Sons Of The Forest Achievements List

Looking for the complete list of achievements in Sons Of The Forest?

Sons Of The Forest entered early access on February 23, 2023, with a collection of achievements for players to work towards while progressing through the game. We’ve compiled the full list of 28 Sons Of The Forest achievements below so that you can track your completion status.

We expect more achievements to be added to Sons Of The Forest as Endnight pushes updates and patches. Check back to see when new achievements are added and how you can achieve them in your own playthrough.

Sons Of The Forest Achievements & Requirements

Survivor AchievementSurvivorSurvive Day 1
Tradesman AchievementTradesmanBuild a structure with 50 logs
Pinata AchievementPinataBlow up a Sluggy
Contractor AchievementContractorBuild a Structure with over 100 logs
What Could Go Wrong AchievementWhat Could Go WrongSurvive Day 10
Mc Crafty AchievementMc CraftyCraft every weapon
Trusted AchievementTrustedBecome a trusted player in a multiplayer server
Every Move You Make AchievementEvery Move You MakeGive Virginia a GPS Tracker
Architect AchievementArchitectBuild a Structure with over 500 logs
Need a Bigger Boat AchievementNeed a Bigger BoatGet killed by a shark
Badger AchievementBadgerDig 100 holes
Fight Demons AchievementFight DemonsStay on the island
Fought Demons AchievementFought DemonsLeave the island
Sucker For Punishment AchievementSucker For PunishmentGet kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 times
City Planner AchievementCity PlannerBuild a structure with over 1,000 logs
This Place Isn't So Bad AchievementThis Place Isn’t So BadSurvive Day 25
Chivalry Is Not Dead AchievementChivalry Is Not DeadReach maximum sentiment with Virginia
Dynamo AchievementDynamoWear a full set of tech armor
I Dream of Sushi AchievementI Dream of SushiEat 20 raw fish
One Percent Achievement1%Collect $1,000
Keep Your Friends Close AchievementKeep Your Friends CloseComplete the story with all friendly NPCs still alive
I Like Blisters AchievementI Like BlistersDig 1,000 holes
Fashionista AchievementFashionistaOwn every piece of clothing
Maker AchievementMakerPrint one of every item
Never Going Home AchievementNever Going HomeSurvive Day 50
Foodie AchievementFoodieEat every kind of edible in the game
Collector AchievementCollectorPick up 50 watches
This Can't Be Healthy AchievementThis Can’t Be HealthyDrink 50 cans of energy drink
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