Sons Of The Forest: All Weapons Ranked (Worst to Best)

Looking for the best weapons Sons Of The Forest has to offer?

As simple as it may sound, Sons Of The Forest is, at its core, a staunch display of man’s will to survive. Although there is a story to it, everything else you do is based on surviving the never-ending waves of cannibals and mutants. This is precisely why you will need great weapons at your disposal. That is why we went ahead and ranked all of the weapons from worst to best.

Its predecessor, The Forest, had its fair share of useful weapons that one could utilize to stem the tide. However, Sons Of The Forest returned even stronger with more ranged and melee weapons. Cannibals and mutants on the peninsula were no less ruthless than on this island. You will need the absolute best weapons under your belt if you plan on making it into and through the end-game stages.

Before proceeding, you must remember that not every weapon might suit your playstyle or role in a team. The usefulness of a certain weapon may depend on how you like to play the game and engage with your enemies.

19. Putter

SOTF Putter

For obvious reasons, the Putter does not do well in melee combat. It was made for Golf, and according to its subpar stats, it shouldn’t be used for anything else. An interesting thing about the Putter is its special swing animation—just look at the ground and attack. If nothing, the only reason you should fetch it is to use the huge golf course on the northeastern part of the map.

18. Guitar

SOTF Guitar

Stat-wise, the Guitar is very similar to the Putter. It can be used as a melee weapon but mostly as a special easter egg/prop item. What solidifies its position as a special item is the fact that you can also play it as an instrument. This can be done if you press an alternative mouse button as it’s equipped. One thing to note about the Guitar is that it does hit hard, but the slow swing speed negates that. You’d be better off with a Club or Modern Axe.

17. Utility Knife

SOTF Utility Knife

The Utility Knife is one of the first melee weapons you receive after the helicopter crash. It can be retrieved from the emergency kit you open during the tutorial. In short, this knife is known for slicing faster than anything in the game. However, the non-existent damage and block capabilities make its swing speed obsolete. Fetch the Machete as soon as possible if you want a fast and effective slicer.

16. Tactical Axe

SOTF Tactical Axe

Here we have yet another weapon/tool you get from the emergency kit at the beginning of the game. The Tactical Axe is the first and weakest axe out of the three axes you can get in Sons Of The Forest. We won’t factor in its efficacy as a tool, which is why it’s this low on the list. It’s a decent starter weapon that quickly loses its power as you progress through the game.

15. Crafted Club

SOTF Crafted Club

The Crafted Club is a classic starter weapon that also appeared in The Forest. It serves the same purpose in this game and should be a weapon you craft as soon as you’ve killed your first cannibal. It’s easy to craft and will pummel any type of cannibal, that is, if you apply enough continuous force. A skull, rope, and stick are everything you will need to craft it.

14. Stun Baton

SOTF Stun Baton

As situational as the Stun Baton can be, it is still useful for anyone in a well-organized team. The reason why it’s so low on the list is simple – solo players won’t be able to utilize it fully. Yes, you can stun someone and quickly switch to another weapon, but this can break your momentum in critical situations. We’d still recommend picking it up on your travels, though.

13. Stun Gun

SOTF Stun Gun

Next up is the Stun Baton’s brother, the Stun Gun. The Stun Gun is a direct upgrade from the baton, allowing you to shock your enemies from a distance. Depending on how you approach combat, this one is good for solo and coop play. Rest assured, you will have enough time to shoot a cartridge and switch to another weapon with the Stun Gun. That said, be sure to loot every cartridge you come across.

12. Crafted Spear

SOTF Crafted Spear

Like the Crafted Club, spears are essential in the beginning stages of a survival playthrough. What’s good about the Crafted Spear is that it has multiple advantages over other conventional melee weaponry. The damage it dishes out when thrown can cripple any cannibal. Furthermore, the spear’s length allows you to keep enemies at a distance while you stab them. Smaller cannibals will have difficulty getting up close and personal with this in your hands.

11. Crafted Bow

SOTF Crafted Bow

Bows in survival games are the backbone of ranged combat. They are weapons that you always default to in situations that require reliable and dependable ranged power. The Crafted Bow is the first bow you will likely use initially. And you can use multiple arrow types with it. It may not be as good as the Compound Bow, but it performs exceptionally well, even in the game’s later stages.

