Sons Of The Forest: How to Get and Use Batteries

Looking to find some Batteries in Sons Of The Forest?

Some crafting recipes in Sons Of The Forest will require stockpiling luxury materials. One of these materials is Batteries, a commodity you wouldn’t expect to find on a place as remote as this island. Whether you’re looking to power up a tool or use them to craft something, they always come in handy.

Unfortunately, they cannot be crafted in the game. Luckily acquiring them is pretty simple. We’ll show you how to get Batteries, which locations usually have them, along with other methods and the crafting recipes that use them.

How to get batteries in Sons Of The Forest

There are two primary methods for acquiring Batteries in Sons Of The Forest.

  1. Scavenging the Island
  2. Looting cannibals’ skin pouches

1. Scavenging the Island

Scavenging is the most direct and best way to get Batteries in Sons Of The Forest. As you traverse the island, you can find them in various landmarks and points of interest, like campsites, caves, and underground facilities. Looking for grey and yellow crates in each of these locations, as you can often find them inside.

Find Batteries in Underground Facilities


Facilities and maintenance bunkers always have at least a couple of loot crates for you to open. Not only that, but certain maintenance areas have guaranteed battery spawn points, such as maintenance and security rooms. That’s why you should always look for batteries when scavenging these facilities.

The Residential Bunker (Katana Facility) has several battery spawns and can be a great place to set up a base.


The same applies to cave exploration. Caves are usually filled with dead survivors and equipment brought there by those survivors. The chance to find batteries within caves isn’t that high, but it’s worth looking around points of interest anyway.

Watch out, though; battery packages are small, and you can easily miss them in caves.


Cannibal and survivor camps on the surface also usually have loot crates and boxes that can contain Batteries. Be sure to look around these sites and open all containers.

2. Looting cannibals’ skin pouches

Looking at a Cannibal Camp

Killing cannibals and looting their skin pouches is slightly less direct; however, there’s a never-ending supply of cannibals. When venturing into cannibal camps, you may even find mutants already fighting the cannibals, and in some cases, they will do the hard work for you, causing skin pouches to drop to the ground.

When opened in the player’s inventory, these pouches can potentially provide Batteries.

Acquiring them this way can be much tougher, especially if your inventory is “full” and you cannot open additional skin pouches. However, players often build up a stockpile of skin pouches and forget to open them, which can yield various other crafting resources simultaneously.

Best way to use Batteries in Sons Of The Forest

Using Batteries to Recharge a Flashlight

As previously mentioned, the main purpose of Batteries is to power up electronics and to craft specific items in Sons Of The Forest. Some tools and weapons will require you to recharge them after a certain amount of time used. These are the only weapons/tools that have a recharge bar:

To recharge these items, you will need to add them to them via the inventory crafting station. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your inventory screen (default I key)
  2. Right-click on any one of the aforementioned electronic devices to bring it to the crafting mat
  3. Right-click on the batteries to also bring them to the crafting mat
  4. Click the gear icon to combine them and recharge your tool of choice

Hovering over the recharged tool should show you a blue bar representing how much battery life it has left. Managing this blue bar won’t be hard; you’d be advised to watch how much battery life you spend carefully. The Chainsaw, in particular, will need a lot of battery maintenance.

Crafting with Batteries

As for crafting, batteries are included in one specific and really vital crafting recipe. This would be the Tech Armor recipe. Tech Armor is objectively among the best armor sets in this game because of how much protection it offers. Some of the materials needed to craft it are rare, so it’s expensive to craft each piece.

Crafting Tech Armor with Batteries

To craft a piece of Tech Armor, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Tech Mesh
  • 1 Wire
  • 1 Duct Tape
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • 1 Battery

Batteries and Circuit Boards will be the main problem in this crafting recipe. You can only hold up to 6 Batteries, and they won’t be as common in a polluted loot pool. The solution is to craft shelves in your home and stockpile them. This method will allow you to go on specialized battery and circuit board loot runs. Considering how you need them for tool recharging and crafting, we’d recommend actively looking out for them.

Final thoughts on Batteries

Batteries may not appear in many crafting recipes, yet they sure left their mark on one of the most important armor recipes in Sons Of The Forest. We understand that it’s easy to get wrapped up in building and other miscellaneous tasks. But, now it won’t be that hard to find them in the first place. If you’re interested in other crafting materials, be sure to check out our guides on how to find Cloth and Rope.

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