Solo/Duo RUST Base Design (2018)

Solo/Duo RUST Base Design

Back with a new RUST base design, our partner Lloydz has drummed up a nice and tidy solo/duo rust base design.  This base can be easily built and maintained by a solo player, however there’s enough storage space for a duo group to effectively work together.

There’s a nice amount of honey combing to effectively reduce the ROI of raiders. The base design lacks roof access and exterior visibility. It would be best served hidden and built into a rock or mountain side.

Here’s a break down of the base’s build cost:

Build Cost:  Building Blocks (104)

  • Stones: 14220
  • Wood: 3656
  • Metal Fragments: 5100

Build Cost: Deployables (41)

  • Stones: 600
  • Wood: 6330
  • Lowgrade Fuel: 190
  • Metal Fragments: 4125
  • Gears: 14
  • Rope: 2
  • Empty Tuna Can: 4
  • High Quality Metal: 20
  • Scrap: 575

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody, welcome back to another video, in today’s I’m going to show you how to build the solo or duo base design with a un-lootable section.


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Firstly this base will cost 14,000 Stone, 3600 Wood and 5000 Metal Fragments, coming through the first door you’re greeted by a large box and a shotgun trap, this is of course not necessary it is up to you.


Coming through the second door, as you can see I’ve left all the garage doors open, on my left we have our tier 2 workbench, research table, 2 large boxes & the repair bench.


Here we have 7 large boxes in the first loot room followed by 3 small furnaces.


Next is our second loot room with another 7 large boxes, here we have 2 small boxes and our un-lootable tool cupboard.


You can place all your sleeping bags on the floor however you like and that is it for this tour, thanks for watching now let’s get into the build.

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