Solo Stronghold RUST Base Design

The Solo Stronghold RUST Base Design

This RUST solo stronghold base design video is brought to you by our partner xRaw.

It can be challenging to focus on making a RUST base design have a strong defense while remaining relatively cheap to build. The solo stronghold base design achieves this, with great ease.

The base design itself features numerous advanced base building techniques, such as compact item placements for maximum space utilization, interlocking doors to prevent players from pushing into your base and airlocks, along with a bunker deep within.

Inside the base are well placed un-drainable shotgun traps, which prevent raiders from quickly draining the traps due to their positioning. Loot rooms are also protected by having been spaced out across the base, making raids have to pay more in explosives and increasing the chances for a less profitable raid.

Using explosive ammo and moving through the doors, it will cost 1,371 ammo to access the tool cupboard. To access all of the loot rooms, it requires 1,971 explosive ammo.

This base also has the advantage of being easily expanded upon, as it is a “starter to main” build. Built in stages, each serves as a functional base. Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the design to the next step as and when the resources are available to do so.

Build Cost
  • Metal Fragments: 4,340
  • Stone: 13,395
  • Wood: 3,331
Upkeep Cost
  • Metal Fragments: 1,108
  • Stone: 2,154
  • Wood: 4

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Video Transcript

The Tour


Hey guys, and welcome back to another video.


In today’s video we’re looking at a RUST base design that goes from a starter to a main base design.


This base can be used for solos to trios and contains features such as a bunker enterance and undrainable shotgun traps.


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I also have a discord channel which will be linked below. Now let’s get into the video.


Heading over to the base here we have a sheetmetal door to get inside. The two doors here can be used to create a door block airlock.


This will prevent door campers from going deep if you die with your doors open. It’s also a good spot to shoot out of.


We then have some undrainable shotgun traps which will prevent raiders from progressing further into the base until these are drained.


We have another shotgun trap and turret here if they go further.


Should you choose to, you can replace these first turrets for a foundation. This will allow for placement of a bunker on the inside, as I show here, and will increase the raid costs by 399 explosive ammo, if you use metal for your bunker.


Continuing into the base here we have the turret, two large boxes, two small boxes and a research table, as well as three sunken furnaces in the floor the center of the base.


Making the most of the available space. You can easily walk over these, just as if it was another foundation and it adds no extra cost to the base.


Our first loot room in here contains a shelf which holds 7 large boxes, a small box, a fire and a furnace. Swap this out for whatever works best for you and your group.


We then have your tier 2 and tier 3 workbench, your sleeping bag, two large boxes, two small boxes, and the tier 3 workbench here hides a door which leads to your toolcupboard. This makes the tool cupboard unlootable and adds an additional 233 explosive ammo to the raid cost of your base.


The foot print of the base is simple. Beginning with a square and two triangles for your starter base, before expanding out to add a loot room, then again for another loot room. Then you add your bunker, then finally add on the honey comb.


To break down the raid costs, this is the cost to raid directly to the TC and then, this is the cost for all of the loot.

This base is go ing to cost you 4.3k metal, 3.3k wood, and 13.4k stone, with an upkeep cost of 1.1k metal, 4 wood, and 2.1k stone.


A more detailed costing can be found in the comments to include deployables.


Now, let’s get into the build.

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