10. Modern Axe

SOTF Modern Axe

The Modern Axe finds itself in the middle regarding the axe category. It’s better than the Tactical Axe, yet worse than the Firefighter Axe. It is the perfect mid-game weapon, especially if you want a slight chance of decapitating your enemies. In addition to that, the location that you find it in is easy to access.

9. Machete

SOTF Machete

If the Utility Knife’s fast swing speed intrigued you, then the Machete is worth your time. Although smaller in size, the Machete packs a mean and swift punch. It’s known for being able to clear bushes, but we all know that you will be using it for something far more deadly. Additionally, mutants hate the Machete. Slicing up their legs stuns them for a couple of seconds.

8. Firefighter Axe

SOTF Firefighter Axe

We all know how useful the Firefighter Axe is when cutting wood. How does it fare in combat, though? Given how much power is in one swing, we’re confident you will like it. Blocking is also one of its biggest advantages. Timing your blocks would be wise if you’re using them in combat. Its only drawback is the slow swing speed and huge stamina exertion per swing. Taking on multiple enemies with this axe isn’t recommended.

7. Crossbow

SOTF Crossbow

As it stands, the Crossbow is the most powerful ranged weapon that isn’t a firearm. The bolts it releases come out at inhuman speeds, making it a formidable weapon. With that said, the cons that it has can be dealbreakers. It has a slow reload speed, and its iron sights aren’t that user-friendly. Still, the insane damage output is enough to put it this high on the list.

6. Revolver

SOTF Revolver

The Revolver is plagued by problems similar to the Crossbow. Basically, the Revolver’s damage output is higher than the Pistol’s. It may hit substantially harder but falls short in nearly every other aspect. It can’t be customized like the Pistol can, and they use the same type of ammo. Regardless, the firepower it emits is amazing, and placing it lower on the list would be a shame.

5. Electric Chainsaw

SOTF Electric Chainsaw

This pick probably surprises some, but the Electric Chainsaw is the epitome of fun. Using it doesn’t exert your stamina, which lets you take crowd control to another level. Moreover, it also decapitates limbs at a rapid pace. When it touches your hands, you will surely be compelled to go on a decapitation spree. Don’t forget to bring plenty of batteries; you will need them.

4. Pistol

SOTF Pistol

The Pistol is one of the most accessible and customizable firearms in Sons Of The Forest. It doesn’t pack as much punch as the other firearms, yet it still offers many other features. It has three additional upgrades, with one of those being unique to the Pistol. This unique attachment is the suppressor, a crucial upgrade that lets you approach combat safely. Fetch the Pistol as quickly as you can.

3. Katana

SOTF Katana

Katanas have always been a token of lethality in video games. Sons Of The Forest didn’t shy away from that tradition by making the Katana one of the best melee weapons you can wield. It slices fast and deep whilst also allowing you to block less-lethal blows. Its cons aren’t as substantial, and you won’t run out of stamina quickly with it in hand. A must-have weapon for the late game.

2. Compound Bow

SOTF Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is better than its inferior cousin, the Crafted Bow. Damage output is higher, more accurate, and can better utilize all types of arrows. You won’t find a more reliable and user-friendly ranged weapon in all Sons Of The Forest. If you stockpile all of the arrow types in the game, you will realize how necessary the Compound Bow is.

1. Shotgun

SOTF Shotgun

We’re ending it with a big one – the almighty Shotgun, the boomstick. Firepower is key when going up against an island full of cannibals and mutants. The Shotgun represents that key in every way possible. Whether you’ve loaded it with Buckshot or Slug rounds, the Shotgun decimates anything. And to top it all off, you can attach a flashlight or laser sight. Rest assured; you will not find another firearm as powerful as this in the game.

The good, the bad, the boomstick.

Every single weapon on this list has its individual guide on our website. These guides will tell you everything you need to know about the weapon of your choice. Lastly, some might not agree with our list, and that’s more than valid. We tried to stay objective, but you may have had different experiences with these weapons.

As you’ve just witnessed, Sons Of The Forest has a lot of weapons. And collecting them all is a challenge not many dare to accept. If you want to make your hunt for weapons easier, we’d recommend reading our guide on All Weapon Locations in Sons Of The Forest.

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