out of Bone and Creepy Armor, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of hunting.

Furthermore, Hide Armor doesn’t only offer protection; it also gives the players increased stealth capabilities. Stealth can come in handy when scouting certain areas of interest.

You can craft Hide Armor by combining the following in the crafting screen:

Hide can only be harvested from animals like Deer or Moose. These two animals can be found all over the island and are somewhat difficult to hunt down. We’d recommend harvesting every deer and moose you kill, as it’s always smart to keep some hide on your person. 

Hide Armor protects you from about 20 damage hit points. Although this might not seem like much initially, 20 points of protection go a long way at the beginning of the game. Wearing Hide Armor makes even more sense if you’re starting out and want to farm cannibals for their bones. Utilizing everything in your inventory will get you very far. 

Golden Armor

Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor Set

Golden Armor is unlike anything else you’ll see in Sons Of The Forest. It is a unique set of armor that doesn’t come in pieces like the other armor types. And to top it all off, it doesn’t break when you take damage. As good as all of this might sound, it has an effect and upgrade that some may deem too situational. More specifically – it only reduces damage taken by demons. 

Golden Armor will still let you take health damage compared to other armor types. It just significantly reduces the damage that you take from demons. However, this doesn’t apply to other enemies like Cannibals or Animals. The sole fact that it doesn’t nullify incoming damage turns many people off. But it can be useful for clearing bunker facilities and demon boss fights.

You can find the Golden Armor set in the cultist cave with two entrances on both sides of the big snowy mountain. If its unique effect doesn’t interest you, you still must get it to complete the game’s story. You will sometimes be forced to wear it because it is used as a “key” for certain entrances. These checkpoints allow you to advance the story further

Final thoughts on the Best Armor Sets in Sons Of The Forest

Judging by how important armor is in this game, having a guide like this to default back to is always helpful. Combat will make up much of your experience in Sons Of The Forest, so staying wrapped with the best armor you can find, or craft is smart. Some armor types may be rarer than others, but at least you now have the information to use them properly. 

Sons Of The Forest brought us many new items and plenty of notable topics to cover. Ranged weapons are better than ever, good enough to have various weapons at your disposal. That is exactly why we’ve made a guide on the best ranged weapons Sons Of The Forest has to offer. 

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